The doc is in! write a prescription because that fun through our Doc McStuffins party ideas. Provide your party a healthy and balanced shot of cuddles with our inspiring Doc McStuffins principles for invitations, decorations, favors and more.

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Idea 1: offer her cute equipment she"ll go dottie for!

If the date of birth girl has actually her very own special outfit picked the end for the huge day, doctor up she look v a Doc McStuffins headband and also award ribbon!


Idea 2: DIY chair decorations space flowery fun!

Whip up some chair decor faster than you deserve to say "All better!" through pink and white dessert plates and Doc McStuffins swirl decorations. Put a document plate face-down, climate hot-glue or tape 5 plate "petals" about the facility plate, additionally face-down. Upper and lower reversal the flower right-side up and attach a swirl cutout to the center and also let the swirly tail that the decoration flutter under the flower once you attach it come the chair. As well cute!


Idea 3: re-publishing Doc-tastic goodies with the b-day girl"s friends

Get anyone in the mood for date of birth fun with a platter of wearable favors! dress the birthday girl"s friends in Doc McStuffins headbands, party hats and wristbands therefore they deserve to shake your stuffing as Dottie every party long!


Idea 4: to fill up buckets with fantastic favors!

Dottie says, "Friendship is the ideal medicine!" and what far better way come reward your birthday girl"s friends 보다 with wonderful Doc McStuffins favor containers filled with goodies? stuff the containers v colorful document shred and top v cool mirror crucial chains, tattoos, bubbles and crayons.


Idea 5: Rx because that the perfect donate cups!

The party"s over, yet the fun doesn"t need to be! Send your small docs residence with fun favor cups that store the party going in ~ their own house! to fill reusable Doc McStuffins favor cups v fluffy document shred and top with fun favors like crayons, hair ties and also mini mirrors!

Idea 6: Ouch-free favors in a snap!

Making favors is painless with a Doc McStuffins favor pack! develop adorable presents for every guest through a favor load filled with sufficient goodies for as much as eight. Don"t forget to pick up matching favor bags!

Idea 7: affix a favor because that an extra-special touch!

Making a house call to every of her guests? Affix a Doc McStuffins wristband to the envelope with a little curling ribbon for this reason they can have a distinct favor to wear come the party.

Idea 8: add some sweet surprises come the invitations

Each invitation will be even much more special once you add a sprinkling of Doc McStuffins confetti to every envelope, with a tattoo (or two!). Incorporate a keep in mind for each small doctor come wear a tattoo to the party as a VIP pass.

Idea 9: name: coordinates colors with your party theme!

Greet your party guests v a room extended in Doc McStuffins decorations! Themed banners, streamers and also swirl cutouts look great with solid-colored decorations like paper lanterns in pinks, purples and also blues.

Idea 10: gain the team of medical professionals together for a group shot

Create the perfect background for posing and playing v Doc McStuffins decorations prefer a scene setter, balloons and also swirl cutouts. The children can have actually fun bouncing roughly in front while girlfriend snap some pics!

Idea 11: fix boo-boos just like Dottie!

No one will have a instance of boredom when it"s time because that this fun-filled Doc McStuffins party game! This McStuffins turn on pin the Tail ~ above the Donkey has a blindfold and eight bandage sticker labels for the birthday girl and also her friends to help make Stuffy feeling better.

Idea 12: do a boring table all better with pretty place-settings!

Create an beloved party table with matching Doc McStuffins tableware and favors! Wrap up cutlery in a having lunch napkin and also wristband, optimal a plate with a party hat and blowout, and leave fun favors follow me the decorated table to keep your tiny doctors entertained when you bring out the cake.

Idea 13: include a photograph of the physicians with your thank yous!

Here"s the perfect prescription for a thoughtful thank you: Send a scrapbook-worthy memento through your Doc McStuffins give thanks to you notes! Moms and their little doctors will love remembering every the fun they had at the party.

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Idea 14: provide the walls some petal power!

You don"t should read the large Book of Boo Boos to number out how to deal with up her walls! create a couple balloon flowers utilizing pink, blue and also purple latex balloons in no time in ~ all. Add a pair dangling tails from swirl decorations and also some file fans to do a garden along the walls!

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