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By cyberbeast1000
Jspats (cyberbeast1000 yahoo com) September 4, 2006

Fire Emblem: Path of RadianceGAMECUBEStrongest CharactersOf all the personalities in this game, only a few of them are actually worth maintaining. Here is a list of the personalities you will desire to save and not store, anything else not on this list is so negative, it isn't worth talking around.* = Totally worth it.Ike* - No method sherlock.Titania* - Anvarious other evident answer.Oscar* - Yeah he isn't remarkable, but if you let him level up all the way to twenty and also then gain him a class readjust, he becomes a paladin that is (in it's higher level) much better than titania.Llyanna* - Can't spell that name. But you have the right to spell "defeat" if you don't have her. She is a pain to take care of, and she have the right to never before ffinish for herself, yet awarding her XP at the base camp until she is level 15-20 and then transforming classes renders her a sage. Seras are extremley powerful magicians/priests, and also Llyanna is the best it gets. Soren sucks, never before usage

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him, he simply dies too easily.Lethe and Mordecai* - These are the top 2 laguz you will certainly ever get. Lethe will certainly take dvery own anypoint in her course, I've never had actually her close to dying, and also as soon as she comes ago to huguy create, Mordecai is as excellent as ever.Marcia - WARNING! THIS CHARACTER IS GOOD FOR THE FIRST 20 CHAPTERS OF THE GAME, IF YOU CAN KEEP HER ALIVE THAT LONG! SHE IS VERY HARD TO USE AFTERWARDS UNLESS YOU HAVE CHANGED HER CLASS, SO SHE IS OPTIONALLY WORTH IT!Nephenee - About the very same as marcia. When you acquire her, she might seem pretty excellent, but you shouldn't stick through her a lot. She is a earlier weapon if you lost too many males while fighting birds, she might not be horrible, although I don't favor her also a lot.Volke - Keep him for chest levels, he is really worth it then, yet for nopoint else. When you see chests on the map, gain him in there, and don't let him die.Jill* - She is unimaginably excellent once you upgrade her class. WARNING! IF YOU UPGRADE HER CLASS BEFORE SHE IS LEVEL 20, SHE SUCKS! You more than likely will have alot simpler a time winning the game via a completely powered Wyvern Lord prefer her.Stefan* - He is very tough to gain, but worth it if you have the right to gain him. Don't expect to though, I have actually seen him but haven't gained him ever before. Don't really occupational too difficult on this one.Muarim* - He is extremely excellent, mostly for his Demi-Band also, which I reccomfinish maintaining on him. Quick and also strong.Reyson*, Janaff, and Ulki - Reychild can't fight, which is a disappointment, however his capacity (It's a surprise) is AMAZING, so he rocks. Janaff and also Ulki are excellent air units, and also don't die conveniently, so store them too. Let these males acquire XP from battles though, don't give a lot to them.Devdan - It's almost a waste of time gaining him. TOTALLY USELESS!Tanith* - Divine Pegasus Commander! Yes, that suggests she is a holy pegsus commander. ALWAYS usage reinforcments (her capacity to call computer system operated pegasus knights to assist you out) oops, I damaged the surpclimb.Shinon - also tough to gain, it's your option. He is good however not as great as it is difficult to obtain him. You require rolf to talk to him, and that is nearly difficult is you desire to ifnish that mission with all personalities alive (and complete it fast).Calill - No comment, I couldn't get this man, weird.Tauroneo - Don't understand anypoint about him so you decide.Ranulf* - Amazing warrior, nopoint else to say.Haar - I don't understand anypoint around this character, however any Wyvern unit is worth it so get him.Lucia, Bastian, Geoffery, Largo, and also Elincia - Don't understand these characters, you decide what you're gonna carry out.Ena and Nasir* - Duh!Tibarn, Naesala, and Giffca - Umm, your alternative, you can only select one. I'd say Naesla is the best.