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Established On:
 Feb. 27, 1963
FDIC Certificate Number:
Total Assets:
Deposit Insurance:

Community Bank:
Asset Concentration:
 Mortgage loan Specialization
Institution Class:
 Commercial bank, state charter and Fed member, looked after by the federal Reserve (FRB)

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Wish I had looked in ~ yelp prior to trying to usage this bank! I actually didn"t think such deep incompetence was possible. Attempted to redeem some savings bonds and in one catastrophe after another, 3 visits to the bank during my work-related day to resolve the issue, and I have actually marred bonds through which my following adventure will include attempting to in reality redeem them. Come detail: walk in to open an account and also deposit my savings bonds. Bank: " certain no problem! Let"s gain them deposited". Bank 2 hours later calling me: "uh, there"s a problem and it turns out that us can"t actually deposit these to open your account but no problem- we will mail them out for you but we need you come come in and sign the form to gain them mailed" walk to bank: "ok great, us can acquire these sent in yet it will certainly take 2-6 weeks" (me: why go I have actually to involved the financial institution for this?)Bank, phone call again: "actually the looks like we can"t also mail this in for you, you"re walking to need to come get them and take castle to one more bank or letter them in yourself" Me: goes to bank, and also asks: "what happens if they"re invalidated by the bank"s signature on every the bonds?" Bank: "here let me go to the Treasury public website and read their instructions to the public." Me, okay, however let"s at least sign something saying that you endorsed these checks and also in situation that invalidates them, at the very least the financial institution is agreeing to help: bank: "No. We signed the checks however we aren"t going to sign any document saying that we room responsible because that signing the checks...but don"t worry! our seal on every one of your checks won"t prevent you native redeeming them, promise!!(but us won"t authorize anything)"So ~ 3 various instances of first bank telling me that something is possible, then surprise, NOPE! I"m supposed to trust them the I can actually redeem my formerly but now first Bank marred checks? Nope and also nope and also nope. It is in looking front to a BBB report.