What"s the previous participle type of words exit? Is it exit (irregular, choose set)? exited? exitted? top top one web page I uncovered exited but if that"s the instance why isn"t it exitted (double t) choose with words emit - emitted? Is there a dominance when the consonant at the finish is doubled and when not?

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When we have actually a word ending in a single vowel and also then the consonant "t", the consonant is just doubled prior to suffixes if the syllable is stressed. So when there is no anxiety we observe simply a solitary "t". In the following instances the stressed syllables room premarked v an apostrophe:


However if the last syllable is stressed then we will view a copy of the consonant:


This is simply a dominance of ignorance as there room special rules for particular prefixes, and also compound words and loan native from various other languages will not necessarily monitor the rule.

Edit: Please additionally see Janus" exciting comment below about loan words through silent "t"s below!


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