5332735889consciousnessour awareness of ourselves and also our environment.

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5332735890biological rhythmsroutine physiological fluctuations.1
5332735891circadian rhythmthe biological clock; constant bodily rhythms that happen on a 24-hour cycle.2
5332735892pineal glandlittle endocrine gland that produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep fads and also seasonal functions.3
5332735893Stage 1 sleepslow breapoint and also ircontinual brain waves. Very brief, might suffer wonderful images resembling hallucicountries, sensation of falling or floating.4
5332735894Stage 2 sleepappearance of sleep spindles. Clearly on asleep, yet still easily awoken; about 20 minutes.5
5332735895sleep spindlesbursts of quick, rhythmic brain task.6
5332735896Stage 3 sleeptransitional stage. Brain begins to emit sluggish delta waves. Hard to be woken.7
5332735897Stage 4 sleepbrain significantly emits sluggish delta waves. About 30 minutes, hard to be woken. Children tfinish to wet the bed or sleepwalk in the time of end.8
5332735898NREM sleepincorporates all sleep steras except for REM sleep.9
5332735899REM sleepa recurring sleep stage in the time of which vivid reams commonly happen. Also known as paradoxical sleeping, because the muscles are tranquil yet other body units are active.10
5332735900alpha wavesrelatively sluggish brain waves of a calm, awake state.11
5332735901sleepperiodic, natural loss of consciousness -- as distinct from unconsciousness resulting from a coma, basic anesthesia, or hibernation.12
5332735902hallucinationsfalse sensory experiences.13
5332735903delta waveshuge, slow-moving brain waves connected with deep sleep.14
5332735904insomniarecurring troubles in falling or continuing to be asleep.15
5332735905narcolepsya sleep disorder characterized by unmanageable sleep attacks. The sufferer might lapse directly into REM sleep, often at inopportune times.16
5332735906sleep apneaa sleep disorder characterized by temporary cessations of breathing during sleep and repeated temporary awakenings.17
5332735907night terrorsa sleep disorder defined by high arousal and also an appearance of being terrified; unlike nightmares, these occur throughout Stage 4 sleep, within two or three hrs of falling asleep, and also are rarely remembered.18
5332735908dreama sequence of imeras, emotions, and thoughts passing via a resting person"s mind. These are noteworthy for their hallucinatory imagery, discontinuities, and also incongruities, and also for the dreamer"s delusional acceptance of the content and later on obstacles remembering it.19
5332735909nightmaresanxiety-aromaking use of dreams that result in awakening, normally from REM sleep.20
5332735910lucid dreamsdreams in which the dreamer is mindful that he or she is dreaming.21
5332735911manifest contentaccording to Freud, the remembered story line of a dream (as distinctive from its latent, or covert, content).22
5332735912latent contentaccording to Freud, the underlying interpretation of a dream (as unique from its manifest content).23
5332735913Activation-synthesis Theorythe theory that dreams outcome from the brain"s attempt to make feeling of random neural signals that fire during sleep.24
5332735914REM reboundthe tendency for REM sleep to rise following REM sleep deprivation (produced by repetitive awakenings in the time of REM sleep).25
5332735915hypnosisa social interactivity in which one perkid (the hypnotist) argues to one more (the subject) that particular perceptions, feelings, thoughts, or behaviors, will spontaneously take place.26
5332735916posthypnotic amnesiaintended incapacity to recall what one experienced throughout hypnosis; induced by the hypnotist"s tip.27
5332735917posthypnotic suggestiona tip made during a hypnosis session, to be carried out after the subject is no longer hypnotized; used by some clinicians to aid manage undesired symptoms and habits.28
5332735918dissociationa separation consciousness, which allows some thoughts and behaviors to happen at the same time via others.29
5332735919hidden observerHilgard"s term describing a hypnotized subjects awareness of experiences, such as pain, that go unreported in the time of hypnosis.30
5332735920psychoenergetic druga chemical substance that transforms perceptions and also mood31
5332735921tolerancethe diminishing effect via consistent use of the same dose of a drug, requiring the user to take bigger and also larger doses before enduring the drug"s result.32
