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Distance and aircraft type by airline for indigenous Gen Lucio Blanco worldwide Airport to Benito Juarez global Airport.

Each month there are numerous airlines the offer direct indigenous Reynosa (REX) come Mexico City (MEX). Among the optimal airlines the consistently provide REX come MEX include:VivaAerobus - (VB) through 30 straight between Reynosa and Mexico City monthlyAeromexico - (AM) through 30 straight between REX and also MEX monthly
The total flight expression time native Reynosa (REX) come Mexico City (MEX) is commonly 1 hrs 35 minutes. This is the median non-stop flight time based upon historical for this route. Throughout this duration travelers deserve to expect come fly around 459 miles, or 739 kilometers.
With 2 various airlines operating in between Reynosa and also Mexico City, there are, on average, 60 per month. This converts to around 14 every week, and 2 per day native REX to MEX.
Aeromexico - (AM) lists, ~ above average, 1 departing before 12:00pm, wherein the very first departure from REX is at 10:50AM and the last departure prior to noon is in ~ 10:50AM VivaAerobus - (VB) lists, top top average, 1 departing prior to 12:00pm, where the an initial departure native REX is in ~ 08:30AM and the critical departure before noon is in ~ 08:30AM
How plenty of evening are right now on revenue from Gen Lucio Blanco international Airport come Benito Juarez international Airport?
Aeromexico - (AM) with around 1 finish of day reserved in between REX and also MEX native 6:00pm come 11:00pm.
The calculated right line flying street from REX airport to MEX airplane is 459 miles, or 739 kilometers.

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