Laser Hair Removal and also Electrolysis

Our friendly team right here at the Laser Center of Port Orange look forward to giving you a one-on-one session via our fully licensed and also experienced hair removal practitioner, Dolores Holleman. With services being available from laser hair removal and also electrolysis, we sell pain-free choices to remove undesirable hair from your body. Using the latest and biggest modern technology, laser hair removal has never before been so fast, straightforward and also painless.

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Please contact our office this particular day and also schedule an appointment for treatment. Melissa at the front desk will certainly have the ability to assist you in scheduling a time to come into the office. Fill out the form below for any concerns or comments you might have.





Only perboy in area correctly qualified to carry out laser hair removal! So happy to have chosen her for mine!

- Diane Michael

Dolores and also her staff are wonderful, expert, the facility is clean, hair totally free for 3 years currently, excellent experience, I have actually now gotten my daughter a gift certificate so she have the right to begin going tbelow. Physician supervising occurred to be my family members doctor so I was really comfortable. Highly recommfinish.

- Maria Marcolina

I had a great result from laser hair removal on my chin and face! Dolores Holloguy is skilled and also friendly and ALWAYS strives for excellence in professionalism, friendliness and also discretion. No must be embarrassed to go to her for those troubles through hirustism that females get. ;)

- Susan Corwin, #likelasercenterPO

Dolores is awesome! Treatment is quick and painless and also it works! My friends contact me the hairless kitty now.

- Leslie Burton, Client

Im so thankful I uncovered Laser Center of Port Orange, the best laser I"ve tried! Super quick treatments, pain-totally free, effective and an excellent price! Thank you Dolores!

- Nicolle, Client


Using the latest and greatest technology, rerelocating unwanted hair on any type of component of the body via laser hair removal has never before been so rapid, easy and also painmuch less.

We remain as much as date in the field of electrolysis so that you feel comfortable while you obtain your treatement. Our electrolysis is incredibly tolerable and also quick.

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Laser hair removal therapies usage a cooling gel to prepare the skin for treatment, the laser has actually a cooling pointer which renders the therapy practically pain free.