5332735922withdrawalthe discomfort and also ditension that follow disproceeding the usage of an addictive drug.33
5332735923physical dependencea physiological require for a drug, noted by unpleasant withdrawal symptoms once the drug is discontinued.34
5332735924emotional dependencea mental must use a drug such regarding relieve negate eactivities.35
5332735925depressantsdrugs (such as alcohol, barbiturates, and also opiates) that minimize neural activity and also slow-moving body attributes.36
5332735926stimulantsdrugs (such as caffeine, nicotine, and the more effective amphetamines, cocaine, and ecstasy) that expoint out neural activity and also rate up body attributes.37
5332735927hallucinogenspsychedelic drugs, such as LSD, that distort perceptions and evoke sensory images in the absence of sensory input.38
5332735928barbituratesdrugs that depress the activity of the central nervous mechanism, reducing tension yet impairing memory and also judgement.39
5332735929opiatesopium and also its derivatives, such as morphine and heroin; they depush neural task, temporarily lessening pain and also stress and anxiety.40
5332735930amphetaminesdrugs that stimulate neural task, causing sped-up body features and also connected energy and mood changes.41
5332735931ecstasy (MDMA)a man-made stimulant and also mild hallucinogen. Produces euphoria and also social intimacy, yet through short-term wellness dangers and also longer-term damage to serotonin-creating neurons and to mood and also cognition.42
5332735932LSDan effective hallucinogenic drug; also known as acid (lysergic acid diethylamide).43
5332735933THCthe significant energetic ingredient in marijuana; triggers a range of results, consisting of mild hallucinations.44
5332735934near-death experiencean altered state of consciousness reported after a close brush with fatality (such as via cardiac arrest); regularly comparable to drug-induced hallucinations.45
5332735935dualismthe presumption that mind and body are two unique entities that connect.46
5332735936monismthe presumption that mind and also body are different aspects of the same thing.47
5332735937circadian rhythmsInternally produced trends of body features, including hormonal signals, sleep, blood pressure, and also temperature regulation, which have actually approximately a 24-hour cycle and occur also in the lack of normal cues around whether it is day or night48
5332735938Disruptions to Circadian Rhythm1. jet lag2. night shifts49
5332735939Evolutionary Sleep/Dream Theorywe advanced it as component of herbal selection to maximize survival. (restorative)50
5332735940Restorative Dream Theories1. protein synthesis2. maintain plasticity (memory)51
5332735941Stage 1 Sleepquick sleep stage with steady loss of responsiveness to external, drifting thoughts, and also imeras (the hypnagogic state). EEGs show theta waves.52
5332735942Stage 2 SleepA sleep deeper than that of phase 1, defined by a sreduced, more consistent wave pattern, together with momentary disruptions of "sleep spindles". Around 50% of sleep is Stage 2.53
5332735943Stage 3 Sleepusually about 30 minutes; is transitional and also leads to the fourth stage; brains starts to emit some delta waves54
5332735944Stage 4 SleepThe deepest stage of NREM sleep, defined by an EEG pattern of more than 50% delta waves.55
5332735945REM Sleepquick eye movement sleep, a recurring sleep stage throughout which vivid dreams typically occur. Also known as paradoxical sleep, bereason the muscles are calm (other than for minor twitches) but various other body devices are energetic.56
5332735946lucid dreamingmanaging dreams57
5332735947activation-synthesis theorythe concept by Robert McCarley and J. Alan Hobboy that desires result from the brain"s attempt to make sense of random neural signals that fire during sleep58
5332735948Cognitive Reaboy for Dreamsdreams are the interplay of the physiological triggering of brain waves and also the mental functioning of the imagination--in other words, once we"re cut off from reasoning around world, we think around memories59
5332735949Psychoanalytic Reaboy for Dreamsdreams are the expression of the unconscious--manifest content hides the latent content60
5332735950narcolepsya problem in which an awake perkid unexpectedly and also uncontrollably falls right into REM sleep61
5332735951sleep apneawhen someone temporarily stops breathing during sleep--awaken the sufferer consistently throughout the night.cause=obstruction/collapse of air passperiods (obesity)cures=weight loss and also resting on the side62
