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juniorg8.com FUNDRAISERS

The El Paso kid Guidance facility has plenty of fundraisers throughout the year. The proceeds increased from each occasion go directly to benefit the children and families we offer in the El Paso community.

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Education & training services for youth-serving staff and also professionals, consultation come professionals and organizations, and community-based collective impact efforts to boost well-being.

Specialized, trauma-specific counseling and psychiatric solutions for victims of abuse, assault, bullying and other creates of violence.

School-based counseling services for youth, education and support services for parents & caregivers, and also training & education services for educators and also school districts

Our Mission:

Improving the health and also wellbeing that children and also families in a safe environment through mental wellness services, education, and also awareness.

Your voice is essential to us. Please use the room to the right to sell your feedback around our services or come request much more information. Give thanks to you.

The Center’s mission is to advantage the El Paso neighborhood by giving quality mental health and wellness services come children, families and individuals of all ages. The Center’s vision is to encourage a healthy and also happy neighborhood where considerable mental wellness treatment is easily accessible to everyone.

Please contact us with any type of questions about our services and also all the wonderful avenues to help.

2701 E. Yandell

(915) 562-1999


Stay Connected! obtain tools and also content for far better mental health for you and also your family.

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2701 E. Yandell El Paso, TX 79903(915) 562-1999contact

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Our mission: enhancing the health and wellbeing of children and families in a safe setting through mental wellness services, education, and also awareness.

We execute not turn anyone away since of their capacity to pay. We accept Medicaid, personal insurance, self pay and also sliding scale.

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Thanks come QuestionPro’s generosity, we now have survey software application that strength our data intelligence.