After a couple of weeks of playing this game, i went from a rogue (Epic fail. Ns didn't know what i was doing...first-timer), come a 2h warrior tank-ish (DIED a lot because of low def), currently I'm established to do a "right" tank making use of a shield/weapon. Because that those who've adhered to this path, I obtained some questions:

What space the best stats? I've check out something follow me the present of high dex, climate str, & con. Vice Versa

What room the ideal equipment? from the wiki, Starfang is the ideal wep in the game (any encourage runes for the weapon as soon as I acquire it?). Mind you, this personality is level 3

What is the best quest progression? during my time together a 2h, i went allover the place to accomplish the contracts and it was hot mess. Carry out you have any recommendations once I gain to the bit?

Char info: Human, and I'm thinking of gift a Champ-Templar hybrid. I have actually yet to unlock the Reaver class.

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Not precisely a build recommendation, yet something that took me an embarrassing variety of playthroughs to figure out.

Positioning makes any type of build viable.

If left to themselves, party members won't place themselves well.

Pressing H toggles "hold position".

Don't concern so much about your build, worry around positioning first. If fights proceed to it is in difficult, that would be the time to begin tweaking her builds.

Some pointers:

When you conference a doorway, don't enter the room. Host position and send one party member into the room to trigger any enemies inside. Then, do the enemies pertained to the doorway come fight. Once the adversary has numerical superiority (and they normally will), erase their benefit by making them struggle in a narrow area. If you walk to them, and also fight in a huge area, they'll do the most of your numbers and surround you.

When possible, save your totality party behind a wall. Even if it way your melee personalities can't do damage right away. It pressures ranged enemies like archers to get within melee selection in order to shoot at you. This means that they won't be able to start hitting you right away, and also it means that they'll move their squishy body in range of her melee fighters. Also, they'll it is in tightly grouped for area-of-effect attacks.

Finally, retreating is a precious option. Make note of small doorways and tight corridors the you pass. If you encounter a large number that enemies, make them chase you back to the small area, whereby you'll have the advantage. Only once you have an advantageous position, should you begin fighting.

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Also, reinforcements are likely to spawn near where girlfriend met the enemies. If girlfriend retreat really far back, you'll be able to fight 1 wave at a time, quite than acquiring swarmed by multiple waves prior to you're done killing the first.