Late-night comedy present hosts are known for opened their programs in a particular style. David Letterman takes to the stage with a wave and a smile. Jay Leno come out and shakes hands v the audience.

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Eric Andre takes fairly a various approach: flying into an uncontrollable rage as shortly as the tape plays that on and also smashing practically everything ~ above the set.

"During the intro of my show, ns hurt myself, i hurt mine shoulder nice bad. I hurt my ago really bad," he tells All things Considered host Arun Rath.

"I jumped on mine desk and landed best on mine tuckus during the Vivica Fox interview and also I as with wrenched my earlier and sent out a shock tide up my spine. ... My back still feels type of asymmetrical."

The Eric Andre Show lasts just 15 minutes, and appears in the middle of the night throughout on the Cartoon Network.

Nothing about the display is normal, least of every the celebrity interviews — which the conducts v outrageous questions and stunts that occasionally border ~ above mockery. Andre states he"s no trying to be mean.

"Nothing I"m act is expected to it is in mean-spirited because that"s not funny or funny. Anybody have the right to be mean," that says. "It"s an ext about just being absurd and just wildly unreasonable for the benefits of comedy."

Spin Magazine has referred to as it "the weirdest present on TV."

Still, it"s produced a rabid pan base. The display wraps its second season Thursday, and also has to be picked up for a 3rd season.

Interview Highlights

On the vision behind the show

It is choose a mock-talk show or one anti-talk-show talk show, wherein I just damage the talk show from the beginning to the end — deconstructing ... The fact that many talk display hosts have to just be too many polite and also be like, "You"re therefore great, Victoria"s mystery model who doesn"t understand anything! We"re ideal friends."

And I just think it"s way funnier for a organize to just be fully uninformed and spaced out and apathetic.

Do celebrity guests understand what they"re obtaining into?

Some human being are totally in the dark. Some civilization don"t even know the surname of the show or that I am prior to they perform it. Like, we had Demi Lovato top top the show for the new Year"s special. And also I dubbed her up, I simply wanted come like speak to her up and be like, "Hey many thanks so much for doing the show," before she came on. And she goes, "I just wanna allow you understand I"ve viewed your Billion dollar Movie a hundreds times." and I to be like, "Oh no, that"s Eric Wareheim. That"s "Tim and Eric" Eric."

And climate she goes, "Oh." ...

I simply kept my finger crossed the she wouldn"t cancel.

On gaining the display renewed for a third season

I"m therefore happy it"s all functioning out because I to be so broke for favor 10 year trying to do a life doing comedy. I was eating beans by candle light because that a decade. It"s nuts that people are listening to the demons in my brain. But it"s awesome. I can"t think it.



David Letterman takes come the phase with a wave and also a smile. Jay Leno come out and also shakes hands with the audience. Eric Andre does this.


UNIDENTIFIED male #1: Ladies and also gentlemen, it"s "The Eric Andre Show."


RATH: You have the right to kind of get a feeling of it without me yes, really describing it. He basically is a maniac. He goes right into an uncontrollable rage ruining everything roughly him as the band plays on. This in reality is a comedy program, a different kind that comedy program. It"s kind of favor Luis Bunuel directing "Jackass." "The Eric Andre Show" lasts just 15 minutes, and also it shows up in the center of the night top top the Cartoon Network. Still, it"s generated a rabid fan base. Host Eric Andre is below with me in the studio. Welcome, Eric.

ERIC ANDRE: give thanks to you. Thank you for having actually me.

RATH: give thanks to you for no trashing the studio.

ANDRE: Oh, no problem.

RATH: ns don"t think it"s quite as breakaway, though, together yours.


ANDRE: Yeah, ns wouldn"t. I"d acquire hurt.

RATH: have actually you ever before hurt you yourself doing that?

ANDRE: Yeah. Ns hurt myself during a Vivica Fox interview. Ns hurt my ago really bad.

RATH: You walk flying v the wall, ruin your desk in lot of ways.

ANDRE: Yeah. I jumped on mine desk and landed right on mine tuckus throughout the Vivica Fox interview, and also I just, like, wrenched my ago and simply sent a shockwave up my spine.

RATH: Wow.

ANDRE: Yeah. My ago still feels sort of asymmetrical.

RATH: You endure for her art.

ANDRE: Yeah. Girlfriend know, I"m an idiot.

RATH: Well, beyond the insane opening - or, i mean, no that the display gets saner as you walk along, however could you shot to explain the present for human being who have not watched it?

