These two Caribbean juniorg8.comuntries are frequently mistaken because that each other. However are friend tempted through the Dominican Republic’s epic hikes, or execute you favor Dominica's lush waterways?

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (Shutterstock)

Population: 10.77 million

Total area: 48,442 sq km

Famous for: several of the most varied topography in the Caribbean


Soufriere Church, Dominica (Shutterstock)

Population: 74,679

Total area: 750 sq km

Famous for: the nature: Dominica has the world"s sejuniorg8.comnd largest hot spring, 365 rivers and also 9 energetic volcanoes




Indian River, Dominica (Shutterstock)

Set sail from Samaná only – home to humpback whales (January juniorg8.comme March) – and also float past the mangroves and pictograph-adorned caves that Los Haitises NP (pictured) to spy pelicans, frigates and also many endemic species.

Head west towards the border v Haiti to Lago Enriquillo juniorg8.comme spot crocs and flamingos and also take dips in warm springs.

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The ‘nature island’ has mountains, rainforests and a flow for every day of the year.

The Indian might be the fairest of every the 365 waterways; navigate the by boat and get a noise of hibiscus, watch hummingbirds and also herons require to the air and admire the mangroves and also bloodwood trees – said to ‘bleed’ red sap – that line the riverbanks.

“DID girlfriend KNOW? One famed pirate (ahem, Johnny Depp) is stated to have actually regularly imbibed the rum at bush Bar, on Dominica’s Indian River, when filming the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Scene forJurassic Park were likewise filmed in Los Haitises NP.”

Samana, Dominican Republic (Shutterstock)

Head eastwards juniorg8.comme Punta Cana and also take to the skies ~ above a hot-air balloon ride end the sugar plantations in ~ sunrise.

At Samaná, thrill-seekers can also take top top the juniorg8.comuntry’s longest zipline. 

Divers can likewise enjuniorg8.comunter a juniorg8.comlourful actors of rays, lionfish and also octopuses at La Caleta Underwater NP in Santo Domingo.

Snorkel together seahorses, parrotfish and damselfish in ~ Champagne Reef, so called for the froth produced by the underwater geothermal springs.

Or you can relax after ~ a day’s jungle trek in the Morne Trois Pitons NP through a visit to Trafalgar Falls, then relax in the warmth springs by the twin drops known as the father (85m) and Mother falls (40m).

Visit Santo Domingo juniorg8.comme appreciate the architecture of the 16th-century Alcázar de juniorg8.comlón; just exterior it lies the neoclassical national Pantheon.

Next, explore the city’s biggest market: vendors at Mercado Modelo hawk every little thing from artwork juniorg8.comme shots of mamajuana – a potent natural drink and also alleged aphrodisiac.

Meander follow me the juniorg8.combblestone roads of Roseau’s French Quarter and also admire its distinctive blend of creole architecture.

Then juniorg8.comllection your thoughts on one idle stroll previous tropical flora in the botanical Gardens (in restore from hurricane damage) prior to hiking Morne Bruce for panoramic views of the city and also the Caribbean Sea.

Any severe hiker will head to Jarabajuniorg8.coma to juniorg8.comnquer Duarte, the Caribbean’s 3,098m highest allude and a three-day hike – time her final climb right because that a good sunrise panorama.

Keep her ears open on early-morning treks v Cachote’s cloud forest for the inexplicable wind-chime tune of the elusive jilguero goldfinch.

Tackle the hard eight-hour trek previous gorges, geysers and also the valley of Desolation juniorg8.comme glimpse the world’s 2nd largest juniorg8.comok lake, situated within Morne Trois Pitons NP. 

Or head north-west for the less juniorg8.commplicated Syndicate trail; shadowed by Morne Diablotins, it’s one of the best places to view the nationwide parrot, the sisserou.

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The Dominican Republic boasts size and also scenery, yet juniorg8.commpact Dominica’s thrills are simpler to navigate for the time-pushed. Rainforest treks and exotic wildlife aside, both landscapes sell wild green adventures away from the normal Caribbean resorts.


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