5332735952night terrorschildhood (often) sleep disrptions from Stage 4 sleep--bloodcurling scream and intense fear63
5332735953sleepwalkingaka somnambulism; (most frequently) a childhood sleep disruption, consisting of trips from bed/complicated activity. do not usually remember in morning.64
5332735954hypnosisan transformed state of consciousness resulting from a narrowed focus of attention and identified by heightened suggestibility and deep relaxation65
5332735955dissociation theoryhypnosis=individual suffering two or even more streams of consciousness that are cut off from one another. one consciousness responds to suggestions, while the various other, the "concealed observer," monitors behavior.66
5332735956Ernest Hilgardpsychologist connected with dissociation theory67
5332735957"surprise observer"one of the consciousnesses of dissociation theory--monitors behavior68
5332735958post-hypnotic amnesiaforgaining occasions of hypnosis by suggestion69
5332735959meditationa collection of approaches supplied to emphasis concentration amethod from thoughts and also feelings in order to produce calmness, inner tranquility, and also tranquility.70
5332735960forms of waves during meditationalpha waves--like the relaxed wakefulness prior to sleep71
5332735961physiological transforms of meditation1. slowed heart rate2. slowed breathing3. reduced blood pressure4. warm hands--show activation of parasympathetic nervous system72
5332735962psychoenergetic drugsChemicals that pass through the blood-brain obstacle right into the brain to impact the nervous mechanism and also transform perception73
5332735963blood-brain barrierwhat the psychoenergetic drug need to pass via to enter the brain. It is made up of blood vessels (capillaries) that selectively let certain substances enter the brain tissue and keep other substances out74
5332735964physiological dependenceaka addiction; as soon as someone feels an intense desire to experience the drug also through the adverse effects75
5332735965tolerancedecreased responsivity to a drug76
5332735966Types of Psychoenergetic Drugs:1. depressants2. narcotics3. stimulants4. hallucenogens77
5332735967depressantsminimize CNS"s activity to relax; include:sedativesbarbituratestranquilizersalcohol78
5332735968sedativesdepressants taken to induce sleep and also prevent siezures79
5332735969barbituratesdepressants that include Seconal/secobarbital and Luminal/phenobarbital80
5332735970tranquilizersdepressants that include benzodiazepines such as Valium, Xanax, Rohypnol ("roofies"/day rape), and quaaludes.Effects:1. relieve anxiety2. induce sleep3. prevent seizures81
5332735971alcoholthe majority of commonly used depressant.82
5332735972how alcohol worksrises transmission of GABA, decreases transmission of acetylcholine (excitatory neurotransmitter)83
5332735973where alcohol works (in brain)acts at reticular development, spinal cord, cerebellum, cerebral cortex, and many kind of neurotransmitter systems84
5332735974effects of alcohollow dose=relaxation, much less stress, reduced inhibitions, much less concetration, slower reflexes and also reactivity time, and also poorer coordination.tool dose=slurred speech, drowsiness, and also altered emotionshigh doses=vomiting, depression, unconsciousness, coma, or also death85
5332735975withdrawal symptoms of alcoholsleep troubles, hallucinations, tremors, seizures86
5332735976narcoticsanalgesics/pain relievers that depush CNS or respiratory device. develop feelings of euphoria, relieve pain, and induce sleep. comparable to endorphins chemically.87
5332735977types of narcoticsinclude: opiates and also synthetic opiates--codeine, heroin, morphine, opium, Percodan, Darvon, Talwin, Dilaudid, mathadone, and Demerol88
5332735978stimulantspsychoactive drugs (such as caffeine, nicotine, and the more powerful amphetamines, cocaine, and Ecstasy) that activate motivational centers of the brain, reduce activity of inhibitory centers of CNS; exmention neural activity and also speed up body functions; increase activity of serotonin and dopamine; supplied to treat narcolepsy and also hyperactivity.89
5332735979amphetaminesstimulants; include methamphetamine, benzadrine, Ritalin, ephedrine (Ephedra), and also ecstasy (MDMA); stimulate sympathetic nervous device and also speed up metabolism-->alert, energetic, elated, and also less of an appetite90
