Customer asked come return items 2 weeks ~ buying. It ultimately came back yesterday, 34 days after they asked for to return.

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I have actually gone to examine the serial numbers and also the serial number on the items is various to the one top top the box and also the one us recorded when we sent out it. The item to be brand new and sealed.

What is the ideal course of action to take please? and should I inform


Advise the customer the they sent you the untrue item and therefore you space unable come refund.

Ask castle to carry out you a pre-paid return label so castle can gain their item back.

As shortly as you receive the very same product as you initially sent, friend will process their return v a refund.

Does the item changed work, is it damaged? i.e. Room you at a product loss vs. The unit you sent?

If for this reason ,reply immediately and also politely state that they must have made a mistake as the items went back does not correspond to the item you sent.

As soon as the exactly item is returned you will procedure their refund. Girlfriend will be able to return the untrue unit if they carry out you through a paid returns brand or the cost can be deducted from any type of final refund top top the correct item, when it has actually been returned.


I have gone to check the serial numbers and also the serial number ~ above the item is various to the one ~ above the box and also the one we recorded when we sent it. The item was brand new and sealed.

Out that interest, if new and sealed climate I have the right to understand you videotaped the serial number on the box, but how walk you record the exact same serial number top top the unit itself, to be it visible when sealed?

That aside, i agree through others advice, simply ensure you take it photos the the box/unit to assistance your case prior to anything is returned.

Most digital items have actually the serial number on the exterior of the box.

It is very unlikely the the item within the sealed box had actually a different serial number within to the one published on the box.

The item to be sent back due to being faulty so…

Thanks for all the advice, I will e-mail the client now.

It is an excellent that you listed the serial number. Simply for future reference to anybody analysis this object (and particularly if you sell provided or refurbished devices), 1) photo the serial number on device and box 2) include an indiscreet identifying mark, distinct to you, somewhere on the device. We carry out this v an indelible or ultra violet pen and though i won’t say what us do, it has prevented test fraud ~ above at least three occasions where customers have actually tried to return their own, faulty device and do the efforts to obtain refund.

Excellent advice


We offered to use discreet methods, even ultra-violet pens, however then we found that harder come prove in the occasion of a swap-out. Now we use big warranty stickers and visible tags and markings come identify, include those photos come our listings of offered goods, and make sure we speak in our summary that ours items are defense tagged. ~ we started doing that, we went for 3 come 4 swap-outs a month to much less than 2 a year. And also of course, we have the right to prove even those and never lose.touch wood… eeep…


Now we use huge warranty stickers and also visible tags and also markings come identify, add those photos come our listings of provided goods

Equally as great

Whichever technique works because that you best. The end result is (if reader follow whichever method) is a palliation in the number of fraudulent attempts at refunds.

Best also to report this fraudster come ‘Action Fraud’.


Best likewise to report this fraudster to ‘Action Fraud’.

Need anymore be said?


What have the right to I do?

In this case, I would certainly either advise you come deduct the expense of lose of worth out that the refund or contact the buyer to advise them that they must send girlfriend a pre-paid return brand if castle would prefer to gain their damaged item back as you are unable to accept the shorts in this condition.

You must start a brand-new thread for her query to ensure anyone deserve to assist

Definitely execute NOT refund the Buyer.

Raise together a situation with because that violation, for this reason they log in instance of any type of A-Z Claim.


In the an initial email to the Buyer, we usually say, therefore they have a obtain out clause, other like, us log every serial numbers when sold and also the one reverted does not match, so not the product sold by united state to you. Possibly you purchase 2 at the very same time, however the various other was from a different Seller, however, us cannot accept their return, so you re welcome advise do you wish united state to dispose the the article (no refund), otherwise please email to united state a pre-paid courier label, and also we will await teh courier arsenal from us, please educate which date they will certainly collect.

We likewise have our phone number, however if they contact record the call and also then email the an outcome by If they are genuine, they will resolve. If intended fraud, trying to return one old item etc, they understand they obtained caught and often say come dispose that the items (still store until any type of A-Z case time has passed).


What happens if the buyer leaves an adverse feedback. won’t aid us to eliminate it.

Unfortunately, if the comment doesn’t accomplish the removed criteria, climate will not eliminate it, regardless of the circumstances:

The feedback includes words generally understood to it is in obscene or profane.

The feedback contains seller-specific, personally i can identify information, consisting of email addresses, full names, or telephone numbers.

The whole feedback comment is a product review.

The entire comment relates explicitly to fulfillment and also service for an bespeak fulfilled by

The entire comment is regarded a delay or undelivered order, i beg your pardon you transport on time by using Buy Shipping services.

You really have to start a brand-new thread.

Or shall we just have actually all subjects on this 1 thread forever!


Ref negative feedback, no removable under terms (unfairly), but the one that is clearly about a various item, you can try and email the Buyer and put a letter in the article explain the issue and say how countless problems that is casusing you and also had you sold them that item, friend would have done something but as they just bought a t-shirt native you, then they must not give you poor feedback

The ‘late’ one, again email and letter to the Buyer, prove ~ above time. Apologise because that confusion, if lock though following day, prove through order display screen to show dates show, therefore blame lock if any kind of confusion. If friend bought buy Shipping, sometimes then remove poor feedback, together you deserve to say problem, not yours and a reason to remove the feedback.


You can likewise email an very nice one to: managingdirector - although i can not qualify to remove, explain both concerns in brief at least likewise logged as being unacceptable no to remove

We scan the item serial number to the invoice, when this happens to united state we take it plenty of images showing specifically what to be returned and also then affix a copy of the invoice to the answer on messaging. We suggest out the the wrong item has actually been returned and cannot procedure a refund till the correct item has actually been returned.

Customer then opens A-Z we provide our statement and ask to describe messages. A-Z case is then denied, occasionally we then obtain the client apologising and an excuse the they sent out the dorn item and so on etc however normally the is the end of the matter.

You just need to pick your words very carefully and also make sure you comply with the returns plan sets the end ie never ever refuse a return or refund however make clean the correct item requirements to it is in returned before you can procedure a refund.

Good luck

I think you must chill-out v your replies come feedback

Here we room talking about a Seller fulfilled orders and the advice is every very good and sound.You deserve to not imagine how facility this matter is once we room talking around FBA orders!!The process of gaining your money ago is long and painful and depending who is actually handling it indigenous SS girlfriend may also not obtain the trouble resolved, that is utter nightmare even if the is clear the the items they have returned is clearly old and battered generally broken, soiled and yes through a various S/N i m sorry doesn’t lot the one on the box and the one we have actually on record.It is really painful procedure and you have to understand the you deserve to not always win periodically the fraudsters are well seasoned at what they do and also the ways they perform it and possibly the only means to manage that is to variable it in the price.Best the luck to all and wish you every a an extremely successful festive seasons.

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