Last minute trip deals from Salt Lake City to New York

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never before also late to book a trip. Here’s our pick of the ideal last minute flights.

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Direct flights from Salt Lake City to New York

Want to fly non-soptimal to New York? We’ll help you find your appropriate path.

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Alteraboriginal Salt Lake City to New York routes

Looking for the cheapest, fastest or simplest path from Salt Lake City to New York? You could fly into the following airports instead.

Salt Lake City to New York: Flight information

The points to know prior to you go.

Cheapest trip found


Typical trip time

4 hrs 23 mins

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Time distinction in between Salt Lake City and New York

+2 hrs(GMT -4)


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COVID-19 travel constraints are changing fast, yet we"re here to aid you find the advice you need. Check our live page on travel constraints to view if you can travel from Salt Lake City to New York, and if you"ll have to quarantine on arrival.
Tbelow are 4 airports in New York: New York John F. Kennedy, New York Newark, New York LaGuardia, and Stewart International.
The finest price uncovered on for a flight from Salt Lake City to New York is $121. This was discovered by aggregating across various carriers and also is the cheapest price for the totality month.
The 1983-mile flight route between Salt Lake City International Airport and also New York City exhas a tendency from the wilds of the Rocky Mountains and also vast expanses of the Midwestern Corn Belt to the densely populated and urbanized Eastern seaboard, and also does it all in an average time of 4 hrs and 51 minutes.

When you’re prepared to make the expedition,’s search engine will certainly sort via your options with the speed of a New York minute.

Salt Lake Airlines and also Flight Options

Salt Lake City International’s 2 terminals and also 5 concourses handle thousands of departures and arrivals eexceptionally day, through Delta Airlines alone bookkeeping for more than 300 of them.

Delta and also 2 other airlines fly everyday straight courses to New York, wbelow they land also either at John F. Kennedy Internationwide Airport (JFK) in southerly Queens or at Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) in New Jersey.

Delta has actually multiple day-to-day flights to JFK and also Newark. The depart from Salt Lake City’s Terminals 1 or 2, and also arrive at JFK’s Terminal 4 or Newark’s Terminal B, Level 1.JetBlue’s direct flights from Salt Lake City leave from Terminal 1 and fly into JFK’s Terminal s 4 or 5.United’s direct flights depart from Salt Lake City’s Terminal 1 and arrive at Newark’ Terminal B, Level 1

SLC’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recommends getting here at the airport at leastern 2 hrs before your schedule departure to New York. This permits plenty of time to inspect your bags, get your boarding pass and clear the security check.

Any spare time you have before boarding is a good opportunity to examine out the airport’s many type of shops and restaurants. Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory or Krispy Kreme, chill out over a in your area crafted brew at the Vino Volo Ale Housage or indulge in a healthy, grass=fed grilled steak burger at UFood Grill.

Traveling with an infant? The Infant Care Rooms on Concourses B, C and also D offer comfortable private spaces for nursing moms to bond through their little bit ones. Free Wi-Fi is easily accessible throughout the airport, and also you’ll uncover power outallows for charging your gadgets throughout both terminals as well as the connecting walkway.

Getting Around in Gotham


All of JFK’s 6 terminals attach via the airport’s AirTrain, which will certainly also take you to the hotel shuttle pickups, parking lots or rental vehicle facilities.

Heading into the city? AirTrain has you extended through relationships to New York’s MTA submeans and also boffers, and also to the Long Island also Railroad if you’re traveling better afield. Even better, the AirTrain opeprices all day every day.

At Newark Liberty

Newark Liberty’s 3 terminals and rental automobile lots are connected through AirTrain Newark, which additionally drops passengers off at the AirTrain Station for relationships to Amtrak or New Jersey Transit trains. The expedition from the New Jersey Transit Station to NYC’s Penn Station takes about 30 minutes.

ID Requirements

If you’re over 18, you’ll need an apconfirmed photo ID to board your flight from Salt Lake City to New York. It have to be one issued by a state or Federal agency, via your name, day of birth and also an expiration date. The TSA website has a list of acceptable IDs.

Dealing with the Differences

New York’s time is 2 hours ahead of Salt Lake City’s, and a straightforward watch adjustment will gain you as much as rate. But adjusting to a New York minute – the timeless meacertain of the city’s frantic pace – might take much longer for anyone accustomed to a peaceful, mountain-tvery own vibe. The change in weather takes some adjusting as well; while summers temperatures in Salt Lake generally peak 90 F, New York’s warm waves are also worse bereason of soaring humidity. Both cities watch winter temps in the low 30s, through snowloss frequently topping 5 feet in Salt Lake compared to New York’s 2 to 3 feet.

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When it concerns economics, a dollar simply stretches even more in Salt Lake, where $12 buys you the very same restaurant meal that runs $18 in New York. And an hour invested in a taxi stalled in New York web traffic will certainly set you earlier $40. That’s instead of the $30 you’d pay in Salt Lake, if it ever taken place.