Cookies are more than likely one of the most well-known snack foodstuffs around. This is why for this reason many world ensure the cookie-dough is in ~ arms-length at every time.

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You can always rest easy knowing that you have the right to satiate her cravings for some tasty cookie whenever girlfriend need. 

Similarly, it is not unheard of the occasionally human being lose track of every the points they acquisition from the grocery store, and so, you can expect the at some point you will certainly be asking yourself, ‘Can girlfriend eat expired cookie dough?’ 


To continue to be on the safe side, it is more than likely not very recommended that you eat expired cookie dough, however you deserve to eat it up to 1 or 2 months previous it’s best by date, if friend ensure that you have stored the properly. 

Although, once you use cookie dough the is past its best by date, girlfriend should take into consideration a few things. So, stick v us, and also we will delve deeper right into this topic for you, so you know when friend can and can’t eat your cookie dough. 

What is cookie dough made of? 

Before we acquire into the safety of eat cookie dough, we desire to first talk a little more about cookie dough itself. Mainly what precisely it is made the end of. Since this is what is really important in the conversation about whether or not it is it s okay to eat once expired. 

This is particularly important if you room a enormous cookie lover and these tasty treats room your pure favorites. Because, if you are not for this reason careful, you may finish up biting off more than you have the right to chew together your favourite snack has the ability to obtain you sick. No one wants that! 

If friend have any baking knowledge, or even just simple cooking knowledge, climate you are more than likely well conscious that a bulk of cookie dough will contain raw eggs. 

This since that raw dough needs extra caution and also care by you. Egg are connected with dangerous bacteria such together salmonella and also E. Coli. So, together you have the right to imagine this way that ideal storage a fairly imperative factor in the over all security of your cookie dough.

However, there are other species of cookie dough, such together homemade cookie dough recipes that have the right to exclude raw egg altogether.

Store to buy cookie dough will likewise often contain various other ingredients that act as preservatives the will prolong its shelf life too. This is why that is especially important the you store your cookie dough refrigerated. 

Is it okay to use expired cookie dough? 

You might think the the best-by date is collection in stone, that is not. There is a rather significant difference between the best buy date and an expiration date. 

Namely, if your cookie dough has actually an expiration date rather 보다 a best-before date, then when the date has passed it is ideal to heed this together a warning and get the dough out of there.

However, on the other hand, if her dough has the finest by day then this is more like guidelines, it will provide you a stormy timeline of as soon as the dough it’s at its finest quality.

After this the dough will slowly decline in quality, however it will certainly not go rancid, damn it or expire fully on the date that is declared on the label. 

That gift said, you have the right to consume her cookie dough, also when it has gone previous the best by date. Yet, you need to pay fist if you perform this, store your eye peeled for indications of spoils, or rancidity in your cookie dough. 

Let’s have actually a look at some f the components that will day that your cookie dough has spoiled.

Keep an eye out for discoloration. This is a major red flag the you need to keep your eyes peeled for. If you watch the edges start to discolor this is a telltale sign. The edges will certainly go first, castle will begin exhibiting a darker color in comparison come the inner components of the dough. Once you notification this, litter it out. This procedure is referred to as oxidation i m sorry is basically your dough’s death cry. If that tastes funny, it’s no funny. If you space a dough lover climate you understand how tough it is to resist taking a bit out of your raw cookie dough. Over there is simply something around this flavor that keeps you coming earlier for more. However, if the dough is starting to turn then you will also notice a adjust to that taste too. Quickly enough, it will certainly be opposing of the tastiness you initially expected. A little smelly. If any kind of food is spoiling, it will start to smell fairly foul. Cookie dough is no different, the will start to smell fairly horrific, and also you will know then, that time to walk in the trash. Mold is a no-go sign. If your cookie dough is not effectively stores, or if the ages method beyond its finest by date then it will ultimately start showing indications of mold. You probably understand hat mold can be pretty dangerous, so it is for sure to remain away from any kind of cookie dough that you have actually that has actually mold top top it. 

While girlfriend can generally safely eat her cookie dough after ~ it has actually gone past its best-by date, we constantly recommend law so with extra caution and care.

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Although, the is constantly wise to perform so v extra enough food security procedures and be extra mindful with appropriate hygiene to ensure that your cookie dough doesn’t revolve bad. 

We always recommend thoroughly cooking your cookie dough thoroughly before you begin snacking the work away, no matter exactly how tempting it might be to skip the wait and just munch down on few of that raw cookie dough. 

If you room in love through the idea of eat up part raw cookie dough, climate we do recommend taking a look at making some raw cookie dough yourself. 

How long is it it s okay to store refrigerated life cookie dough? 

The most essential question you might ask. Great on you, questioning the appropriate questions. While this is a great question, offering a right answer, is no as easy. This is simply due to the fact that not all cookie dough is developed the very same way.

There are some subtle distinctions that have the right to give different cookie dough’s, various shelf lives. 

To explain this a little better, there space a couple of things you have to take right into consideration, lets have actually a look in ~ what these components are. 

What room the ingredients? What goes right into making your dough will have a huge impact on exactly how long it is likely to last. There are some species of cookie dough that will certainly contain higher levels of man-made flavorings and different type of additives, not to cite the preservatives that will dramatically impact how lengthy your cookie dough will certainly last. What around fillings? lot like the ingredients supplied inside the dough, the fillings you put into it too will additionally have various effects on the longevity of her dough in the refrigerator. How much do friend have? how much dough you have actually will actually impact the life expectations of your dough. Together a general rule, carry out not let large sheets of raw cookie dough sit out of her refrigerator for as well long. A bigger surface area way more susceptibility to the results of the neighboring environment. Where room you maintaining it? and how? it is worth mentioning right here that the means in i beg your pardon you keep your cookie dough will have actually an impact on exactly how long your cookie dough will last. Together an example, if you have left your cookie dough the end at room temperature for 4 hours, and also if you have actually a fresh made cookie dough that went directly into the refrigerator after making, the latter will last longer, simply since it has actually had better storage conditions that execute not open up it as much as being vulnerable to the neighboring bacteria in the environment. 

Homemade vs store-bought cookie dough: Lifespans. 

As we have explained in the previous section there are numerous factors the will influence the life expectancy of her cookie dough. 

The longevity of her cookie dough have the right to vary depending upon a plethora of different factors, for homemade cookie dough girlfriend are typically looking in ~ a expectation of 1- 2 weeks. But, for some store-bough cookie dough brand you room looking in ~ 6 to 12 months.