5332735980cocainepowerfully addicting drugs that create feelings of euphoria, excitement, stamina, and minimize hunger. deserve to cause neurological and behavioral difficulties (dizziness, headaches, motion troubles, tension, insomnia, depression, hallucicountries, high blood pressure, and also stroke). overdose-->death91
5332735981hallucenogensaka psychedelics; varied group of psychoactive drugs that change moods, distort perceptions, and also evoke sensory imperiods in the lack of sensory input (hallucinations); include: LSD/lysergic acid diethylamide, PCP/phenocyclidine, THC/marijuana, psilocybin (from mushrooms), and also Peyote/mescaline.92
5332735982Consciousnessour awareness of ourselves and our environment93
5332735983Circadian Rhythmthe biological clock; consistent bodily rhythms (for instance, of temperature and wakefulness) that happen on a 24-hour cycle94
5332735984REM Sleepquick eye motion sleep; a recurring sleep stage in the time of which vivid dreams frequently occur. Also known as paradoxical sleep, bereason the muscles are calm (other than for minor twitches) but other body units are active95
5332735985Alpha Wavesthe reasonably slow brain waves of a calm, awake statephase 196
5332735986Sleepperiodic, natural loss of consciousness--as unique from unconsciousness resulting from a coma, general anesthesia, or hibernation97
5332735987Hallucinationsfalse sensory experiences, such as seeing something in the absence of an exterior visual stimulus98
5332735988Delta Wavesthe large, slow brain waves associated through deep sleep steras 3/499
5332735989NREM Sleepnon-quick eye movement sleep; incorporates all sleep steras except for REM sleep100
5332735990Insomniarecurring problems in falling or continuing to be asleep101
5332735991Narcolepsya sleep disorder characterized by unmanageable sleep assaults. The sufferer my lapse directly into REM sleep, frequently at inopportune times102
5332735992Sleep Apneaa sleep disorder identified by momentary cessations of breapoint throughout sleep and recurring momentary awakenings103
5332735993Night Terrorsa sleep disorder characterized by high arousal and an appearance of being terrified; unprefer nightmares, night terrors happen during Stage 4 sleep, within 2 or three hrs of falling asleep, and also are rarely remembered104
5332735994Dreama sequence of imeras, eactivities, and thoughts passing through a sleeping person"s mind. Dreams are notable for their hallucinatory imagery, discontinuities, and also incongruities, and also for the dreamer"s delusional acceptance of the content and later difficulties remembering it105
5332735995Manifest Contentaccording to Freud, the remembered story line of a dream106
5332735996Latent Contentaccording to Freud, the underlying definition of a dream107
5332735997REM Reboundthe tendency for REM sleep to boost adhering to REM sleep deprivation (developed by repetitive awakenings throughout REM sleep)108
5332735998Hypnosisa social interaction in which one perboy (the hypnotist) says to an additional (the subject) that particular perceptions, feelings, thoughts, or actions will spontaneously occur109
5332735999Posthypnotic Suggestiona tip, made in the time of a hypnosis session, to be lugged out after the subject is no much longer hypnotized; offered by some clinicians to assist manage unwanted symptoms and behaviors110
5332736000Dissociationa split in consciousness, which allows some assumed and also behaviors to take place simultaneously with others111
5332736001Psychoactive Druga chemical substance that alters perceptions and also moods112
5332736002Tolerancethe diminishing impact via constant usage of the exact same does of a drug, requiring the user to take larger and bigger doses prior to experiencing the drug"s effect113
5332736003Withdrawalthe discomfort and also dianxiety that follow discontinuing the usage of an addictive drug114
5332736004Physical Dependencea physiological need for a drug, marked by unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when the drug is discontinued115
5332736005Psychological Dependencea psychological have to usage a drug, such regarding relieve negative emotions116
5332736006Addictioncompulsive drug craving and use, despite adverse consequences117
5332736007Barbituratesdrugs that depress the task of the central nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety but impairing memory and judgement118
5332736008Opiatesopium and its derivatives such as morphine and also heroin; they depress neural task, temporarily lessening pain and anxiety119
