Earth, Wind & Fire, among the civilization top-selling musical teams of all-time to be born in Chicago in 1969. V a signature sound beyond category and also a groove as deep together the heart of the planet, the band’s legendary journey has collection the typical for music of all genres and made a profound and lasting impact on famous culture

One the the many important, innovative, and also commercially invincible modern forces that the 20th century, Earth, Wind & Fire has actually released 23 albums. They have recorded eight #1 R&B singles and also eight double Platinum height 10 popular music Albums. EWF has earned more than 50 Gold and also Platinum albums and sold over 100 million albums worldwide, earning castle a hard spot as one of ideal selling music artists of all- time.

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Earth, Wind & Fire"s career success and impacts have impacted music history. They have actually been inducted right into Rock and Roll hall of fame (2000) and The nationwide Academy of record Arts & scientific research (NARAS) bestowed its highest honor, the Grammy Lifetime success Award in 2016, totaling nine Grammy Awards for the group. The ensemble has likewise earned Lifetime success honors native ASCAP, NAACP, and the gambling Awards.

Many modern superstar artist --including Kanye West, Usher, Beyoncé, Prince, Kendrick Lamar and also Chance the Rapper —are self proclaimed Earth, Wind & Fire fans. Alicia Keys has said the EWF " the best band ever" while mar J. Blige showed her love because that the band in her own version the the band"s fight "Imagination."´ The black color Eyed Peas take it the stage with EWF because that a performance at the XXIX at sight Bowl, and again as soon as opening the 57th yearly Primetime Emmy Awards.

The worldwide EWF fanbase likewise extends to include heads-of-state. President invoice Clinton invited the team to the White house in 2000 as distinct guests at a State dinner and, in February 2009, chairman Barack Obama invited Earth, Wind & Fire to do in the eastern Room at the White home for the first social event of the his administration and heralding in an interview with Rolling stone that EWF was a "rhythm and also blues and pop staple” because that him.

In 2016, the an effective and an extensive memoir by EWF’s founder and an imaginative force, Maurice White was release posthumously. The work-related chronicles his personal journey and also the band’s legendary climb to the peak of music history.

April the 2014, lead singer Philip Bailey released his memoir SHINING STAR: Braving the elements of Earth, Wind & Fire. Shining Star.

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Three that the group"s principal members--Philip Bailey, Verdine White and also Ralph Johnson--have every earned honorary doctorate levels from the Columbia college in Chicago. Philip Bailey and also founder Maurice White every earned a doctorate degree at Berklee college of Music.