Max McMurdo is one of the stars on find It, fix It, Flog it – let’s fulfill him on Instagram and also get to understand the designer better.

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The Channel 4 series sees Henry Cole and Simon O’Brien travel throughout the UK to discover unique items shed in people’s homes.

Max McMurdo is among the guest presenters that joins the constant hosts and helps them regain the item they find for profit.

So, who is Max McMurdo? Here’s whatever you should know about him.


Max McMurdo on uncover It, settle It, Flog It, Channel 4

Who is Max McMurdo?

Max McMurdo is a designer, upcycler, TV presenter and author who has made continuous appearances on numerous programmes.

He established his own firm Reestore Ltd in 2002 in order come make restored products an ext popular in the architecture industry. V his firm, Max sold over 200 bath bathtub chairs to The human body Shop and also completed number of installations for Google’s head workplaces in various locations.

While he is best-known because that his gig on uncover It, fix It, Flog It, Max has additionally appeared ~ above Dragons’ Den, Amazing Spaces, Fill Your residence for Free, among various other series.

Max previously operated with exploration to film Cash in the spare Room and also the Weekend Workshop.

You deserve to find an ext information about the Channel 4 star and also the work he does native his website.

Max McMurdo on uncover It, settle It, Flog It

Max regularly travels with co-star Henry Cole in search of distinctive items i m sorry they deserve to restore and also sell because that profit.

Recently, one fan of the Channel 4 series asked the designer on Twitter: “Max please assist settle a debate, what wake up to the items the aren’t marketed on discover it fix it Flog it?”

“Most things gain sold ns think or periodically we return them to the burned owner, ” he claimed in response.

Meet Max on Instagram

Thanks come his constant TV appearances, the designer enjoys a steady fan base of 15.7k pendant on Instagram.

According to his Insta bio, Max is “currently designing and building one apocalyptic camper van and a contemporary narrow boat”. The sounds quite impressive.

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If you desire to find more about the star of discover It, deal with It, Flog It, make certain to monitor him ~ above Instagram

WATCH discover IT resolve IT FLOG the ON CHANNEL 4 WEEKDAYS in ~ 1.05 PM



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