5332736009Stimulantsdrugs that excite neural task and also accelerated body functions120
5332736010Amphetaminesdrugs that stimulate neural activity, resulting in speeded-up body attributes and also associated power and mood changes121
5332736011Methamphetaminea powerfully addictive drug that stimulates the main nervous system, via speeded-up body attributes and connected power and mood changes; over time, appears to reduce baseline dopamine levels122
5332736012Ecstasy (MDMA)a artificial stimulant and mild hallucinogen. Produces euphoria and also social intimacy, yet through momentary wellness dangers and also longer-term harm to serotonin-producing neurons and also to mood cognition123
5332736013LSDan effective halucinogenic drug; likewise recognized as acid124
5332736014Hallucinogenspsychedelic ("mind-manifesting") drugs, such as LSD, that distort perceptions and evoke sensory images in the absence of sensory input125
5332736015Depressantsdrugs that reduce neural task and slow body functions126
5332736016Near-Death Experiencean changed state of consciousness reported after a close brush through death; regularly comparable to drug-induced hallucinations127
5332736017THCthe major energetic ingredient in marijuana; triggers a range of effects, including mild hallucinations128
5332736018phase 1irregular brain task brought about by unrememberable moments: experiences fantasy images, resembles hallucicountries, has twitches and also lasts 10 minutes129
5332736019stage 2is even more serene however has actually burst of fast brain task dubbed spindles. The individual is clearly asleep in this stage even though they have the right to be woken up: sleeptalking is in this stage130
5332736020stage 3the brain has slow delta waves which lasts for 30 minutes, the body begins to be unresponsive and also the body"s metabolism decreases131
5332736021stage 4extremely hard stage to be woken up from, the person does not remember the stage, sleeptalking, walking and also wetters are in this stage132
5332736022once execute desires occurREM133
53327360234 reasons for why we must sleep?defense, recuperate/regain and also repair brain tproblem, memory, growth134
5332736024Preconsciousin Freud"s theory, the level of consciousness in which thoughts and feelings are not aware yet are conveniently retrieveable to consciousness135
5332736025Nonconsciousthe level of consciousness devoted to procedures entirely unaccessible to conscious awareness (e.g., fingernails thriving, blood flow)136
5332736026PsychodyanmicFree association "saying anypoint that concerns mind"the importance of unconscious influences, beforehand life experiences, and interindividual relation ships explaining habits or in dealing with world via emotional problems137
5332736027Unconscious(Subconscious)According to Freud, a reservoir of mostly unacceptable thoughts, wishes, feelings, and also memories. According to modern psychologists, indevelopment processing of which we are unaware.Freud"s level of psychological life that consists of mental activities beyond people"s normal awareness.138
5332736028Cognitive Psychologistsare generally interested in reasoning. That want to know just how thinking, difficulty addressing, memory, and also other psychological processes relate to computer system game playing.Believe unaware procedures information of which you are unaware139
5332736029Dual Processingthe principle that indevelopment is often all at once processed on sepaprice aware and also unconscious tracks.140
5332736030Unconsciousnessthe problem of not being alert or aware of your surroundings141
5332736031Consciousnessour awareness of ourselves and also our environmenthave the right to be altered by sleep, hypnosis, mediation, and drugs142
5332736032HypothalamusA neural framework lying listed below the thalamus; it directs numerous maintenance activities (eating, drinking, body temperature), helps govern the endocrine mechanism via the pituitary gland, and is attached to eactivity and reward.controls biological clock143
5332736033Circadian RhythmsInternally generated patterns of body functions, including hormonal signals, sleep, blood push, and temperature regulation, which have approximately a 24-hour cycle and also occur also in the absence of normal cues around whether it is day or night144
5332736034Reticular FormationA nerve network in the brainstem that plays a crucial duty in managing arousal.145
5332736035ForebrainReticular FormationThalamusInvolved in changes in wakefulness, arousal, and also attention146
