I am going to aruba soon. I am 16, almost 17. Online it says you have to be 18, but it is loosely enforced. I am staying in an all inclusive resort. Will I be able to buy a few beers? Thanks.

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If your parents aren’t cool with it, you’re going to have a hard time enjoying your beer. You’re going to need some space in their fridge to keep it cold. Beer tends to get warm quickly in the Aruban sun, #Balashi4Life

all inclusive resort

No. You will get a wrist band that will indicate that you are a minor and they will not serve you alcohol.

Yes you’ll be able to buy more than a few beers. As long as you don’t look 12, head over to any store in any hotel. I would go over to the Marriott Stelaris resort and there is a shop on the first floor that sells beer and liquor, they won’t ID you as long as you don’t look 12.

Awesome. Thanks! I heard that the resorts make you wear a wristband if you're under 18. Is that true?

Drinking age is 18 yes but teenagers start drinking at the age of 14 or 15 i've lived here all my life so i can tell you that. But there is a law here that the supermarkets only serve alcohol if it's before 6:30 pm otherwise they will have the alcohol section closed with a lock.

The drinking age for low alcohol beverages (beer mostly) is 16 so any local supermarket isn't going to care. All inclusives might give you a different wristband though since they have more than beer and don't want any issues.

Americans are criminal for drinking under 21, Canadians are criminals for drinking under the age of 18 or 19 depending on the province, and meanwhile (I don't know all the exact laws) some Europeans can drink at the age of 16 as long as they have adults with them. I just looked it up and in the Netherlands, the age is 16 if the alcohol is provided with a meal.

It's much better to allow kids to drink with their parents, as a normal thing to do (e.g., glass of wine or beer with a good meal) then have them discover alcohol on their own in the company of other teenagers.

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Also, teenagers don't suddenly become mature on the night they turn 18. I'm not saying people should break laws, but people can also use reasoning when needed, for instance I'm totally fine with someone going through a red light when it's safe and required, for instance if they had to bring a dying someone to a hospital.