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Title perform You Love Me (Now that I can Dance)

author Contours , The

label Waxtime

referral LPS 151204

LABEL password 772206 LP

layout RHYTHM and BLUES


This necessary LP edition consists of The Contours’ splendid debut LP, Do friend Love Me (Now the I deserve to Dance), i beg your pardon was initially released in 1962 top top Motown’s subsidiary brand Gordy Records* (in truth it to be the first long play exit on the label). It’s among the all-time cornerstones of R&B and also early Detroit soul, and also shows what a formidable pressure the team was. The album’s lesser well-known numbers, such together “Whole Lotta Woman”, “The Stretch”, and also “You better Get in Line”, space as amazing as the celebrated title track. Many of the tunes below are set to a beat sure to send you right to the run floor. The songs combined raunchy R&B v impassioned, burned soul-singing, sometimes backed by joyous horns and constantly with vocal chants the sounded prefer a rocked-up resurgence meeting. It’s a residence party revelry that shakes your body with an effective vocals and up-tempo beats. That engaging and also infectious combination made The Contours one of the most consistently entertain vocal groups ever.THE CONTOURS:Billy Gordon (lead vocals)Billy Hoggs (lead and also backing vocals)Hubert Johnson, Joe Billingslea, and Sylvester Potts (backing vocals and handclaps),Huey Davis (electric guitar, other than side 1, monitor 4 & 6 / next 2, monitor 4 & 5).Plus: The Funk Brothers: probable personnel:James Jamerson (b), Richard “Popcorn” Wylie or Joe Hunter (p), Earl valve Dyke (org),Benny Benjamin (d), Eddie “Bongo” Brown (perc), Norris Patterson (sax),Herbie Williams or Russell Conway (tp), Paul Riser or George Bohanon (tb).Recorded at Hitsville USA, Detroit, Michigan, between 1961 and 1962.SIDE 101 execute YOU LOVE ME02 shower SHERRIE03 YOU much better GET IN LINE04 THE STRETCH05 IT have to BE LOVE06 totality LOTTA’ WOMAN07 don’t LET she BE her BABY08 YOU get UGLYSIDE 201 CLAUDIA02 therefore GRATEFUL03 THE OLD MINER04 FUNNY05 relocate MR. MAN)06 PA, I need A CAR07 can YOU carry out IT

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