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Indie pop band Lovelytheband released your debut studio album Finding It difficult to Smile on august 3, 2018. The American based band developed in 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Composed of 3 performers, Mitchy Collins leads on vocals through Jordan Greenwald as the guitarist, and also Sam Price together the drummer, the band quickly gained popular music stardom.

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In April 2017, the tape debuted their solitary “broken.” The monitor has gained over 3 million streams ~ above Spotify due to the fact that its release and it charted on many Billboard charts together well. Later in June, the tape announced their full-length debut Finding It difficult to Smile. Problems like angst, loneliness, depression, and also self-loathing are brought up transparent Finding It tough to Smile. When paired with upbeat songs, the album gives the impression of part dark reflection. The band provides synth and also production in a way that no fight for straight attention.

The album comes starts off with a soothing critical on the self-titled track “finding it tough to smile”. The song has a progressive buildup the sound that prepares listeners because that what over there is to come on this record. Once the adhering to track “pity party” begins playing, it has actually a bouncy popular music sound to it that makes you want to dance. However, once the lyrics sink in, that becomes less of a dance party and takes top top a sad tone. This song is around how anxiety and depression influence a person’s social life. Through a little bit of foreshadowing, “You’re invited to my pity party // you check out me smile, but I won’t be happy.” This line practically sums up the whole vibe of Finding It tough to Smile.

“make you feel pretty” is an interesting story the a pair becoming addicted to each other for superficial reasons. The rhythm provides you want to rock back and forth together this hopeless lover pour out his deep frustrating emotions top top materialism and also fame. Following, Lovelytheband’s breakout hit “broken” renders its appearance. This song beautifully broadens the concept of love v flaws. “broken” is a tune for civilization who feel incomplete and search come fill that void through transparent love.

“alone time” is a sore filled song that focuses on what happens when someone is alone because that too long with too lot on their mind. The thought and also emotion expressed in this tune is something that many people share. Being in the firm of one person have the right to make every the difference. “these are my friends” continues the album’s story by finding a team of friends to make the person feel better. At first, it seems like a happy tune of assurance however by the middle of the song, the assurance comes right into question, together it might be a an allegory for drink or drugs.

The mellow sound of “Coachella” has listeners rocking come the etheric voice of Collins. That feels pure and also open, like standing in a sun drenched ar feeling euphoric. “filling a void” is a quick interlude that speaks to love that isn’t returned. If true to the album story, this song is the come down after being at Coachella. The following track “your whatever” plays come the desire to it is in loved and also needed through someone. That dangerously near to gift an anthem for people longing to be loved.

“maybe, ns afraid” is a song of vulnerability. The a tune crying because that hope. Emotions can be difficult for people to explain or adapt to. Listening the vocalist shout throughout the chorus his thoughts and fears, is an excellent example that a buildup of feeling in a relationship. “emotion” to represent what happens once that buildup explodes. While soft and also mellow, the lyrics create a civilization of frustrating thoughts. The desire come want an ext from a failing connection is anguishing. “walk from here” proceeds on v the parting that lovers. This song takes on part accountability when disagreements happen in relationships.

“stupid mistakes” briefly defines the breakup of lovers. It’s about the regret someone feels after breaking up v someone. The sense of accountability for a stupid decision is vital to the growth of the singer. Us then switch gears ~ above the album through “make believe” i m sorry is a plea to a crush. It could be a new person or attempting to redo a relationship. Unfortunately, it never came to be anything much more because the human being on the receiving end wasn’t open sufficient or emotionally available.

The next track “i favor the way” is a song for the singer’s brand-new lover. They find love relatively much better than anything the either the them has actually previously experienced. This leads united state up come “everything I could never say…to you” i m sorry is the closing track to this sad and indie pop-driven album. The sincerity in the song comes from someone offering their love to an additional person the doesn’t desire it. Maybe there will certainly be a time for reciprocating love, but it’s not the existing case.

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Mitchy Collins vocals are soft however direct in his lyricism and also his messages. Combining breakable truths through fast, optimistic tempos create musically creative songs that defy people’s expectations. Lot of the album may sound happy and also upbeat, however its blog post is rather the opposite. Lovelytheband’s melancholy mindset in this indie popular music music is palpable. The story listed in Finding It hard to Smile is carefully laid out for a lover search validity. Detect the relatable link is the difference between admitting your flaws to yourself versus discussing them out in who else.