Developed and also Publiburned by Red Limb Studio, Beat Me! is a frantic battle party game featuring puppets, with 7 various puppets to choose from, each through a mini backstory that brings some selection to proceedings. Which is even more than what I have the right to say for the dreary tune that loops in the food selection screens. The graphics are quite easy, coming across favor a combination of Castle Crashers and also Minecraft.

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Tbelow isn’t a story to be had actually here; rather, there is a pleasant tutorial mode which could be the ideal little about the game. You are taken to a puppet display stand wright here the character you have preferred is hung up by their strings. The initially point you have to execute is cost-free yourself of those strings by wriggling the left control stick. It seems all easy however it feels engaging at first as the King of Puppets guides you via the controls of the game. That is until it ends as it is exceptionally brief.


Tbelow is an online mode which is nice as it’s becoming less common with some of the indie multiplayer titles. Locally you deserve to either play a deathenhance or wave mode. Unfortunately, you deserve to just play a regional deathcomplement via friends as it requires 2-6 players, so no sharpening your skills via AI players allowed. You have the right to play the wave mode solo or through up to 6 players yet that has a really limited sense of enjoyment. Online you deserve to either play in a deathmatch or a team deathmatch which is rather restricted. You have the right to mess about with the rules of the game yet it’s still deathmatches only.

The game itself is fairly weak in all fairness. Being referred to as Beat Me! and being all about deathmatches you would hope the activity would certainly live up the expectations that name could imply. Well, it is useful, I have the right to say that much, however the joy I got by playing it wasn’t that high.

In appearance you’d be forgiven for initial impressions reminding you of the Super Smash Bros titles, though as an indie title this clearly has nowright here close to that level of budobtain or complexity and polish. Sadly this also means that the level of enjoyment is quite diminiburned too; once rounds finish in a issue of seconds because the various other players dropped off the screen it leads to a very flat feeling experience.


The controls are super simple, letting anyone pickup and play. As the characters are puppets they relocate in a physics-based means, but their jump is nearly choose they’re in low gravity. There are powerups that you have the right to pick up to percreate a one-of-a-kind ultimate strike, reobtain some health and wellness or reduced the gravity even more to permit some super high jumps. Tbelow is just one strike button for each character, through some of the personalities utilizing melee and some variety assaults. It appears to strongly favour melee personalities as the range personalities have the right to only shoot directly ahead of them which leaves them fairly disadvantaged.

I played a few games online as soon as I might find one and played as an archer; I could bacount gain an arrow to hit before I was swamped and also eliminated in secs by a melee character. Each of the personalities has actually 3 standard stats which are health and wellness, damage and also rate, but its not that noticeable in battle as it seems whoever gets the initially hit in commonly triumphs. Some levels perform enable some platform jumping skill to be evasive yet that is the just variation on sell other than the powerups if the round lasts lengthy sufficient for them to be offered.


Beat Me! is a cheap, indie variation of a Smash Bros-style game. Some other titles have tried to administer a decent alternative but I haven’t really come across a successful one yet. This is no exemption to that preeminence unfortunately, as although the puppet personalities are rather interestingly designed the game just isn’t that fun. The combat is also melee strong and also through no attack variants, it gets old very quickly. Online play is a nice touch but I don’t know how often you will certainly discover opponents.

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