I'm pretty new to ES2 and was wondering around the finest planet forms to shoot for via terraforming. In the few games I've played it appears like Bogenuine is the best Cold planet and also Jungle is the ideal Hot world while Foremainder is the finest Temperate planet.

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Should I ever before make hot and also cold planets and simply terracreate all planets to woodlands to max populations? It seems like a system with 5 Jungle planets ends up with crazy 4k+ manufacturing and is better in that regard than Terran or Foremainder units.


It relies entirely on what race you are playing as, as many kind of of them have bonuses for particular planet types. For instance, Sophons carry out a bonus for cold world types, Riftborn love sterile planets, and Horatio prefer warm.

Ah! I've been just playing as UE considering that they are pretty right forward. And only have 3 games finimelted.

Right currently I tend to make systems Boreal or Jungle if they are set up to go that method or go with forest planets. That likewise allows my heroes to synergize via a system geared towards hot or cold.

Disclaimer: This is intended as a preeminence of thumb, exceptions exist prefer races with bonuses in the direction of earth forms and so on.

You deserve to break up planets by climate and fertility and what you obtain is:

Hot planets are finest for manufacturing yet administer no scientific research.

Cold planets are good for scientific research but carry out no manufacturing.

Temperate planets are finest for food and pretty decent anywhere else. They additionally have another pop than various other climates (except toxic which is temperate + sterile)

Fertile planets have more slots for pops which is always excellent. They're additionally excellent at food and scientific research.

Sterile planets have actually less slots for pops which is always bad. They're good at sector and dust, though. And they have actually happiness penalties between -3 and also -8.

With Each Other we get:

Tempeprice productive planets are just generally great really but not exceptional at anypoint (yet food), mostly.

Deserts are generally the best planets for manufacturing and also they just reason a modeprice amount of unhappiness

Boreals Ocean people are constantly the ideal planets for science, boreals a close second place.

On a side note: You have the right to terraform any warm or cold earth to temperate fertile ultimately. If you want to maximize the scientific research of a 1 hot 3 cold device for example you could terradevelop the cold planets to boactual sea and the warm to Terran.

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Edit: As /u/Tychonoir provided ocean worlds actually slightly outperform boreal planets for scientific research pretty a lot constantly.