Merlin: Everyone who Knew Merlin had Magic In BBC"s show, Merlin had to save his magic and destiny a secret, but that didn"t job-related out. Here"s that learned about his powers along the way.

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In the BBC"s Merlin, Merlin had actually to keep his magic and also destiny a secret, but that didn"t job-related out. Throughout the series, many world learned of his powers, friend and also foe alike. Numerous of Merlin"s one-off adversaries discovered out about Merlin"s powers: Tauren, the Goblin, Catrina, The Sidhe Elder, Grunhilda, Lamia, mary Collins, Borden, Jonas. But who else knew?

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Who were some far-reaching people who uncovered Merlin"s mystery and exactly how did they discover of his powers? to be Merlin as cautious as he can have been? Were part reveals necessary? did some damage him?

merlin magic
Iseldir is one of the chiefs that the druid clan. The druids possess an effective and herbal magic. They are normally peaceful people who use their magic because that good. They are an initial introduced in the season 1 episode, "The start of the End."

After Merlin loss Nimueh, the druids safeguard the Cup the Life. As soon as Uther takes the from them, Iseldir contact Emrys telepathically informing him he is the Cup"s caretaker.

sigan dark magic
The best sorcerer Camelot ever before knew, prior to Merlin that course. That came ago to life after ~ his dig revealed his defended soul. Sigan experienced Merlin do magic to protect Arthur and offered him an alliance therefore they could rule Camelot together.

Merlin rubbish the proposal, Sigan check to own him, and also Merlin beat him.

Edwin Muirden was a warlock who wanted come avenge his parents" deaths in ~ the hands of Uther. He posed together a physician and also claimed he might heal Morgana.

Merlin was uncovered looking about his room and Edwin observed him open up a box sealed by magic. Edwin offered his understanding of Merlin as blackmail versus Gaius but additionally hoped to obtain Merlin"s allegiance.

21 Fisher King

fisher king
The Fisher King was a sorcerer who had been wait for death. As soon as Merlin found him in the Perilous Lands, the Fish King knew he was Emrys, having actually foreseen him.

He gave him a vile of water indigenous the Lake of Avalon and in return received the Phoenix Eye, releasing him indigenous his present state.

The Cailleach is the Gatekeeper come the soul world. She shows up to Merlin ~ Morgana sacrifices a dying Morgause at the Isle that the Blessed. The Cailleach witnesses Merlin carry out magic in his effort to take Arthur"s ar as a sacrifice, his fatality closing the veil between the worlds.

Merlin provides to take his place yet it is Lancelot that walks v the veil. In the very same episode The Cailleach appears, there are likewise Vilia, soul to the brooks and also streams, who know of Merlin"s destiny.

19 Agravaine

Agravaine functioned with Morgana to take under Arthur"s rule. "So it"s you. You"re Emrys." Agraivaine learned that Merlin"s powers once Merlin intercepted him and his men while lock were complying with Arthur.

He to be surprised in ~ Merlin"s deception the his King and wanted Merlin to sign up with him. As soon as Merlin did no take up his offer, Agravine make the efforts to death him only for Merlin to usage his powers once more, this time, death him.

Daegal was given money through Morgana in exchange for taking Merlin far from Camelot and Arthur. What Daegal didn"t know was the she plan to toxicity Merlin. The two had bonded and also Daegal cure Merlin after ~ Morgana left. With each other they went ago to Camelot to stop a setup to kill Arthur.

They ran right into trouble on the method there and Merlin supplied his strength to safeguard them. Daegal"s mother had magic however she was killed. That admired Merlin.

17 Hunith

Hunith was Merlin"s mother. She knew that his magic and also feared he would be discovered in their small village. She sent out him to Gaius in the wishes that he could give Merlin guidance and also purpose.

"It is every mother’s fate come think her son is special and also yet i would offer my life the Merlin were not so."

Gilli is a young sorcerer similar to Merlin, except he offers his powers without caution. He supplies his powers to increase his possibilities in the Decennial tournament in Camelot. Gilli provides acquaintance with Merlin after saving him v magic.

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When Gilli will the last round of the tournament against Uther, Merlin expose magic come Gilli in an effort to make him know that the is not alone and also he knows exactly how Gilli feels.

15 William

wilhelm was Merlin"s childhood friend from Ealdor and also the only person, as well as Hunith, who knew of Merlin"s powers.

When Arthur witnesses the usage of magic throughout the battle of Kanen"s men, a dying wilhelm takes the fall and protects Merlin"s an enig until his dying breath.

Kilgharrah is recognized as "The good Dragon." He to be imprisoned under Camelot after ~ The good Purge. He referred to as to Merlin psychically over and also over until Merlin investigated the voice"s source.

"How small you are for such a good destiny. Her gift, Merlin, was offered to you for a reason." he told that of his destiny to defend King Arthur, "you are yet one side of a coin. Arthur is the other.”

