Group: Chapter 4 - Mastering the Source

Starting Map: Reaper"s Coast

This quest can be started in numerous ways. Generally, the idea is to visit Bloodmoon Island and come throughout some trace of the mystery, because that example, by talking to among the spirits that inhabit it.

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To the ArchiveReaper"s Coast

Spirit of one Elven PilgrimReaper"s Coast

The Ancestor TreeReaper"s Coast

Archivist"s JournalReaper"s Coast

Spirit the a black Ring ReaverReaper"s Coast

Spirit of brother KaylanReaper"s Coast

The physician (lvl 20)Arx

1. Blackring Ghost

We speak to a black Ring spirit. He claimed that the Ancestor Tree supposedly knows the name of a powerful arch-demon.

2. Blackring Letter

Kill black color Ring members at The Ancestor Tree, prey A secret Letter and read it.

We discovered a letter through details that the black color Ring"s task on Bloodmoon Island. It seems that they desire to prise keys from a certain tree, and have to be ordered to danger passage come the Deathfog-shrouded island in bespeak to gain them.

3. Save on computer Known

Talk to soul of one Elven Pilgrim.

We learned the there is an Archive what on the island that likely consists of details on just how to interact with the Ancestor Tree. The Archives to be kept surprise by the spiritual order the once referred to as this blighted ar their home.

4. Archive Located

Talk to heart of brothers Kaylan.

We uncovered the place of the Archive.

5. Save on computer Discovered

Find the enntrance gate To the Archive. It"s hidden, you need 22 Wits.

We uncovered the entrance to the Archive.

6. Uncovered Out trees Name

Read Archivist"s Journal.

We uncovered the truth about the Ancestor Tree - exactly how it was as soon as an elf referred to as Eleanessa, that was own by a demonic force. A doctor known as Daeva lugged her come the island in an initiative to conserve her - he brought out one exorcism versus the wishes of his colleagues, which ultimately freed the demon native Eleanessa, killing she in the process. The demon then ruined the island. What came of Daeva is unknown. We need to keep this info in mind.

7. Review Black Ring Orders

Read Black Ring Instructions. Girlfriend will discover them in the corpse that dead black color Ring member.

I learned just how the black Ring test to get past the fatality Fog that surrounds Bloodmoon Island.

8. Black Ring seek Druid

Talk to spirit of a black Ring Reaver.

We learned the the black Ring pressures were will on detect a druid who could aid them complete their task on the island.

9. Speak Lizard

Talk come The support (Ancient Tree).

We speak to the advocate - the told us to leaving the island. It seemed as though he was hiding something.

10. Speak Mad Tree

We tried to speak come the Ancestor Tree, yet its replies to be gibberish. We need to uncover out exactly how to interact with it.

12. Discovered Out Demons Name

Talk to The Ancestor Tree ~ you"ve review the Archivist"s Journal.

We wake up the Ancestor Tree"s spirit, Eleanessa, from her nightmare. She told us the name of the arch-demon that had possessed her: Adramahlikh. Follow to her, the arch-demon took the form of a doctor, and left the island. This have to be Daeva - the one that tried to save her, and subsequently vanished. Eleanessa has actually asked united state to find and kill Adramahlikh, if we even happen to overcome its path.

13. Told Jahan

We told Jahan the name of the arch-demon - Adramahlikh. We also told him that we think that it at this time possesses a details Doctor Daeva. Jahan believes the the arch-demon deserve to be uncovered in Arx.

14. Close Left R C Secret

We left Reaper"s shore with investigate the Ancestor Tree top top Bloodmoon Island any type of further.

15. Move To next Category

We have actually departed from Reaper"s Coast. Probably we will certainly be presented through an chance to attend to this arch-demon, Adramahlikh, in ~ a later on stage in ours journey.

16. Begin Arx

Go come Arx.

Now that we have escaped native the Nameless Isle, us may have actually an possibility to seek out Adramahlikh.

18. Found Doctor

Talk to Malady.

We have found the arch-demon Adramahlikh, additionally known as physician Daeva. We should kill him.

19. Eliminated Doctor

Kill The medical professional (lvl 20).

We eliminated the arch-demon. The Ancestor Tree need to be at peace now.

20. Tree Thanks

Leave the Doctor"s house. Elven Apparition will appear and thank you. Friend will obtain Ghostly Morningstar.

We received the thanks of Eleanessa, the Ancestor Tree.

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20.1. Quest Reward

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