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Our Stores at the airportDufry is the leading take a trip retailer right here in – we have actually countless fabulous tax-complimentary products. Ranging from fragrances to fashion accessories, cosmetics to confectionary, spirits to souvenirs, skincare to sunglasses. We sell year-round savings vs high street! Find Out how to acquire the finest of shopping with us at the airport by visiting us in save.

* Metro Airport Metropolitan Airport (DTW) is one of the world’s leading air transportation hubs through more than 1,100 flights per day to and also from four continents. Right now serving over 34 million yearly passengers, DTW offers flights to over 140 non-speak destinations.Address:, MI 48242, USA.

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Our stores at the airport

Make the a lot of of your visit to the airport and take a look at the selection of commodities at our Duty Free save. In our store, you’ll discover numerous commodities, such as liquors at a reduced price, and also fragrances and cosmetics by the finest brands. The taxes exemption on assets marketed at the Wayne County Airport Authority keep suggests you have the right to purchase name brand also liquors, cosmetics, and sweets at a very competitive price.

The Duty Free store at the airport awaits you! Find fragrances by Versace and also Hugo Boss, provide a bottle of whiscrucial by Jack Daniel’s or Johnnie Walker as a gift, and buy products by Kit Kat or Milka for the little ones. In enhancement to these products, you deserve to also uncover different fashion accessories and taxes cost-free tobacco. The Duty Free store at Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is located in the Departures terminal and also has extended opening hours that selection from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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Duty Free additionally supplies the Reserve & Collect service, a purchasing technique that permits you to order your commodities via the Duty Free website. After reserving your order, all you have to do is pass with our Duty Free save at the airport to pick it up. It’ll be all set to collect up two hrs before the leave of your flight. Remember, if you forgain to encompass among our assets in your online order, you can constantly proceed shopping when you visit our physical stores.

Visit the Duty Free save at the airport and also perform all your last minute taxes free shopping. Or, if you choose, you can shop digital and area your order with the Reserve & Collect organization, then pass through our Duty Free save to pick it up. We hope to view you quickly in our store in!


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