In physics, the dyne (symbol "dyn") is a unit the force. A dyne-centimeter (dyn·cm) is a unit that torque. One dyne-centimeter is the torque created by one dyn force acting at a perpendicular street of one centimeter from a pivot point.

This device converts dyne centimeter to newton centimeter (dyn·cm come ncm) and vice versa. 1 dyne centimeter = 1.0E-5 newton centimeter. The user need to fill one of the two fields and the switch will come to be automatically.

dyne centimeter (dyn·cm)newton centimeter (n·cm)

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1 dyne centimeter = 1.0E-5newton centimeter

Formula dyne centimeter in newton centimeter (dyn·cm in ncm). Ncm = dyne centimeter*1.0E-5

Conversions dyne centimeter to other units

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1 dyn centimeter = 1.0E-5 ncm11 dyn cm = 0.00011 ncm21 dyn cm = 0.00021 ncm2 dyn cm = 2.0E-5 ncm12 dyn cm = 0.00012 ncm22 dyn centimeter = 0.00022 ncm3 dyn cm = 3.0E-5 ncm13 dyn centimeter = 0.00013 ncm23 dyn cm = 0.00023 ncm4 dyn centimeter = 4.0E-5 ncm14 dyn cm = 0.00014 ncm24 dyn cm = 0.00024 ncm5 dyn centimeter = 5.0E-5 ncm15 dyn cm = 0.00015 ncm25 dyn cm = 0.00025 ncm6 dyn cm = 6.0E-5 ncm16 dyn centimeter = 0.00016 ncm26 dyn centimeter = 0.00026 ncm7 dyn centimeter = 7.0E-5 ncm17 dyn centimeter = 0.00017 ncm27 dyn centimeter = 0.00027 ncm8 dyn cm = 8.0E-5 ncm18 dyn centimeter = 0.00018 ncm28 dyn centimeter = 0.00028 ncm9 dyn centimeter = 9.0E-5 ncm19 dyn centimeter = 0.00019 ncm29 dyn centimeter = 0.00029 ncm10 dyn centimeter = 0.0001 ncm20 dyn cm = 0.0002 ncm30 dyn cm = 0.0003 ncm40 dyn cm = 0.0004 ncm70 dyn cm = 0.0007 ncm100 dyn centimeter = 0.001 ncm50 dyn centimeter = 0.0005 ncm80 dyn cm = 0.0008 ncm110 dyn centimeter = 0.0011 ncm60 dyn cm = 0.0006 ncm90 dyn centimeter = 0.0009 ncm120 dyn centimeter = 0.0012 ncm200 dyn cm = 0.002 ncm500 dyn centimeter = 0.005 ncm800 dyn centimeter = 0.008 ncm300 dyn centimeter = 0.003 ncm600 dyn cm = 0.006 ncm900 dyn centimeter = 0.009 ncm400 dyn centimeter = 0.004 ncm700 dyn cm = 0.007 ncm1000 dyn centimeter = 0.01 ncm

Torque Conversions

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