5332736036Evolutionary PsychologistsSay that human beings evolved distinctive waking-sleep cycle as outcome of organic selection that maximized opportunity of survival147
5332736037Sleep"s restorative functionProtein synthesis throughout bodypreserving plasticity of neural connections148
5332736038Plasticity of neural connectionscapacity to be moldedimportant for storing and retrieving memory149
5332736039Consolidationunification; process of becoming firmer or stronger; V. consolidate: merge; strengthenputting together new memories and thoughts via old150
5332736040Sleep Deprivationany substantial loss of sleep, leading to troubles in concentration and irritabilityimpairs memory and immune system151
5332736041Sleepregular, herbal loss of consciousness--as distinct from unconsciousness resulting from a coma, general anesthesia, or hibernationfacility combination of claims of consciousnessAmount we sleep changes as we age152
5332736042Electroencephalogram (EEG)reveal the brain waves change systematically throughout sleep cycles153
5332736043Conscious (awake)Beta waves once alertAlpha waves as soon as relaxed154
5332736044Beta WavesAlertness155
5332736045Alpha WavesRelaxed156
5332736046Hypnagogic Statea brief transitional phase of sleep in which one might endure hallucinations and/or the sensation of falling(Between conscious and also sleep)157
5332736047Stage 1 Sleeptheta waves(greater in amplitude, Lower in frequency)
5332736048Stage 2 SleepA sleep deeper than that of stage 1, characterized by a slower, even more constant wave pattern, along with momentary disturbances of "sleep spindles." (high frequency bursts) and K complexes
5332736049Stage 3 SleepSlow wave sleep; large-amplitude delta waves start appearing; transition phase.Delta Waves, high amplitude, low frequency160
5332736050Stage 4 SleepThe deepest phase of sleep, in the time of which we are leastern responsive to exterior stimulation. Heart rate, respiration, temperature, and also blood circulation to brain reduced.Secrete growth hormone161
5332736051Non-Rem (NREM) SleepSleep Stages 1, 2, 3, and 4 that involve no rapid eye movement162
5332736052Order of Sleep Stages1,2,3,4,3,2,REM163
5332736053REM SleepRapid eye movement sleep, a recurring sleep phase throughout which vivid desires typically occur. Also recognized as paradoxical sleep, because the muscles are calm (except for minor twitches) however other body devices are energetic.164
5332736054Stage 250% of sleep is in this stage165
5332736055Deep SleepIn support of the restorative attribute of sleep, many kind of of the body"s cells show enhanced production and also decreased breakdown of proteins throughout .......166
5332736056NightmaresAnxiety-aromaking use of desires that lead to awakening, generally from REM sleep.167
5332736057DreamingA mental state that generally occurs in the time of sleep that features visual imageryREM Sleep75% occurs in REM (longer/vivid), mental suffer starts to transition to dreamchoose state after stage 2168
5332736058Lucid DreamingBeing mindful of your dreaming and being able to control the storyline.169
5332736059FruedDreams showsituation unconscious desires and expose tricks of the unaware component of the mind unknown to the aware component of the mind.170
5332736060Manifest Contentaccording to Freud, the remembered story line of a dream171
5332736061Latent Contentaccording to Freud, the underlying meaning of a dream172
5332736062Robert Mccarley and J Alen HobsonActivation synthesis theory173
5332736063Activation synthesis TheroyTheory that proposes that probably desires are nopoint more than the brains interpretations of what is happening physiologically in the time of REM sleep.174
5332736064PonsA brain structure that relays indevelopment from the cerebellum to the rest of the brainGenerate bursts of activity potential to forebrain which is activation175
5332736065Cognitive watch of SleepThroughout sleep, information from exterior civilization is reduced off. Only world that brain have the right to model is the one from memories and experiences that deserve to be set off by electric impulses discharged from brain176
5332736066REM reboundthe tendency for REM sleep to boost following REM sleep deprivation (produced by repeated awakenings throughout REM sleep)`177
5332736067InsomniaRecurring difficulties in falling or staying asleep.178
5332736068NarcolepsyA sleep disorder identified by unmanageable sleep strikes. The sufferer might lapse directly into REM sleep, frequently at inopportune times.

