“From tha Roota to tha Toota” is the second studio album from one of the most underrated storytelling rap groups of all time, Field Mob. The group consists of Shawn Timothy Jay(Shawn Jay) and Darian Crawford(Smoke), hailing from the outskirts of Albany,GA.

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The group released their first album in December of 2000 “613: Ashy to Classy”. The streets loved it but the album was not received well commercially because of poor promotions by their label. It took the duo two years to put out their next studio joint “From tha Roota to tha Toota”. They recruited the likes of Jazze Pha to assist with production. At the time, you could not listen to the radio without hearing “Ladies and Gentlemen…..This is a Jazzephizzel Producshizzel”(which is the calling card for a Jazze Pha produced song). He helped them with their lead single “Sick of being Lonely”, which peaked at #18 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and #5 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Rap Tracks Charts in 2002.

The album starts off with an introduction to the south in “K.A.N”(Kuntry Ass Niggahs) highlighting their signature harmony laced ad libs as they hype up each other up. Sleepy Brown assisted them with the second track “Nothing 2 Lose”. This track speaks to the everyday struggle in the south. The third song on the album is “Don’t Want No Problems”(which is one of my favorites). Shawn Jay and Smoke tell the, all so familiar, story of being in the club trying to have a great time but there are multiple scenarios where you may be tried by someone. The next track is “Sick of being Lonely”, which showcase the guys singing skills as they explain relationship problems with a comical twist.

The album goes on to provide more illustrations of the south at that time from “Its Hell” to “Haters” and then the pimptastic “Hit it for Free”. The group even went into an instructional step by step of how to cook crack in “Betty Rocker”. The best track on the album was “Cut Loose”. This song has it all from a letter wrote to Shawn Jay by his women explaining why she left him to Smoke waking up realizing his women has left him because of she could no longer handle having sex with him. The album ends with the soulful ballad “All I Know”. Ceelo Green lends his vocals/flow as he both sung the chorus and spit a verse.

Unlike their first album, “From tha Roota to tha Toota” was well received both by the streets and mainstream. The album received certified gold status by selling more than 700,000 copies.

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Personally, I would like to shout out Field Mob for giving the south a soundtrack back in 2002.