They were around to go to Mars in the autumn universe, and also then the nuclear battle happened. Their an are tech was actually really good, and if the battle didn't happen it most likely would have sent them come a an are age level the technology. That's why friend see advanced stuff favor this. It's really cool, yet I don't think it has anything to execute with Starfield. At most I'd speak the exact same guy(s) at Bethesda that designed this could have designed the space station in the Starfield trailer, that's why there's some similar things.

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I think it's a coincidence and based ~ above something choose this that already thought about for Fallout

They've had room stuff before. They had actually the alien mothership dlc for Fallout 3.

I've viewed the crashed terminal in-game and it's really different to the starfield station. They are both round is the key similarly.

I don't understand if i see much of a similarity, other than the one walkway. But even that is made of a various material 보다 the one in the Starfield teaser, whereby it appears to be glass.

Starfield is a complete new ip, nothing to carry out with Fallout. They might have easter eggs here and there, however like the mutated nirnroot, it no be canon.

Hmmm - ns don't see it. They're both an are stations, obviously, yet the fallout crashed terminal looks much more like something type 2001: A space Odyssey than it go the an are station indigenous the Starfield trailer. The Starfield one looks like a fine rendered station from Bablyon 5 or something :P

I don't have it either but I simply accidentally stumbled upon pictures and also videos of the while ns was city hall a Noclip's documentary on autumn 76. There are some videos on youtube and lots of images on google images, just google "crashed an are station fallout 76". All I have the right to say is that it's certainly the size of what we've viewed in the trailer. It's color scheme and shape is more or much less the same. However other 보다 that - nothing. Would certainly appreciate any kind of info indigenous anyone that played FO76 too. Possibly some audio logs or note lying around? There's gotta be something...

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This is dedicated to Starfield, the upcoming role-playing room game being occurred by Bethesda game Studios.