STEVEN A. ACKERMAN and also JONATHAN boy name | room of atmospheric and also oceanic scientific researches Apr 24, 2017 Apr 24, 2017

"La Niña is anticipated to affect temperature and also precipitation across the unified States during the upcoming months," the NOAA weather facility said.

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Postcard-worthy weather to start workweek for southern Wisconsin, rain, then cooler weather come follow

Southern Wisconsin will check out sunshine and also highs in the low 70s Monday and Tuesday, prior to showers and also thunderstorms in ~ midweek usher in cooler weather, follow to forecasters.


rainy stretch end for southerly Wisconsin, sunshine and comfortable temperature on tap for following week

Highs must be greatly in the 60s v plenty of sunshine for the following week for southerly Wisconsin, follow to forecasters.

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Sunshine returns Saturday, v a solid warming trend starting Sunday for southerly Wisconsin, follow to forecasters.