The original version of this track was featured on Trey Songz' Passion, Pain, and also Pleasure.It discusses what happens up in the club throughout heavy drinking times.

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YeahOh oh it's Mr. Steal Yo GirlOh oh it's Mr. Steal Yo Girl oh ohLet's goBottoms up, bottom up, ey, what's in ya cupGot a pair bottles, however a couple ain't enoughBottoms up, bottom up, throw her hands upTell protection we bout come tear this club upBottoms up, bottoms up, pocket complete of greenGirl, you understand I love the way you shake that in them jeansBottoms up, bottom up, litter ya hands upBottoms up, bottoms up, bottom up (up, up)Everybody recognize that as soon as I action up in the buildingAnd I'm doing what I'm doing i be crowding increase the blockComin' up and killing em and fuckin' up the buildingGet right into the bar to buy a pair bottles that CirocBottles that the 'Tron bottles of the grand MarnierCouple bottles of the 'Yac bottles of the RoséThrow another couple shots ago throw one more rackBring another couple of the models (OK-K)Get another drink allow the waiter know'Till every solitary bottle finished invest a most doughI don’t also know what I'm about to go and drink nextGotta make a choice eenie meenie miney moNow us sip a tiny don Julio shawtyAss huge you might hide up in the booty holePop pop acquire it gain it money once you know you finishedI'm about to provide it to ya in the studioNow we in the cut better put your party upMommy gained a small strut (baby baby)Pour a little in the cup get your tiny bottom upYou can obtain up in the van (maybe maybe)Let me come in then I provide it come ya rawBaby girl walk ahead wiggle come the floorWe bang 'till friend can't take it it anymoreWhile a nigga drunk everybody autumn on the floorKing Kong v it y'all recognize when ns come throughImma give it to you niggas that space hatin'Imma -- evaporate everything around meSee the means I do it how the kid disintegratedWhen I'mma carry out it I'mma neva neva carry out it wrongAnd ns hit you with the bang and also I fight you with the bongBack murderin' an additional track, every nigga better blackWhile ns hit ya with one more Trey song

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My vision's blurred, my words slurredIts jam packed, a million girlsAnd i ain't tryin to leave thoughWe drunk for this reason let me be her alcohol heroCallin' every the girls, do you hear me?All about the world, city to cityCheers to the girls, litter a deuce to the guysNow I gained a chicken and a goose in the rideGettin' loose in the rideHatin ass nigga you deserve to move to the relocate to the move to the sideYo, could I gain that 'Tron?Could I get that Remmy?Could I gain that Coke?Could I gain that Henny?Could I gain that margarita top top the absent rock rocks?Could I gain that salt all about that pickled in salt rim in salt rim?Trey? ns was choose "Yo, Trey?"Do you think you can buy me a party of Rose'?Okay, lets get it nowI'm with a poor bitch he's with his friendsI don't speak "Hi", i say "Keys come the Benz"Keys to the Benz? keys to the Benz!Muhfuckin ideal yeah, weed come the 10If a bitch shot to gain cute I'mma stomp herThrow a lotta money at she then yell fucka, fucka, fuckaThen yell fuckaThen I'mma go obtain my Louisville SluggerExcuse me, I'm sorry, I'm yes, really such a ladyI rep Young MoneyYou recognize Slim, Baby?And we be doin' donuts while we wavin' the .380We offer a lotta money come the babies the end in HaitiYellin all roughly the worldDo girlfriend hear me? execute you prefer my body?Anna NickiRest in peace to Anna Nicole SmithYes, my dear, you're for this reason explosiveSay hi to Mary, Mary and also JosephNow bottom up and dual my dosage