Back as soon as I went through that horrible bug that saw me lose my camp in the game, I also came to be wanted in Fallout 76.

So, I was finally faced with a problem that I had never before had: how to get rid of my Wanted level in Fallout 76?

Now, I’m not the form of player who’s that much right into PvP in Fallout 76 and it was, of course, a mistake: I gained a 10 Caps bounty on my head for reportedly damaging another hero’s base.

It all occurred because of a pest of sorts (or so I believe): tright here was a mutant hound attacking that base and all I did was try to assist.

I pulled my shotgun and also began shooting, yet apparently my aim was crap because I finished up damaging the property too.

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I instantly got a Wanted level and also 10 caps on my head. Something that I really felt ashamed of. So I wanted to remove my wanted level as fast as possible.

Apparently though that is not feasible in the game without you dying – although some insurance claim otherwise.

You will be pursued when you’re Wanted.

Due to the fact that you can’t get rid of your wanted standing in Fallout 76!

I’ve heard some players claiming that they shed their Wanted status in the game after a little over 60 minutes of not doing anypoint bad (it was a 10 caps bounty like mine), however in my instance that didn’t occur.

Now, I am not 100% certain that 1 hour passed because my wanted level showed up, yet I think it did and also nopoint readjusted in regards to my condition.

I also tried to log off the sever and also log back in, quit the game and rebegin it – nothing matters. Your Wanted level continues to be there and also adheres to you to eternity.

And that’s a bad point, particularly if you are a tranquil player like I am. I choose to connect with others, but as soon as you are Wanted, you are no much longer presented the place of other players on the map (because otherwise you can alert who’s coming to hunt you down).

And if you are a higher level player via a low bounty – aget, prefer I was, nobody’s going to danger attacking you.

And because you will just lose your Wanted level if you die… that suggests that you have to start doing more evil stuff. Increase your wanted level to rise the rewards others gain as soon as killing you… and begin over fresh and also be even more mindful.

And have actually in mind that when you are wanted and also killed by an additional player (or whenever you die in the game, actually) you will certainly shed all the junk you are transferring.

If you desire to prevent your character from accidentally damaging building or shooting various other players – choose it happened in my case – you should activate the Pacifist mode in Fallout 76 from the settings.

This will not let you assault various other players (although they deserve to attack you if they want).

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This kind of sucks, in the end… however given that the majority of civilization won’t gain a Wanted level by mistake like I did and the majority of gain it from being the outregulations and attacking various other players, it can be a good point to have a permanent marker that teaches you a leskid.

What do you think though? Should you be able to lose your Wanted level, maybe as soon as the ransom’s low – meaning that you are not that evil, in the end? Or is a long-term Wanted level a better option?
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