About Never before Gonna Let You Go

"Never Gonna Let You Go" is a song by Amerihave the right to recording artist Faith Evans. It was composed by Babyconfront and Damon Thomas for her album Keep the Faith (1998), and also invested one week at number 1 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The music video was filmed back-to-ago together with rapper Eve"s "Love Is Blind".

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If I had one wish boyI"d wish you alongside meAnd it might be in summerFall or spring boy causeYou make my heart singI desire to give my heart mySoul my love to you oh babyYeah cause eextremely day I"m notWith you I"m missin" you likeCrazy. I need for you to loveMeI need for you to love me(Love me) organize me (host me)Touch (touch me) down deepIn my heart never before let you goOf the love we share no oneCompares to youI"ll never let you go(I"ll never before let you go)"Cause I really love youSo oh I-I"ll never before letYou go oh no (oh on on)If you need to recognize the truthBoy I"m nothing without youIt"s funny exactly how I know whatPeople mean boy once it"sTo good to be trueDue to the fact that you provide me joyGood love good times suchDelight oh yeah and also everyDay I thank the Lord forYou I feel so blessed I needFor you to loveI need for you to love me(Love me) organize me (hold me)Touch me (touch me) dvery own deepIn my spirit never let you goOf the love we share no oneCompares to you (to you)I"ll never before let you go(I"ll never let you go)"Causage I really love youSo (I love you so) ohI-I"ll never let you goOh no (oh no no)If you just knew what youReally do ain"t never before hadNo one that does it quiteLike you carry out you might spendHalf a lifetime tryin" to findOne prefer you that"s why I amSo glad I found you baby IWished upon a star it cameTrue darling I require for you toI need for you to love me(To love) organize me (host me)Touch me (touch me) dvery own deepIn my heart (deep in my soul)Never let it go (oh yeah) ohThe love we share no one comparesTo you (to you)I"ll never before let you go (I"ll neverLet you go I"ll never let you go)"Cause I really love you so oh I-I"ll never before let you go (oh..oh..ohNo no)Oh, no oh, whoa, whoa, oh, oh, oh

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Faith Evans Faith Renée Evans, (born June 10, 1973), is an Amerihave the right to singer-songwriter, document producer, occasional actress and writer. Born in Florida and increased in New Jersey, Evans relocated to Los Angeles in 1993 for a career in the music company. After functioning as a backing vocalist for Al B. Sure and Christopher Williams, she came to be the first female artist to be contracted with Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs" Bad Boy Entertainment recording company during 1994, for which she collaborated with several label mates such as Mary J.

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Blige and Carl Thomas and released three platinum-certified studio albums between the years 1995 and 2001, consisting of Faith (1995), Keep the Faith (1998) and Faithcompletely (2001). more »