Last minute flight deals from Seattle to Orlando

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never ever too late to publication a trip. This is our pick of the best last minute flights.

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Direct flights indigenous Seattle come Orlando

Want to fly non-stop to Orlando? We’ll help you uncover your best route.

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Alternative Seattle come Orlando routes

Looking because that the cheapest, faster or easiest route from Seattle to Orlando? You could fly right into the adhering to airports instead.

Seattle to Orlando: trip information

The points to know prior to you go.

Cheapest trip found


Average trip time

5 hrs 25 mins

Cheapest month to fly


Most renowned airline

Alaska Airlines

Flights per week


Time difference between Seattle and also Orlando

+3 hrs(GMT -4)


Crowne Plaza Hotel Orlando-Universal


DoubleTree through Hilton at the entrance to universal Orlando


COVID-19 travel constraints are an altering fast, however we're here to help you find the advice friend need. Inspect our live page on travel limitations to check out if you can travel from Seattle come Orlando, and also if you'll must quarantine top top arrival.
The best price found on because that a trip from Seattle come Orlando is $74. This was uncovered by aggregating throughout different carriers and is the cheapest price for the totality month.

Leaving Seattle

The Seattle to Orlando course is heavily traveled, and also you’ll have actually a many of alternatives for booking a flight. You’ll be able to pick native flights by United, Spirit, Delta, American Airlines, and also even Alaska Airlines.

You’ll be departing indigenous Seattle-Tacoma international Airport, well-known informally together SeaTac. You’ll likely be departing via SeaTac’s main Terminal, i m sorry has 4 concourses and roughly a dozen gateways each. Getting to SeaTac need to be rather easy for you, together you’ll be able to take Seattle’s subway, highways, or buses.

SeaTac have the right to be a bit quick on seating choices in areas away from the key gates, so it can be beneficial to gain to her gate previously rather than later.

Will over there Be a Layover?

There are a pair of sparse options for non-saw flights indigenous Seattle to Orlando, however you have to expect a stop and a layover for many flights along this route. It’s fairly a long trip, clocking in at somewhere in between 9 hours and also 16 hours.

Most flights will take roughly 11 hours, so bring a pair of extra activities. Flights along this path tend to be delayed by weather in the middle of the country—like tornados—so nothing be as well surprised if yes a hold-up at your layover, too.

Arriving at Orlando

After touchdown in ~ Orlando international Airport, you’ll likely be in Terminal A or B. Each terminal has actually a pair of airsides, which don’t share the same numbering mechanism for their gates. In Airside 1, you’ll find 29 gates, numbered 1-29, but in Airside 2, you will do it find an additional 29 gates, labeling 100-129.

If you’re looking for transport, you’ll have the ability to hop top top the Orlando area’s transit bus system, recognized as the Lynx. As numerous arrivals to Orlando will desire to head to Disney World, Disney additionally offers a different transit system which friend can get to in ~ every terminal, which will certainly take you come Disney World.

Similarly, many cruises depart indigenous Orlando, for this reason cruise lines additionally operate shuttle equipment which depart indigenous the airport and will fall you off at your ports.

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In Orlando

Orlando is recognized for that pleasantly warm and also humid climate and friendliness to tourists. As a popular vacation destination, Orlando offers wealth of activities aside indigenous Disney and also the cruise lines, including fishing tours, art galleries, and live music. If you interested in wildlife, examine out SeaWorld and also Gatorland.