Just a couple of questions about a wanderer build because i haven't really supplied it before..

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I kinda understand what nomad must be however just unsure of were to take it together i want decent dps yet do not want to it is in squishy.

i have actually heard the hybrid stam/firearms works very well however what are peoples experiences with that and also if ns was to execute that what amounts of stam/firearms would i be looking at.

Any other recommendations for nomad would it is in appreciated as i would favor to watch what human being would prefer.

EDIT: Iv made that so it’s sitting at 6600 firearms and also 6400 stam, works pretty well in dz once fighting many builds, many thanks for the recommendations!

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My main develop is 4.9k FA, 7.7k ST and also 3.4k ELE. I've been very comfortable with this construct in the DZ. I operation 2 homes with Deadly/Vicious and also Deadly/Responsive. Sometimes I swap the end to a Hurried/Deadly house. CHC, CHD in tools mods. Major Firepower is 370k, Toughness is 527k and also Skill strength is 111k. I included a tiny to ELE due to the fact that I want a little much more kick from mine turret. My various other loadout is a 4k FA, 9k ST and ~3k ELE through 587k Toughness. On that construct I use the Hurried/Deadly as I don't have sufficient FA for the Deadly/Responsive.

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This message is indigenous a short article from a juniorg8.com user who's name ns don't remember. I copied this come a file on my local PC and this is my Nomad build bible:

Nomad is a set that you deserve to tweak until you're comfortable with it. V your present set, you're probably wasting key stats on Elec, as you more than likely don't have any kind of skill roll on her gear, therefore you're more than likely only getting about the 120000 - 140000 variety in the Elec main stat. That skill power isn't going to conserve you in plenty of situations, as it's still type of weak, and the wanderer healing in time will be what conserves you much more than not, fairly than popping a heal ability that is marginally more powerful than someone who has actually invested nothing in Electronics. It's all choice though, I have actually a friend who runs a virtually identical collection and he loves spamming Airburst seekers to slow down rogues. If i were you, I would roll turn off my electronic devices to Stamina and also Firearms. Play v your stats a bit. With 4700 Stam, you're depending on your nomad overheal, as your toughness is most likely a little low.

From what I've gathered native friends loadouts and YouTube, popular Nomad architects space the following:

~8k FA, ~5k STAM, 3k ELEC (my favorite, girlfriend hit difficult for a Nomad and also still have actually a great health pool despite having slightly subpar toughness. Since Nomad heal is based upon your in its entirety health and you currently have CHC over 50%, take into consideration replacing several of your CHC mods for max roll health and wellness mods. The couple of percent you lose here can be gained back by a pulse or by the precision talent)

~7k FA, 6k STAM, 3k ELEC (the well balanced breakfast build. Good survivability, however IMO this setup do the efforts to be a jack of all trades and masters none. It's no tanky enough to it is in reckless with and it's damages output is noticably lacking, which is a problem considering you can't fall back on her toughness)

~5k FA, 8k STAM, 3k ELE (with her CHC & CHD numbers pretty lot maxed out, you're still going to be doing some damage, and also you'll be much tankier)

4k FA, 9k STAM, 3k ELEC (at this point, you're a D3 tank who merged with his shield. It's a bitch to kill one of these solo, but your firefights are more a issue of outlasting her opponents, also though you have the right to hilariously the end tank much higher DPS builds through this setup)

9k FA, 4k STAM, 3k ELEC (Glass Cannon nomad. I don't prefer this one, it hits hard but congratulations, you've uncovered the impossible - how to make a wanderer squishy. Not to point out other set such as Banshee, Alpha, and Predshee/Alphashee builds will certainly do much more damage through 1500 much less points invested in FA. In a group with a healer, this build becomes infinitely more viable, especially when you change a item with Savage gloves or a Barrett's chest piece. V your CHC numbers and the likelihood that a teammate running a pulse, ns wouldn't use Savage gloves through this construct unless ns was running ARs together my main weapon)

3k FA, 10k STAM, 3k ELEC (the infamous Trollmad. Don't build your set like this for anything various other than rope cutting/general trolling, as you have left your weapons in the DZ checkpoint and also opted to carry a slingshot into the DZ as your major weapon. You deserve to hijack a 4 man team at an extraction through this and run off as they provide chase, make the efforts to focus you, all the if moaning about "this nomad bullshit". You can run into a location 5 Manhunt and just operation circles about them there is no dying, uneven all four of them decision to focus you. This setup is purely comedy)