13 Nimueh

Nimueh, a High Priestess of the Old Religion, knew that Merlin"s strength after she watched him protect against her plan to specific revenge on Uther. So, she began to target Merlin instead.

She used Merlin"s loyalty versus him, poisoning the in his attempt to protect Arthur. Merlin beat her at the Isle that the Blessed ~ a powerful battle.

Mordred telepathically contacted Merlin, and his calls likewise reached Morgana. Mordred was the druid boy saved by Morgana and Arthur. Merlin helped however was hesitant as Kilgharrah told him no to conserve the boy.

Mordred to be saved, and also his safety and security sealed Arthur"s fate. Mordred changed in the last season and was the one to death Arthur.

11 Morgana

Morgana invested years looking for Emrys, not discovering that he to be the serving boy she had met and also befriended lengthy ago. He was both her destiny and also doom. She required to any method to find her foe"s identity and even battled him.

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Time and also time again the foiled her plans. However in the end, it to be Mordred who ultimately revealed to she the reality of that Emrys really was.

“Taliesin was a Seer come the great Kings that old. The is claimed that the Crystal cave was the resource of his prophecies.” Taliesin showed up to Merlin in the valley of the Fallen majesties at a time whereby Merlin was emotion hopeless.

He cure an unconscious and injured Arthur, something Merlin uncovered he can not do. Taliesin addressed Merlin together Emrys and also took him come the crystal Cave.

9 Grettir

Grettir, a sorcerer, guarded the leg that gave passage come the Fisher King"s Perilous Lands. The greeted Arthur together Courage and also told him he would require Strength and Courage.

Grettir was really referring to Gwaine as Strength and Merlin as Magic. As soon as Merlin approached, Grettir exclaimed that magic had actually arrived just prior to Gwaine joined.

Uther was unaware that Merlin"s magic as soon as he to be alive. Instead, that learned that the warlock"s powers as soon as Arthur released his father from the heart realm. As Uther attempted to undo his son"s rule, there was a minute where Merlin challenged him alone. Uther strikes Merlin but Merlin blocks his attempt v magic.

Arthur sends his father back to the soul realm just prior to Uther can reveal his learnings.

7 Gwen

after ~ the good battle, Gaius return to Camelot. Gwen asks if it to be Merlin who found Arthur. She makes a comment about him always being through his side. She asks if Gaius knows the sorcerer who appeared at the fight to i m sorry Gaius responds that he does. She then asks if she likewise knows and also Gaius states yes, that he will certainly take care of Arthur.

Gwen says she is certain he will and that she is pleased.

Freya to be cursed and also hunted druid girl. Merlin conserved her from she captor making use of magic and tried his ideal to save her safe. Castle two prospered close together both can be themselves around each other and Merlin provided his magic freely about her.

He wanted to conserve her from her curse, come take her away indigenous Camelot, come which her an answer was, "You"ve already saved me. Girlfriend made me feeling loved."

5 Alator

Alator the the Catha to be a warlock chosen by Morgana to hunt and also torture Gaius. Gaius can not be afflicted with the pain and told Alator of Emrys" true identity and also his destiny.

Alator, being a victim of persecution, observed how necessary it to be to protect Merlin against Morgana and became one ally. He retained Merlin"s identification a secret from Morgana, gladly dying to certain the world to come.

Merlin just knew his father because that a couple of days and also had to hide the reality of Balinor"s identity from Arthur, and also the pain of his death. Balinor was a warlock and also a Dragonlord.

He learned Merlin to be his son. That died, and also with his death, Merlin inherited the powers of the Dragonlord. "Magic is the fabric of this world and also you to be born of that magic. You space magic itself. You cannot lose what girlfriend are."

3 Lancelot

Merlin used an charm to defeat the Griffin, aiding Lancelot"s charge at the beast. Lancelot heard Merlin"s voice together he uttered his magic. The was not an concern as Lancelot showed to be loyal and noble-hearted.

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In fact, Lancelot welcomed Merlin entirely and also admired the young sorcerer, with the two having actually intimate conversations and also sharing inside jokes. He promised to keep Merlin"s mystery safe, and that he did til the work he died.

Hunith sent out Merlin come Gaius for this reason he can be a source of understanding to Merlin. On Merlin"s arrival to Camelot, he conserved Gaius indigenous a dangerous and also possibly deadly fall.

Although Merlin denied utilizing magic, Gaius cheat him into avoiding a bucket the water native spilling turn off the table. He to be amazed through Merlin"s organic ability.

1 Arthur

Arthur to be unaware the Merlin"s powers until the an extremely last episode of season 5. All those year of being safeguarded by his friend and also he never knew. It to be a moment of both good sadness and also beauty, bittersweet together it truly expected Arthur"s death was imminent.

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As the lay dying, Merlin revealed the fact of his powers and also destiny to Arthur, which were later evidenced by Gaius. Arthur accepted his friend after his feeling of betrayal and also shock disappeared and also told him no to change. That thanked that for all he did for him, Camelot, and also the Kingdom.