ANDRE: the is favor a - sort of like a mock talk display or one anti-talk present talk present where ns just destroy the talk present from the beginning to the end, deconstructing, like, the reality that many talk present hosts need to just be, like, overly polite and also pump increase the guest and be like, you"re for this reason great, Victoria"s an enig model the doesn"t know anything. (makes noise) We"re ideal friends. And also I just think it"s method funnier for a hold to just be, like, totally uninformed and also spaced out and also apathetic.

RATH: I want to give civilization a sense of the display for - here"s walking to it is in a common celebrity interview Eric Andre style. This is through Mel B....

ANDRE: Oh, great.

RATH: ...former summer sprouts Girl. And, well, it"s a pretty an easy sort that question.


ANDRE: perform you think Margaret Thatcher had actually girl power?

MEL B.: Yes, the course.

ANDRE: perform you think she successfully utilized girl power by funneling money come illegal paramilitary fatality squads in north Ireland?

MEL B.: i don"t know about that. Well, aid me out. Don"t simply stand there. Assist me out.

RATH: ns bet she hasn"t to be asked that inquiry before.


ANDRE: ns think ns threw her off a tiny bit.

RATH: it is in honest. Exactly how much of the celebrity guests the you have actually on - room they in top top the joke? carry out they know what they"re gaining into?

ANDRE: To differing degrees, some people are completely in the dark. Some people don"t even know the surname of the show or that I am prior to they do it. Like, we had Demi Lovato top top the display for the brand-new Year"s special. And I referred to as her up, I just wanted to, like, speak to her up and be like, hey, many thanks so much for law the show prior to she come on. And she goes: I just want to let you recognize I"ve watched your "Billion disagreement Movie" 100 times. And also I was like: Oh, no. That"s Eric Wareheim. That"s "Tim and Eric" Eric.

And then she goes, oh. And also I was like, I"m Eric Andre. And she"s like, uhh? and then i was just like, check out you tomorrow. Therefore I just kept my fingers crossed that she wouldn"t cancel. But, yeah, Lou Ferrigno had no idea what was going - we have actually this good promo...

RATH: Lou Ferrigno acquired kind the uncomfortable.

ANDRE: He to be - he came the closest come walking the end of any kind of guests we ever before had.


ANDRE: you re welcome welcome the original Hulk, Lou Ferrigno.

RATH: quiet a big guy.

ANDRE: He"s huge. He"s a monster. Us wrangled him back in. Yet he was upset. We had actually this skinny asian guy, us painted him green, and also he come out as the Hulk while ns was interviewing Lou Ferrigno. Ns was like, Lou, host on a second. My following guest is the incredible Hulk. And also this little Asian male came out and sat beside him and also just retained hitting ~ above Lou the entire interview.


UNIDENTIFIED man #2: Oh, my God. It"s amazing.

LOU FERRIGNO: Don"t acquire makeup on my arm.

UNIDENTIFIED male #2: I"m attractive to you.

FERRIGNO: Don"t carry out it. It"ll be bad.

RATH: What I prefer was Lou wasn"t fairly homophobic. He was much more like, perform not gain the environment-friendly on me.

ANDRE: Yeah. The was more worried about - the was more concerned with the paint acquiring on him.


UNIDENTIFIED male #2: It"s tense here, man.

ANDRE: Oh, really?

FERRIGNO: We"re on TV. I"m not joking. Don"t obtain closer come me, OK?

ANDRE: yet he looked at me, he to be like, go you carry me ~ above this display specifically to mock me? and I was like, for this reason what have actually you to be up to? just how was "Celebrity Apprentice"?

RATH: Well, that"s kind of the thing, though. Go you?

ANDRE: No. I mean...

RATH: ns mean, it"s a well line, periodically with this humor, right?

ANDRE: It"s a good line. But I think - yeah, that is a fine line. I think it"s like, comedy should never be, like, mean - naught I"m doing is expected to be choose mean-spirited due to the fact that that"s not fun and - or funny. And, like, anybody deserve to be mean. It"s more about just being absurd and also just like wildly unreasonable for the sake of comedy itself. I don"t know.

RATH: her - you gained renewed because that a 3rd season simply now.

ANDRE: Yeah.

RATH: This is connecting through people, this...

ANDRE: It"s crazy.

RATH: ...insane thing that you"re doing.

ANDRE: ns know. It"s awesome, man. I"m so happy and - it"s all functioning out, due to the fact that I was so damaged for, like, 10 year trying to make a living doing comedy. Ns was eating beans by candlelight for a decade. It"s nuts that world are listening come the demons in mine brain. However I"m happy. It"s awesome. I can"t believe it.

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RATH: That"s Eric Andre. He"s the organize of "The Eric Andre Show" on Cartoon Network"s Adult Swim. The finale the Season 2 will certainly air this Thursday night. Eric Andre, thank you.