Figurative language deserve to be a yes, really fun conventional to work-related on with your students, yet it likewise can be tricky because that them to comprehend.

Understanding the difference between literal and also figurative language doesn’t always come normally to students. Listed below are some tips for to teach figurative language to her students.

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What is figurative language?

Figurative language is language that goes beyond the literal meaning to assist get a point across.

Different varieties include:SimilesMetaphorsIdiomsHyperbolePersonification

Similes is a good one to begin with once you are first introducing figurative language to your students. As a class, you deserve to work with each other to do similes. Develop an anchor chart and also brainstorm how countless similes you have the right to come up v for how sticky something is.



Similar to similes, metaphors involve compare things. Metaphors are usually taught second because they are a little much more abstract. Gather numerous examples together to assist teach her students metaphors. Write about what each metaphor really means.

Idioms are typically a college student favorite because they sound favor nonsense! Gather together instances of idioms, then have actually your students attract pictures the what lock imagine that to yes, really mean. If i told friend it to be raining cats and dogs outside, attract what form of rain you would actually expect to see.



When teaching hyperbole, I always do it dramatically! After all hyperboles space exaggerations. Start her lesson turn off by telling your student they have actually a THOUSAND points to discover today! work together as a class to create silly hyperboles.

Personification really renders reading an ext interesting. Read publications with your students and look for instances of personification. They space everywhere! Then, offer your college student a share sentence and have them include personification come it to make it much more interesting!


Teaching Figurative Language

One of my favorite ways to teach figurative language is by reading Amelia Bedelia stories to my class.

In the stories, Amelia Bedelia constantly has a tough time understanding things due to the fact that she take away them as well literally!

These books often make students laugh and begin come understand how some points we say can have a depths meaning.

Other easy methods to teach figurative language:Read many of books together together a class. Make lists the the various examples of figurative language from the texts. How plenty of idioms, similes, and metaphors deserve to you find? room there any kind of instances the hyperbole? whereby did the author use personification?Take an example of figurative language indigenous a book you read with your class and also write the on the board. Difficulty students to rewrite the sentence utilizing a different type of figurative language.Create a T graph with plenty of idioms in one column. Together a class, discuss the an interpretation of every idiom. Have students write about a time they….(had butterflies in their stomach). Have a dress-up day where students have the right to dress up together an idiom and also act choose their idiom all day. (Send house a list of idioms to assist families think of something students can wear.) Example: a student could wear a shirt v butterflies recorded on the stomach to stand for “butterflies in mine stomach.” Then, every day, the student deserve to act nervous.

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Let me aid you teach figurative language! I’ve acquired lots of lessons here!

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