Best Price Found$1,373The finest flight deal from Boston to Fiji discovered on momonperform in the last 72 hrs is $1,373
Fastest flight time26h 30mThe fastest flight from Boston to Fiji takes 26h 30m
Direct flightsNoneTright here are no direct flights from Boston to Fiji. Popular non-straight courses for this link are Boston Logan Intl Airport - Taveuni Island also Matei Airport, Boston Logan Intl Airport - Labasa Airport and Boston Logan Intl Airport - Nadi Airport.

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What is the cheapest airline that flies to Fiji from Boston?Fiji Airways

Amerideserve to Airlines, Fiji Airways, and also Qantas Airmethods are the most popular carriers operating from Boston to Fiji

What is the cheapest Boston to Fiji flight route?

Boston Logan Intl - Nadi

Fly from Boston Logan Intl to Nadi for the best Boston - Fiji trip prices

Below you deserve to view the ideal fares for your round-pilgrimage trip path over the next three months. All fares were uncovered on momonexecute this week. Browse the quickest and cheapest flights from Boston to Fiji by transforming tabs

If you"re looking for one-method flights from Boston to Fiji, see some of our deals listed below gave by Amerihave the right to Airlines and Fiji Airways


Flight attendant for first course is definitely not a morning perboy. Oh and also the WiFi DID NOT WORK!


Pros: Friendly attendants; many company accessible.

Cons: Movie selection was minimal and also greatly outdated; food was tiny parts and also less than amazing selections.


Cons: For a flagship airline, a in seat display have to be a provided. This is not a budget airline.

Are airlines flying from Boston Logan Intl to Fiji offering functional cancellation because of COVID-19?A few of our partner airlines flying from Boston Logan Intl to Fiji are adopting brand-new plans because of the international influence of COVID-19. Some of the airlines that might be waiving their cancellation fees are Amerideserve to Airlines, Qantas Airmethods, and also Fiji Airmeans. You deserve to search for the full list of airlines prefer Amerideserve to Airlines that are supplying this versatility.

Information is based upon take a trip restrictions from Boston Logan Intl to FijiMost tourists from Boston Logan Intl will certainly not be enabled to enter Fiji.COVID-19 trial and error requirementsVisitors from Boston Logan Intl should present an adverse RT-PCR (NAAT) test taken 72 hrs prior to departing to Fiji.Quarantine requirementsVisitors from Boston Logan Intl are not required to quarantine after entering Fiji.
Returning to Boston Logan Intl from FijiCOVID-19 experimentation requirements
Visitors from Fiji need to current an adverse RT-PCR (NAAT) or Antigen (quick-test) test taken 72 hrs before departing to Boston Logan Intl.Quarantine requirementsVisitors from Fiji are not compelled to quarantine after entering Boston Logan Intl.

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If you are planning to take a trip to Fiji at this time, it is recommfinished that you remain approximately date on present constraints and also follow correct safety steps while in public.
Compare alternative flights to and also from nearby airports and also cities to uncover the finest prices and a lot of convenient trip times