A whole brand-new crop ofFortniteWeek 5 challenges have just sprouted! Seven new bonus objectives present up every Thursday morning because that the battle Pass crowd, and also this main is no exception as difficulties arrive ranging from opening loot chests in particular locations to hunting down sweetheart based turn off a mystery map.

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Some of the "hard" designations space a small strange this week, though. For instance, the will probably take you much longer to find a legendary shrub drop (which isn"t a "hard" challenge) 보다 it will certainly to gain three death in Tilted Towers, i m sorry is always swarming through players looking for loot.

These room all the FortniteSeason 3 week 5 challenges now obtainable in fight Royale matches:

Use the shrub one time (5 battle Points)Search 7 booty Chests in Moisty Mire (5 battle Points)Deal 200 damage with a Pickaxe to opponents (5 battle Points)Hard: monitor the treasure map found in Anarchy acre to the fight Star (10 battle Points - see guide below)Hard: obtain 3 Pistol Eliminations (10 fight Points)Hard: get rid of 3 opponents in Tilted Towers (10 fight Points)

Below, we cover exactly whereby to uncover the Anarchy acres treasure map and how come decipher that is scribblings to find the hidden battle Star treasure!

Finding the Anarchy acres Treasure Map (thanks to death Clan because that the screenshot)

Fortnite mainly 5 Anarchy acres Treasure Map

The mainly 5 difficulty treasure map itself isn"t that difficult to find. Simply land at Anarchy acre (a an individual favorite clues of mine come drop, through the way, due to the fact that it has actually plenty the loot, great hiding spots, and isn"t commonly filled with other players), and also look because that a shack at the edge of the area. The map is sitting on a sign article between the two walls.

The map chin is type of obscure, and the red X near a hill doesn"t yes, really seem to show a clear location ... Other than for the llama in the upper-left map corner. Mental a couple of weeks earlier how there was a difficulty to land at giant buildings shaped like a fox, a crab, and a llama? That"s the big hint here.

The llama structure was at the far northwest corner of the battle Royale beat area phibìc of Junk Junction, i beg your pardon is the direction you desire to head. The fight Star treasure isn"t in reality at the llama, though; as the map indicates, the is discovered to the south.

Head south from over there (and west that Junk Junction) come find the fight Star close to a hill whereby a huge rocking is sitting on the ground. Mental that, similar to all the maps, the Star in reality won"t generate until you get close come it, so run roughly a little if the isn"t immediately visible.

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Because the Star is therefore close to the leaf of the map, you may want to skip recognize the endowment map entirely and instead simply go directly to Junk Junction. If girlfriend grab the map first, the storm will nearly certainly have actually closed in before you can run every the means over come the northwest corner of the battle Royale map (although this also way there won"t be any type of snipers waiting for you).

Fortnite Anarchy acre Treasure Map Location

That"s all you require to recognize to finish the Anarchy acre treasure map challenge! Need help completing any type of otherFortniteSeason 3 content? examine out our various other latestFortniteguides below, including the various other Week 5 challenges: