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Me and We – Rev. Barbara H. Gadon

How carry out we form community through real human beings? agreement is the means that Unitarian Universalists approach the ideals, imperfections, and long haul of ar life

We are currently meeting live top top Sundays in ~ 9:00 and also 11:00 am. The organization will be recorded and also posted here and also on our YouTube channel as quickly as that is available. The will continue to be on our website through the week.

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Masks are required at the business for anyone over 2 years that age. Masks should cover your mouth and nose. Please remember, the congregation is not singing or humming yet during the service.We will certainly announce any type of cancellations for inclement weather on ours website and social media. In the event, worship will certainly be taped in the sanctuary and a video will be accessible by 11:00 am.
Reservations because that a pod will certainly be obtainable for the complying with week's company after 3:00 afternoon on Monday.Reservations will be made v Sign-Up Genius and a different email will be sent out with the links to ours mailing list.
If all pods room reserved, friend may speak to or email the prior office to be placed on a waiting list. OR friend may come to Eliot and sit somewhere else on the grounds. You might not have visibility however you should have the ability to hear the service. If you do this, friend must check in v a greeter to be placed on the call tracing list.

You might download an order of business here.

Join united state after the company for coffee hour top top Zoom! we share login details on our mailing list. Sign up here.

If you are a guest or newcomer, we welcome you! email welcome to get linked right away. Girlfriend may additionally sign the guest book where friend can select to opt in to our interactions list, discover out about religious education programming for children, or talk to someone about any concerns you have about Eliot Chapel or Unitarian Universalism. Many thanks for joining united state today!

Every Sunday, Eliot Chapel shares half of the offertory v an organization in the ar whose job-related reflects our common values. This is one method that we care for our community and also our neighbors. We are very pleased that October's recipient is Missouri faith Voices.

You may donate in multiple ways: usage the QR code to the left to be taken directly to our providing form. Mail a check to Eliot Chapel (address in ~ the bottom of this page); be certain to placed “MO belief Voices” in the memo line. Or message Eliot SHAREDPLATE $3 to 73256. A connect in the reply message will take you come our secure database internet page whereby you can finish your transaction. You re welcome note, "SharedPlate" must be gone into as one word to with that desired option. Select your desired amount; $3 is the minimum for digital giving. Watch our offering page for much more information.

October 3,2021

Welcome Adam Kosberg, Eliot Chapel's brand-new Acting Music Director


Exciting news! We have hired an acting music manager – Adam Kosberg. The will join us in leading prayer Sunday, October 3!

We asked sarah Price to call her substantial St. Louis music network to imply potential candidates for our program. She enthusiastically encourage Adam, who she to know from singing through the St. Luigi Symphony Chorus. That has additionally sung with and also substitute directed the choir for third Baptist Church in downtown St. Luigi under Philip Barnes – who likewise highly proposal Adam!

Adam will serve Eliot with December the 2021 and, if it’s mutually agreeable, will continue through the finish of June. Amongst his obligations are help us shift back come in-person music and singing together. The location “acting director” means that the is default to use for the position long term if the desires.

I uncover Adam delightful. Together you will view below, he has a depth of endure in timeless music, however he likewise has a selection of styles. Examine out his performance with the Red and also Black tape in St. Louis last year. This band has actually played brand-new Orleans-style jazz in different neighborhoods throughout the pandemic, happen joy and also uplift in a stressful time.

In faith and joy,

Rev. Barbara

Adam Kosberg

Adam Kosberg is one instrumentalist, singer, conductor, and also music educator from Collinsville, IL. That earned a doctorate in bass trombone performance and also literature indigenous the university of Illinois in ~ Urbana-Champaign in 2017 which had a cognate in choral conducting and also further understand in arranging, brass chamber ensembles, and also historical performance practice. Adam has toured nationally and also internationally together a choral vocalist and since returning to the St louis area has performed together a section leader and also soloist in numerous choirs and symphony choruses, developed a studio of low brass students, and maintained an energetic performance schedule with orchestras and chamber groups throughout southerly and main Illinois. He also enjoys cycling, reading, cooking, and also spending time with friends, family, and also his two cats.

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Adam is thrilled to join the employee as exhilaration music director and looks front to conference you all and working toward enhancing the musical life that the Chapel and also its congregation. For much more information about joining the choir or sharing your musical talent, please contact Adam in ~ music