Season 4 illustration 2 - episode 2

Korkut Bey is haunted by his own demons in the Kayi tribe. As Ertugrul battles to get back on his feet, mutiny lurks about the corner. Air day : 1st-Nov-2017

Season 4 episode 1 - episode 1

Tugtekin intends come flex his muscles in former of Ertugrul, and also Gokce decides to play a different game. Air date : 25th-Oct-2017Read More

Season 4 illustration 2 - episode 2

Korkut Bey is haunted through his very own demons in the Kayi tribe. Together Ertugrul struggles to get back on his feet, mutiny lurks about the corner. Air date : 1st-Nov-2017Read More

Season 4 illustration 3 - episode 3

Hamza\"s activity leads to dire consequences for the Kayi tribe. With Abdurrahman\"s life top top the line, Ertugrul go after a traitor. Air day : 8th-Nov-2017Read More

Season 4 illustration 4 - episode 4

Hayme helps mend fences between Ertugrul and also Gundogdu. Tugtekin\"s tactics versus Kayi subjects end up being harsher v the tribe. Air date : 15th-Nov-2017Read More

Season 4 illustration 5 - illustration 5

When the 2 clans face off over Abdurrahman\"s sentence, Gundogdu provides Korkut Bey one offer and saves the day. Air date : 22nd-Nov-2017Read More

Season 4 episode 6 - episode 6

Ertugrul plans a ruse with Deli Demir\"s aid and is required to leaving the camp, when an opponent lurks nearby. Air day : 29th-Nov-2017Read More

Season 4 episode 7 - illustration 7

Ertugrul experiences a close shave as Noyan\"s army draws dangerously close. Hayme takes matters right into her very own hands. Air day : 6th-Dec-2017Read More

Season 4 illustration 8 - illustration 8

Selcan tries to uncover what Aytolun is after, however Ertugrul is one step ahead and sends his team top top a mission back to the camp. Air day : 20th-Dec-2017Read More

Season 4 episode 9 - illustration 9

Noyan exam Abdurrahman\"s loyalties. Hayme confronts Korkut Bey around Aytolun and Tugtekin\"s behavior. Air date : 27th-Dec-2017Read More

Season 4 episode 10 - illustration 10

Stunned through Hayme\"s announcement, Selcan do the efforts to prevent Gokce indigenous falling into Aytolun\"s trap, however Gokce has not yet made up her mind. Air day : 10th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 4 episode 11 - illustration 11

A surprised visitor traces Ertugrul to his covert refuge. Ertokus Bey come at the camp with crucial message for Ertugrul and also the tribe. Air day : 17th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 4 episode 12 - illustration 12

Abdurrahman speak himself the end of a tragic end. Kocabas do the efforts to gain a host of Ertokus Bey\"s secret, yet someone else overhears. Air day : 24th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 4 illustration 13 - illustration 13

Ertokus Cheks Korkut Bey\"s ambitions, but Aytolun refuses to earlier down. Noyan\"s men corner Ertugrul. Air day : 31st-Jan-2018Read More

Season 4 episode 14 - illustration 14

Goncagul proves herself a force to be reckoned with. Gumustekin Bey\"s sudden arrival transforms the tables and divides the camp. Air day : 7th-Feb-2018Read More

Season 4 episode 15 - illustration 15

Hayme stands up to Gumustekin and also gives the Dodurga clan an ultimatum. Gokce eavesdrops ~ above Halime. Air day : 14th-Feb-2018Read More

Season 4 illustration 16 - episode 16

Artuk Bey urges Korkut Bey to take charge. Gundogdu i do not care a pawn in 2 separate gamings of power. Air date : 21st-Feb-2018Read More

Season 4 illustration 17 - episode 17

Hayme\"s courier carries the end a risky task. After ~ she watch a stranger accost Aytolun, Selcan digs right into Aytolun\"s past. Air date : 28th-Feb-2018Read More

Season 4 episode 18 - episode 18

Selcan stand to pay dearly because that what she discovers. Ertugruls battles on two fronts, and Tugtekin digs his own grave. Air day : 7th-Mar-2018Read More

Season 4 illustration 19 - episode 19

Noyan plots to threaten the Kayi and also Dodurga clans by dividing them. Aytolun and Goncagul\"s arrangement for Gundogdu begins to take it shape. Air day : 14th-Mar-2018Read More

Season 4 illustration 20 - illustration 20

Unfortunate news arrives, wreaking havoc on the camp. Aytolun grow desperate to avoid Korkut Bey from acting on a decision decision against the Kayi clan. Air date : 21st-Mar-2018Read More

Season 4 illustration 21 - illustration 21

An orchestrated lytic concludes unexpectedly once a visitor\"s suddenly arrival in ~ the camp leads to bloodshed. Air date : 28th-Mar-2018Read More

Season 4 episode 22 - illustration 22

Ertugrul brings news the may offer the Kayi clan a second chance. Together Hayme\"s condition remains uncertain, Selcan confronts Aytolun. Air date : 4th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 4 illustration 23 - episode 23

Gumustekin stands his soil in a negotiation end Ertugrul\"s standing. A ruthless adversary is hot on Halime\"s tail. Air day : 11th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 4 episode 24 - illustration 24

Gundogdu provides Selcan one ultimatum. In a breakable position, Ertugrul warns Gundogdu around another infiltrator. Air date : 18th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 4 episode 25 - episode 25

Gundogdu make the efforts to do Korkut Bey check out the truth about recent treachery in the camp. Halime\"s pursuer captures her and Deli Demir unawares. Air day : 25th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 4 episode 26 - episode 26

Ertugrul\"s day of reckoning is imminent. Halime\"s life hangs by a thread, but a veiled stranger involves her rescue. Air date : 9th-May-2018Read More

Season 4 episode 27 - episode 27

Karabek brings in a witness throughout Ertugrul\"s sentencing, and a fight of wills ensues in between the 2 clans. Air day : 16th-May-2018Read More

Season 4 episode 28 - illustration 28

Noyan\"s old rival renders a comeback. Gumustekin\"s plan becomes a pipe dream, and also Aytolun decides to will to more desperate measures. Air date : 23rd-May-2018Read More

Season 4 illustration 29 - illustration 29

Noyan plots a new scheme against the Kayi clan. As leadership transforms in the camp, Tugtekin refuses to provide up on the power game. Air day : 30th-May-2018Read More

Season 4 illustration 30 - episode 30

Ertugrul\"s grows suspiciously of Noyan\"s true intentions toward Abdurrahman. Artuk take away Ertugrul to crucial gathering. Air date : 6th-Jun-2018Read More






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