There are 4 fruits that cause confusion and doubt in all components of the world, this is as result of their appearance among them. The fruits recognized as Buen pan, Jackfruit and also Durian are aboriginal to east Asia, and Guanábana is aboriginal from México.

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Although at an initial glance the civilization think that they room the exact same fruit, over there is a an excellent difference in taste and also texture. It’s for this reason, that we’ll explain each one below.This blog will help you identify Buen pan, Jackfruit and also Durian and give you principles of just how to usage them in various ways.

What is Jackfruit?

Jackfruit in English, Nankga in Malay, Jaca or Yaca in Spanish, is a tree belonging to the Moraceas family and has its beginning in south east Asia, in the nations of Bangladesh and also Indonesia. Its scientific name is Artocarpus heterophyllus.

It is a tree that reaches come measure approximately 10 come 20 meter high. That is fruits are the largest and also have one elongated form up to 90 centimeters long and 15 to 50 cm broad and it grows in tropical locations with temperatures from 32 to 38 ° C.

The fruit Jaca has a weight that varieties from 10 to much more than 110 pounds (4.5-50 kg) and it has actually thick peaks through a yellowish green color and a sweet smell (*).


What distinguish this fruit is the taste of the pulp, as it is contempt acidic and also sweet. In America, it is well-known as „the fruit the tastes choose all fruits“, because in that you, can identify a mixture the flavors between mango, banana and orange.

It can be consumed raw and fried as soon as it is immature, some civilization use it together an alternative product come meat or likewise as a smoothie. The seeds are edible too, in India lock boil and fried them v Masala. Jackfruit has a high portion of vitamin C and also can wake up the production of white blood cells. The can also contribute to the to decrease in blood pressure and also some world use that root as an asthma treatment.

Buen pan or Breadfruit

The name of this fruit is referred to as Buen Pan or Breadfruit due to the fact that of the similarity that its pulp to bread. Over there are countless varieties that Buen Pan, several of them are Artocarpus communis, Artocarpus incisa, Artocarpus altilis.

It is a native tree from Indonesia, brand-new Guinea and also Bangladesh, belonging to the household of Moraceas as well as Jackfruit. The fruit of the bread has a round or oval shape, relying on the species, and they are usually huge compared to other fruits, nevertheless, it’s smaller than Jackfruit. It deserve to reach 30 centimeters in diameter and also weigh in between 2 to 4 kilograms.


Physically the is very similar to the Jackfruit, except for the size and the peaks on the outside since they space not therefore big. That is bark is green, and its structure is coarse and also rough, back it can vary to a yellow shade as it reaches maturity.

The way of eating depends of the specie the Buen Pan, yet dominicans boil the one i m sorry is referred to as „buen pan de masa“, and also they eat the seed native „Buen Pan en grano“, same as India, they eat the seeds with Masala. In the Dominican Republic and also beyond the borders, interest in breadfruit, is growing. It is a product that proceeds to obtain fame, ceasing to be an aspect that in the past was wasted in the landscape area(*).


It is the most distinctive fruit of this three, its scientific name is Durio zibethinus and also it’s a specie that tree the belongs to the Malvaceae family. That is likewise known together „durio“ or „durion“ and it is native to southeast Asia, exact same as Jackfruit and also Buen pan.

Durian is a famous tree, that reaches 25 m in height and also its fruit is approximately 40 centimeter in circumference and also weighs 2 to 3 kg. This is an elongated and also oval shaped fruit extended with thorns with environment-friendly or brown color, its shell is in between pale come red, depending upon the types (*).


Durian’s pulp is fleshy v a creamy texture favor avocado and also it has a yellow or orange color and a intense, sweet and also pleasant flavor. This fruit is famous because of that is smell, since you can be may be perceive it from the distance and it may displease part people since it typically smells prefer rotten onions. This is why it is a fruit classified together forbidden ~ above the plane.

Durian intake is raw and also the seeds space edible too, you have the right to consume the liquefying the or do a cake with it. There are approximately 30 different Durian species that room known and also all have actually a high nutritional value.

It is an excellent to avoid anemia, combat the results of stress, get rid of intestinal parasites, combat insomnia and also anxiety, boost the immune system, among others (*).


Also well-known as soursop is a tree indigenous the Annonaceae’s household which have a lot of species, the scientific name is Annona muricata.

The guanábana is a fruit the weighs on typical 2.9 kg of, which 75.6% exchange mail to the pulp, 4.8% is seed; 12.7% coincides to the rind and also 6.9 come the rachis; the fruits space sweet. The tree is about 3-8 meters tall (*).

It is dispersed in the lowlands of the tropics, at a elevation of 0 come 1,150 meters over sea level. In Mexico, the is discovered in the states of Chiapas, Colima, Guerrero, Jalisco, Tabasco, Veracruz and also Yucatan. Extensively sown and naturalized in the tropics of America and also West Africa.

Soursop fruit has a thin, dark environment-friendly skin covered with soft spines. The pulp is white, might be slightly yellowish, creamy, fleshy, juicy and also slightly acidic, measures 2-3 dm in length, and also can weigh as much as 4.5 to 6.8 kg.

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The fruit is high in carbohydrates, particularly in the far-ranging amounts of vitamins C, B1 and B2.In regions where the tree is common, there room various clinical uses because that fruit and also leaves among native people. In recent years, it has been claimed that guanabana extract has actually supposedly powerful properties to fight cancer. Although there space not yet in vivo tests of the guanábana, nor a link of this type (*).