Frogs that Legend is a quest in last Fantasy XV. It is the last step in the Professor’s Protege chain. It involves helping Sania find rainbow frogs, and also ends v some pretty amazing rewards. The frogs are incredibly hard to find, and she won’t help you at all. In this guide, we’re walk to display you how to complete Final Fantasy XV Frogs that Legend quest and where to find rainbow frogs.This search comes after ~ a long and arduous journey of finishing every the actions of the Professor’s Protege quest. You’ve probably currently gotten provided to frog chasing by now, therefore you know what to mean from the young scientist. As always with this quests, the ideal tip ns can provide you is to listen to the sound frogs make while close to bodies the water.

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Where to uncover 5 Rainbow Frogs in FFXV

To begin the quest, walk to the outpost near Risorath Basin, eastern of Vesperpool. You’ll uncover Sania in the same place where you’ve currently met her. She’ll ask girlfriend to uncover 5 rainbow frogs.

Rainbow Frog 4 Location

Time come hit the road again. This next frog that legend is hiding in the place where the river splits into two east of Ravatoghan Trail. Top top the west bank, right across from the location where the rivers split, the frog is hiding precise under a rock.

Fifth place of Rainbow Frog FFXV

The last frog is no too much off native the vault one. Go to the river bank, in the southeast edge of the facility between the two rivers. Comes from the south, walk along the bank, and also look because that a big rock just before you reach the large concrete dyke. The frog is hiding behind it, alongside the water.

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Once you’re excellent frog hunting, take it them ago to Sania, and you’ll get:15,000 EXP because that each of your party membersRibbon accessory
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