Emperor Gaozong of tang (Chinese: 唐高宗; pinyin: Táng Gāozōng) (reign native the 21st of July 628, to the 27th of December 683, an individual name Li Zhi (李治), was the third emperor that the Tang empire in China, ruling from 649 to 683 (although ~ January 665 much of the administration was in the hand of his second wife Empress Wu (later well-known as Wu Zetian)). Emperor Gaozong to be the child of Emperor Taizong and also Empress Zhangsun.

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Emperor Gaozong was aided in his dominion by Empress Wu during the later on years the his regime after a series of strokes left him incapacitated. Emperor Gaozong delegated every matters the state to his wife and after he died in 683, strength fell completely into the hands of Empress Wu, who subsequently became the only reigning Empress of China. ~ his death, he was interred at the Qianling Mausoleum in addition to Wu Zetian.

Historians have generally viewed Emperor Gaozong together a weak ruler, inattentive come the organization of the state and also leaving such organization to his an effective wife Empress Wu. Throughout the first part the his reign, tang territorial gains, which started with his father Emperor Taizong, continued, including the occupation of Baekje, Goguryeo, and Western Tujue, however throughout the 670s, lot of those profit were shed to Tufan, Silla, Khitan, and Balhae. Further, territory previously overcame that belonged to both Eastern and Western Tujue were subjected to repeated rebellions.


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