Fifty-eight years back this month (April 3), Elmer David Brunner was executed at the West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville. Brunner, who was convicted of murdering Ruby miller in her Huntington home during a burglary, to be the last human being to die in the state’s electric chair.

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Six year after that execution, West Virginia denomination the fatality penalty, substituting life in prison without parole for funding punishment. Since then, one member the the state Legislature has been the most continual champion that bringing earlier the ultimate form of punishment.

Del. Man Overington, (R-Berkeley)

Delegate man Overington (R-Berkeley) is offer his 33rd year in the Legislature, and for 32 that those year he has sponsored receipt to bring back the death penalty, and also 32 time he has failed. Overington says for all but three year of his tenure, Democrats controlled the Legislature and they refused to take it up the issue.

“Even though numerous Democrats sustained it, the management was never willing to take it it increase or put it ~ above the agenda.” However, also though the Republicans room in charge now, fatality penalty bills are still not a priority.

“When republic took over the House and Senate three years earlier our main focus was jobs and economic development. This year the main focus was on gaining the budget balanced,” Overington told me throughout an illustration on Talkline last week. “We recognize that the concern will be an extremely emotional and also time consuming and basically the leadership did not have two or 3 days to focus on the issue.”

The fatality penalty surged earlier into the news this month through the uproar over plans by Arkansas to bring out eight executions in eleven job which, follow to the Washington Post, “would have actually been a speed of executions unparalleled in contemporary American funding punishment, a time-frame officials stated was needed since one of their lethal-injection drugs will certainly expire in ~ the finish of April.”

West Virginia’s poster boy for the death penalty is Ronald Turney Williams.  He to be serving life in prison for the 1975 murder of Beckley Police officer David Lilly once he command a breakout that 15 inmates from the Moundsville prison. Williams shot and killed off duty state trooper Philp Kesner throughout the breakout and, when on the run, committed one more murder in Arizona.*

But West Virginia additionally has the poster kid for death penalty opponents—Fred Zain. An investigation identified that the previous State Police crime activities serologist falsified proof in as many as 134 criminal instances in the 1980’s. Imagine if the state had actually the death penalty throughout that period how many world would have actually been wrongly executed.

But Overington is undeterred. He has sent letter to the home Speaker and the Senate President questioning for the fatality penalty to be inserted on the agenda because that an upcoming legislative interim committee meeting so it deserve to be discussed and studied.

“This will provide us a chance to view in what claims it works the finest (and) i beg your pardon states have actually safeguards to make certain no mistakes room made. If we research it, we should be in a good position following year to take it increase and take on it,” Overington said.

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Well, maybe. Gallup surveys find support because that the death penalty in this country is ~ above the decline. Sixty percent tho favor capital punishment for a person convicted of murder, yet that’s down from 80 percent in 1996. Thirty-one states permit the death penalty, yet as chris Stirewalt the Fox News reported last week, “Since 2013, 120 that 128 executions have actually taken ar in 6 states: Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, Missouri and Alabama. Texas alone was responsible because that 50 the those.”

The death penalty is not one of the key social worries it to be a couple of decades ago when presidential candidates were often recorded up in capital punishment debates. Together Stirewalt contends, “What was as soon as the main battle of America’s society war is currently hardly a skirmish.”

* Williams to be recaptured and is currently serving life in ~ the West Virginia State jail in mount Oliver. Williams, that turned 74 this month, does not have actually a parole hearing booked until 2047.