1. A projectile is fired with rate v0 in ~ an edge ? indigenous thehorizontal as shown in the figure


Part A

Find the highest suggest in the trajectory, H.

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Express the highest point in regards to the size of theacceleration due to gravity g, the early velocity v0, and theangle ?.

H =

Part B

What is the selection of the projectile, R?

Express the variety in terms of v0, ?, and g.

R =?

Consider her advice come an artillery officer who has actually thefollowing problem. From his existing postition, he should shoot over ahill of height H in ~ a target ~ above the other side, which has actually the sameelevation as his gun. He knows from his accurate map both thebearing and the distance R to the target and likewise that the hill ishalfway come the target. To shoot together accurately together possible, that wantsthe projectile to just barely pass over the hill.

Part C

Find the angle ? over the horizontal at which the projectileshould be fired.

Express her answer in terms of H and R.

? =?

Part D

What is the early stage speed?

Express v0 in regards to g, R, and H.

v0 =?

Part E

Find tg, the flight time the the projectile.

Express the trip time in regards to H and g.

tg =?

2. A softball is hit end a 3rd baseman"s head v somespeed

v0 at an angle ? above the horizontal. Immediately after theball is hit, the third baseman turns around and also begins to run at aconstant velocity V=7.00m/s. He records the ballt=2.00s later atthe same elevation at which that left the bat. The 3rd baseman wasoriginally standing L=18.0m from the ar at i beg your pardon the ball washit.


Part A

Find v0. Use g=9.81m/s2 because that the magnitude of the accelerationdue come gravity.

Express the initial rate numerically in systems of meter persecond come three significant figures.

v0 = ? m/s

Part B

Find the edge ? in degrees.

Express your answer numerically in degrees to 3 significantfigures.

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? = ? ?

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