Democrat to run for Florida home was no arrested and also no charges have actually been filed.

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SARASOTA — State residence candidate Edward James III to be accused that sexually assaulting a young woman at a Sarasota hotel in June, follow to law enforcement documents derived Thursday by the Herald-Tribune.

A report from the State Attorney"s Office claims the woman dubbed 911 come report that James "tried come rape" her.

James, a Sarasota Democrat that is running for the ar 72 state home seat covering north Sarasota County, refuse the accusations, informing police the act was consensual. He was not arrested and did not challenge charges after ~ the alleged victim decreased to seek the case and also prosecutors concluded there was “insufficient evidence” to proceed.

In an interview with the Herald-Tribune Thursday James repetitive his assertion the the sex-related encounter "definitely was consensual."

"All accusations concerned that issue are totally unfounded," James said. "I reply all questions with legislation enforcement. There was a full investigation. I cooperated fully throughout the entire process and to be moral with you, I have nothing an ext to say."

But local democratic leaders stated the accusations are serious sufficient that James must drop out of the race. The Sarasota County autonomous Party withdrew its assistance for James and called on the to step down.

"Respect for women, nevertheless of political party, is a mutual value of all Americans," the party wrote in a press release.

And even though James was no charged v a crime, the police report raises questions around his account, noting he at first seemed to show he “understood” why the alleged victim to be calling 911 but later claimed he to be “shocked.” The report defines that response as “one of the bigger ‘red flags’ in the case.”

“James was plainly going come tell me his reaction to being told the he was being reported for a sexual assault was the he understood,” wrote the Sarasota Police department detective investigate the case. “That is a really odd reaction from someone who is gift accused of a severe crime.”

The accusations against James, a 26-year-old Sarasota aboriginal who has raised substantial sums because that his residence campaign and also is considered a potential climbing star in his party, come after a night the bar hopping in downtown Sarasota that lasted until the at an early stage morning hrs of June 17.

The incident came to light ~ the Herald-Tribune, exhilaration on a tip, requested police records documenting the investigation. There to be no court filings because James was never ever arrested or charged.  Sarasota police did not issue a news relax "because this situation did not result in an arrest," said department spokeswoman Genevieve Judge.

According to the police report, James’ alleged victim is a university student that was visiting she parents and also is friend with among James’ friends.

The woman invite James’ friend to avoid by she hotel room at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Sarasota, and also the friend invited James to sign up with them. The team – which additionally included the alleged victim’s boyfriend - had dinner at the Jack Dusty restaurant in the Ritz before visiting downtown bars and also going to the hotel.

The mrs told police she showered and fell asleep on the hotel bed in a bathrobe. She said she “woke up and felt James’ hand inside of she vagina.”

“James crawled on height of (the alleged victim) and told her the he was going to have sex v her,” follow to her police statement, i m sorry adds that her bathrobe had actually been removed and James additionally was naked. She “told James no several times and stated the she had actually to press James off of her several times.”

“She started calling 911 as she moved him towards the door the the hotel room,” follow to her police statement.

James offered police a much various account. He claimed his accuser started “pulling him towards her with her leg” together she lay on the bed and that “she command him towards her vagina” therefore he began performing dental sex.

“He stated that she to be awake throughout the encounter, and also that the ‘saw she look at me,’” according to the police report. “He later proclaimed that he looked in the eye that the victim, and she smiled.”

James said police the based she her an answer “he interpreted it to be consensual.”

In James’ telling, the woman only came to be upset and told him come stop as soon as it looked prefer her boyfriend could be waking up.

“James proclaimed that he stopped once she objected and also he construed the instance was no much longer consensual,” according to the report.

The detective request James come recount exactly how he reacted when the alleged victim told the she to be calling 911.

“He proclaimed that he said ‘I underst…’,” the detective wrote, describe James trailed off prior to finishing his thought.

“It to be clear James was going to tell me… he understood why she to be calling 911,” the detective wrote. “I pressed James ~ above the unusual statement, however he denied the he told she ‘I understand’.”

The detective stated James later on invoked his right to continue to be silent.

The detective also interviewed James’ friend and the woman’s boyfriend. Both stated they were asleep and also did not witness the incident.

A report from the State Attorney’s Office stated the woman"s friend told police that James’ friend “tried to discourage the victim from report the assault because the defendant is running for political office.”

Asked Thursday if he pressured his accuser not to cooperate v police James said, "absolutely not." James added that he has "no knowledge" of any conversations his friend had actually with the accuser about not follow the case.

The woman declined to have actually a sexual assault kit administered at the hospital. Prosecutors were unable to call her by phone and also tried come subpoena her however the subpoena to be returned since she had left the state.

James is a graduate that Pine watch School and the college of Chicago. He worked for Google and on political campaigns before moving back to Sarasota and running for public office.

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Buoyed by huge fundraising hauls and also his public speaking skills, James’ had actually been taken into consideration the strongest candidate Southwest Florida Democrats have actually in any kind of race this year. His match-up against GOP business women Alex miller has been one of the many competitive state house contests in Florida.

Miller stated in a statement that James’ “conduct totally disqualifies him from representing our community in Tallahassee.”

"I am shocked and also appalled by the sexual assault charges versus Ed James,” Miller composed in an emailed statement. “As a woman and also a mother, I uncover his conduct absolutely reprehensible.”

The explosive accusations against James documented in the police report would be a major issue in any type of campaign yet are particularly pertinent in ~ a time as soon as sexual assault and also related worries are roiling national politics at the nationwide level. GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has been under fire over a tape in which he made vulgar remarks around touching ladies he meets sexually, and also subsequent accusations made by women that he touch them inappropriately. Trump has actually lashed out at autonomous nominee Hillary Clinton, questioning her response to sexual assault allegations versus her husband. 

Asked Thursday if that regretted anything about the incident, James said: "I taken on myself, i cooperated completely and i answered every questions."