What is the adult and also child CPR proportion for a single rescuer?
30 compression & 2 ventilations
You room preparing to offer ventilations come a 8-year-old boy utilizing a resuscitation mask. Girlfriend should give 1ventilation about every3 seconds
You room preparing to provide ventilations come an adult utilizing a resuscitation mask. Friend should offer one ventilation every5 seconds
A person has actually been injured and also is conscious. What have to you do firstObtain consent, examine the victim because that life-threatening conditions and also speak through the victim to discover out what happened
When checking a victim during a second assessment you notification changes in her LOC. What walk the C was standing for in LOCConsciousness
You are about to apply AED pads to a victim's chest as soon as you notice that the victim has actually several human body piercings through jewelry top top his chest. What need to you doApply the pads come the chest, making certain to protect against the jewelry
Where perform you apply AED pads on an child or small childone in the front and also one top top the back
Where carry out you apply AED pads on one adult or big childUpper right lower left
The bike of chest compressions and also ventilations in two-rescuer CPR because that an infant is15 chest compressions and also 2 ventilations
You have actually sized up the scene and also determined the scene is safe. As soon as performing a main assessment, what would you execute nextCheck for responsiveness
You space walking on the swimming pool deck when the swimming team coach all of sudden collapses in prior of you. Throughout your main assessment you do not find a pulse, you shouldSuspect that is in cardiac arrest and immediately start CPR
An AED indicates that "No shock is advised." What perform you carry out nextPerform CPR for about 2 minutes
12-year-old boy at a swim accomplish grabs his chest and begins to do wheezing noises. After you attain consent to administer care, his mother informs you the he has actually a history of asthma, yet does not have actually his inhaler nearby. What care should you provideSummon EMS personnel and also place the victim into a place that help breathing
patron has slurred speech, is unable to background her appropriate arm level through her left arm and is can not to smile without one side of her face drooping.

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Friend make keep in mind of the time the symptom started. These room symptoms of
A stroke
A victim is having a seizure in the water, what need to you doSupport the victim through his or her head above water till the seizure ends
When caring because that musculoskeletal injuries, what go RICE was standing forRest, immobilize, cold, elevate
For mindful choking on an adult what is the ago blow to abdominal muscle thrust ratio5 come 5
When performing aware choking, the victim goes unconscious what do you doCheck ABC's and their LOC inquiry EMS and emergency bag
When performing mindful choking on a pregnant ladies where carry out you give ab thrust?You offer them at chest level v the same ratio 5 to 5
When performing unconscious breathing, after you administer compression what perform you do prior to giving two ventilationsyou check the mouth to view if the obstruction is gone