All trip schedules indigenous Newark Liberty International, United claims to Kansas City International, united States. This route is operated by 1 airline(s), and the leave time is between 09:30 - 20:00. The street is 1095 miles.

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Map experimenting Newark Liberty worldwide - destinations

v’s brilliant airport map girlfriend can explore all non-stop flights native a certain airport. Simply select your desired airport to get review of every solitary non-stop flight offered. Click on one the the routes to gain information around which airline’s run the route, as soon as the following scheduled trip is or to filter her search even more.

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What is is a valuable website because that finding airline routes and also flight schedules globally. The idea is being able to explore destination opportunities through non-stop flights from a details airport. It"s a tool to collection up your company meeting or weekend holiday based upon your timeschedule and also your closest airport.

part of its very nice one is that it simply makes trips simpler to plan; you view the exit times the every non-stop trip in a list.


I always wondered wherein you could fly direct from a certain airport (Burbank, ns looking in ~ you) and also those answers deserve to be tough to find. Not anymore!

- rich on tech

countless mainstream website don’t perform low-cost carriers or connect transoceanic flights come regionally based carriers the can administer less expensive options. Because that that, you require a bigger device kit… (Hint: find by location airport in ~

- The new York Times

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plenty of low-cost carriers airlines prevent their flights from arriving on several of these (read Vayama or Google Flights) third-party take trip websites. If you desire a chance to see all neighborhood departures, try using

- Lifehacker

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