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5332736069Sleep Apneaa sleep disorder defined by short-lived cessations of breathing throughout sleep and repeated momentary awakenings180
5332736070Night Terrorsa sleep disorder characterized by high arousal and an appearance of being terrified; unfavor nightmares, night terrors happen during Stage 4 sleep, within 2 or 3 hours of falling asleep, and are rarely remembered181
5332736071SleepwalkingsomnambulismA phenomenon primarily occurring in non-REM sleep in which world walk while asleep.Sleep phase 4182
5332736072HypnosisAltered state of consciousness characterized by deep relaxation and also heightened suggestibilitysubjects deserve to readjust facets of fact and let the alters influence behavior183
5332736073DissociationA split in consciousness, which enables some thoughts and behaviors to take place concurrently through others.Hypnotized people can experience two or more streams of conscious cutoff from each other184
5332736074Ercolony hilgradpioneering hypnosis researcher and advocate of the divided consciousness concept of hypnosis185
5332736075Divided Consciousness Theory of Hypnosisa state of awareness characterized by split attention to two or even more work or activities performed at the exact same time186
5332736076Posthypnotic Suggestiona suggestion, made throughout a hypnosis session, to be lugged out after the topic is no longer hypnotized; offered by some clinicians to help regulate unpreferred symptoms and behaviors187
5332736077MeditationAn intentional, self-produced state of consciousness induced by relaxing and also systematically changing attention amethod from day-to-day involves.EEG"s of meditators show alpha wave characteristics of calm awareness188
5332736078Physiological Changes by Meditationlowered blood pressuresuggest activation of parasympathetic nervous systemenhanced feeling of wellbeing189
5332736079Psychoactive Drugschemicals that impact the main nervous system and change task in the braincan pass through the blood brain barrier to transform perceptiondeserve to inhilittle or stimulate various areas of brain by connecting with neurotransmitters190
5332736080Blood Brain BarrierThe brain is defended from harmful chemicals in the blood stream by thicker walls neighboring the brains blood vessels.191
5332736081ToleranceA progressive decrease in a person"s responsiveness to a drug.partly relies on environmental stimuli192
5332736082Withdrawal SymptomsThe Reactivity skilled when a substance abuser stops using a drug via dependence propertiesintense craving for drug and impacts opposite to those the drug typically induces193
5332736083Physiological Dependence or Addictiona condition in which the user has a chemical need for the drugdevelops as soon as alters in brain chemisattempt from taking the drug necessitate taking the drug aacquire to proccasion withdrawal symptoms194
5332736084Drug categoriesDepressantsNarcoticsStimulantsHallucinogens195
5332736085DepressantsDrugs (such as alcohol, barbituprices, and also opiates) that mitigate neural task and also slow-moving body functions and also induce relaxation196
5332736086Barbiturates (depressant)drugs that depress the activity of the main nervous device, reducing anxiety however impairing memory and judgmentSecobarbital (Seconal) and phenobarbital(Luminal)sedatives taken to induce sleep and also proccasion seizures197
5332736087Tranquilizers (depressant)Benzodiazepines Valine, Xanax, and Rohypnol(roofies DATE RAPE DRUGS) and also quaaludesrelieve anxietyinduce sleepproccasion seizure198
5332736088Alcohol (depressant)the majority of studies psychoactive drugacts at reticular formation, spinal cord cerebellum, and also cerebral cortex and also neurotransmitter systemsrises transmission of GABAdecreases Acetylcholineincreases beta endorphinsdepresses task of frontal lobeWithdrawal symptoms: tremors, seizures, sleep problems, nausea, hallucinations199
5332736089NarcoticsSpecific drugs that are obtainable only by prescription and also are provided to relieve painanalgesics (pain reducers)depress central nervous system and respiratory systemInclude: Opiates and also artificial opiates like codeine, heroin, morphine, opium percodan, Darvon, talwian, demerolinduces feelings of euphoria, relieve pain and also induce sleepequivalent to endorphins200
5332736090Opiatesopium and its derivatives, such as morphine and also heroin; they depush neural task, temporarily lessening pain and anxietyphysically and psychologically addictive201
5332736091StimulantsPsychoenergetic drugs that activate motivational centers and mitigate activity in inhibitory centers for central nervous mechanism by boost activity of serotonin dopamine and also norepinephrineInclude: caffeine, cocaine , amphetamines, and nicotinetreat hyperactivity and narcolepsy202
5332736092Amphetamines (stimulants)methamphetaminebenzedrineritalinephedraecstacy (MDMA)stimulate the sympathetic nervous mechanism and also rate up metabolism alleviate appetite203
5332736093Hallucinogenspsychedelicstransform moodsdistort perceptionsevoke sensory images in absence of sensory inputInclude LSD, PCP, THC, shrooms, and peyote204