Addiction thrives ~ above secrecy and also deception. Individuals suffering from substance abuse regularly hide their habits by using slang come refer to details substances. A wide selection of drugs have actually street names, including prescription medications and “designer drugs.” To keep discretion, medicine users and those who sell drugs will use these drug street names in bespeak to fly under the radar and also continue your habitual use. In a an extremely practical way, this is their very own real language, and also they use it as they seek, purchase, and also use drugs.

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The challenge for came to friends and family members is to education themselves about these drug code words, so they can be an ext aware of what’s really going on around them. If you hear these terms or notice messages include them, it may be time to look for other red flags and also warning signs. To the end, here is a perform of common street names for drugs. As soon as you familiarize yourself v these terms, you will certainly be in a far better position to help your addicted love one. It could be a good idea come bookmark this page, so you have the right to refer earlier to these medicine street names.

If you doubt that someone might be making use of drugs, the is essential to discern the different words and also phrases associated with drugs and drug use. Seeking skilled support solutions for recurring drug use and abuse have the right to be transformative for countless facing drug addictions. Call our assist center 24/7 at 855-281-5588.


ADHD Medications

These prescription stimulants are offered for the therapy of fist Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. However, castle are famous drugs of abuse, especially among older teenagers and young adults, who use them as supposed research aids. In fact, full time college students are twice as likely come abuse ADHD meds together young adult who room not in college. Identifying drug abuse v ADHD medications might require a closer look at at typical drug street names for ADHD medications. Below are a few:

AddysBlack BeautiesDexiesPep PillsSmart DrugVitamin AZingCoke Jr.Crackers (Ritalin and also Talwin)Diet CokeJifKibbles and also BitsKiddie CocaineKiddie CokeOne and also Ones (Ritalin and also Talwin)Pineapple
Poor man’s Heroin (Ritalin and also Talwin)R-BallR-PopRitz and Ts (Ritalin and also Talwin)Silver BulletSkippySkittlesSmartiesSpeedball (Ritalin and also Cocaine)Study BuddiesSpeedball (Ritalin and Heroin)Ts and also Rits (Ritalin and Talwin)Vitamin RWest Coast



Originally uncovered in the late 1800s, amphetamines to be not offered medically until the 1930s once they to be prescribed as decongestants. Later, castle were used to treat various other conditions, such as obesity and also narcolepsy. However, during people War II, they were offered by soldiers for your performance-enhancing and also stimulant effects. This created to a complete generation of addicts, and also by the 1970s, castle were noted as regulated substances.

AmpAmphetsBack DexBamBambitaBeansBenniesBensBenzBenzedrineBillyBlack and WhitesBlack BeautiesBlackbirdsBlack BombersBlack CadillacsBlack MolliesBlue BoyBlue MolliesBoltBombido (Injectable)Bombita (Amphetamine and Heroin)Brain PillsBrain TicklersBrowniesBrownsBumblebeesCandyCartwheelsChalkChicken PowderChocolateChristinaChristmas TreeCoast come CoastsCo-PilotsCrankCriss-CrossCross TopsCrossroadsCrystalCrystal MethadrineDebsDesoxynDexDexedrineDexiesDiamondsDiet PillsDolls5DominosDouble CrossDriversEye OpenersFastFastinFivesFlatliners (4-Methylthioamphetamine)FootballsForwardsFrench BlueGlassGo FastGolden Eagle (4-Methylthioamphetamine)GreeniesHead DrugsHeartsHorse HeadsHydroIbogaIn-BetweensJackson
JamJam CecilJelly BabyJelly BeanJolly BeanJugsKhatL.A.LeapersLid PoppersLittle BombLou ReedMarathonsMax (Amphetamines and also GHB)MethedrineMini BeansMinibennieMonoamine OxidaseMorning ShotNineteenNuggetOrangesPeachesPep PillsPhetPink HeartsPixiePollutantsPurple HeartsRhythmRippersRoad DopeRobin’s EggRosaRosesRx Diet PillsSlammin’SnapSnowSnow PalletsSnow Seal (Amphetamines and also Cocaine)Sparkle PlentySparklersSpeedSpeedies (Amphetamines and also MDMA)SpiviasSplashSplivinsStarStrawberry ShortcakeSweetsTensThrustersTR-6sTruck DriversTurkeyTurnaboutU.S.P.UpsUppersUppiesVitamin AWake-UpsWashWest coastline TurnaroundsWhiffle DustWhiteWhite CrossWhizzXZesty

Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines

Barbiturates and also benzodiazepines room tranquilizing medications typically prescribed for the therapy of anxiety or insomnia. Lock are exceptionally habit-forming, and users may construct a physical dependence within a issue of weeks, even when the medications are used exactly as directed. In fact, benzodiazepine addiction deserve to be so serious that abrupt cessation have the right to be fatal. Benzodiazepine use has largely changed barbiturates, yet the older drugs are still offered in some cases. The most-common barbiturates include:


The most-often prescribed “benzos” include:


Special caution: Barbiturates and benzodiazepines are main Nervous system depressants that slow-moving heart rate and breathing and also reduce blood pressure. As soon as they are used with various other similarly-acting substances such as alcohol or opioids, these results are intensified dangerously. In fact, 30%  of all prescription drug deaths show off benzodiazepines. Yet what medicine street names execute barbiturates and also benzodiazepines take on indigenous a day-to-day perspective?

714sB-BombsBank Bandit PillsBarbiesBarbsBarsBeansBenniesBlockbustersBlue AngelsBluesBluebirdsBlue BulletsBlue CloudsBlue DevilBlue DollsBlue HeavensBlue TipsBlue VsBombidoBombitaBustersButisolCandyChoralsChristmas RollsChristmas TreeControlCoralCourage PillsDead Flower PowerDisco BiscuitsDollsDouble TroubleDownersDownieDrowsy HighDrunk PillsEmotionFive-Way (Flunitrazepam, Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine, and Alcohol)Foo FooG.B.Golf BallsGoofballsGoofersGorilla PillsGreen DragonsGreen FrogHeavenly BluesIdiot PillsIn-BetweensJoy JuiceKarachi (Phenobarbital, Methaqualone, and Heroin)Kiddie DopeKing Kong PillsKpin (Klonopin/Clonazepam)Lay BackLibLove DrugLudes
LudsLuminalM & MMarshmallow RedsMexican RedsMickey FinnMickiesMighty Joe YoungMother’s tiny HelperNebbiesNemmiesNerve PillsNimbiesNo WorriesOld JoesPeanutPeterPethPhenniesPhenosPink LadiesPlanks (Xanax/Alprazolam)Purple HeartsQQuadsQuasR2RainbowsRed and also BlueRed BulletsRed DevilsRedsRoofiesRochesSeggySleep AwaysSleeper and Red evil one (A Depressant and Heroin)SleepersSoftballSporosStoppersStrawberriesStumblerStupifyTootiesTuieTranksTranqsUncle MiltyUps and DownsV (Valium/Diazepam)WallbangersXs (Xanax/Alprazolam)YellowYellow BulletsYellowjacketsZsZannies (Xanax/Alprazolam)


According to the medicine Enforcement Administration, cocaine is a higher drug danger in the United states than the has been in at least a decade. In Columbia, where over 90% of cocaine originates, growing of the coca plant and also cocaine manufacturing are both at an all-time high. Since 2010, the number of fatal overdoses in America including cocaine has spiked by 350%. As among the most typically abused substances, cocaine is regularly referred to by numerous names. Below are a couple of drug street names that reflect cocaine use:

8-Ball (Crack and also Heroin)51 (Crack sprinkled top top Tobacco)All-American DrugAngieApple JacksAspirinAuntAunt NoraBabyBaby TBadBallBasaBaseBaseballBasucoBatman (Cocaine and also Heroin)Bazooka (Crack and Marijuana)BazulcoBeamBeam Me increase Scottie (Cocaine and PCP)BeamersBeansBeatBeautiful BouldersBebeBeemersBelushi (Cocaine and also Heroin)BerniceBernieBernie’s FlakesBernie’s yellow DustBig BlokeBig CBig FlakeBig RushBill BlassBillie HokeBingsBirdie PowderBJsBlack RockBlancaBlastBlotterBlowBlowoutBlueBoboBolloBoloBoneBonecrusherBoostBopperBotrayBoubouBoulderBoulyaBouncing PowderBoyBoy-Girl (Cocaine and Heroin)BrickBubble GumBugleBullia CapitalBullionBumpBump increase (Cocaine and also MDMA)BunkBureseBushButlerButterC & M (Cocaine and also Morphine)C-DustC-GameCadillacCaineCakesCalifornia CornflakesCameCandyCandy CCandy Flipping top top a String—Cocaine, LSD, and also MDMACandy SugarCapsCapsulaCarnieCarrieCarrie NationCasperCasper the GhostCaviar (Cocaine and Marijuana)CcaneCDSCecilChalkChampagne (Cocaine and also Marijuana)ChangCharlieChasing the Dragon (Crack and Heroin)Cheap BasingChemicalChewiesChingChippyChocolate Ecstasy (Crack with chocolate Milk)Chocolate rock (Crack and also Heroin)ChoeChollyChowderChronic (Crack and Marijuana)Cigamos (Crack and also Tobacco)Clicker (PCP and also Crack)ClimaxCloudCloud 9CocaCoco Rocks (Crack do with cacao pudding)Coco eye (Crack cut with Benzocaine)Cocoa Puffs (Cocaine and also Marijuana)Cocktail (Crack and also Marijuana)CoconutCokeColaCombolConieCookiesCoolie (Cocaine-laced tobacco cigarette)CorrineCoryCotton brothers (Cocaine, Heroin, and Morphine)CrackCrack Cooler (Crack wet in alcohol cooler)CrankCrckCribCrimmie (Crack-laced tobacco cigarette)Croak (Cocaine and also Methamphetamine)CrumbsCrunch & MunchCrystalCubesDama BlancaDemolishDevil DrugDevil’s DandruffDevilsmokeDiceDipDirties (Cocaine and Marijuana)Dirty BasingDirty Joints (Crack and also Marijuana)DOADouble BubbleDouble absent (Crack diluted in Procaine)Double YokeDraf (Cocaine, Marijuana, and also MDMA)Dragon absent (Crack and Heroin)DreamDuctDust (Cocaine and also Marijuana)Dynamite (Cocaine and also Heroin)Eastside PlayerEggEightball (Crack and also Heroin)El Diablito (Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, and PCP)El Diablo (Cocaine, Marijuana, and also Heroin) butEl PericoElectric Kool-AidEsnortiarEthan (Cocaine and LSD)EverclearEye-OpenerFaceFamous DimesFast White LadyFat BagsFire (Crack and Methamphetamine)Fish ScalesFive-Way (Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine, Flunitrazepam, and Alcohol)FlakeFlamethrowers (Cocaine, Heroin, and also Tobacco)Flat Chunks (Crack and also Benzocaine)FlaveFleece (Fake Cocaine)Flex (Fake Crack)Florida SnowFoo FooFoo Foo DustFoo Foo StuffFoolish PowderFreebaseFreezeFrench FriesFriesFrisco one-of-a-kind (Cocaine, Heroin and LSD)Frisco Speedball (Cocaine, Heroin, and LSD)Gaffel (Fake Cocaine)Gaffle (Fake Crack)Garbage RockGeek (Crack or Cocaine and Marijuana)Geek Joints (Crack or Cocaine and Marijuana)Gift of the SunGift of the sunlight GodGimmie (Crack and Marijuana)GinGirlGirlfriendGlad StuffGloGoldGold DustGolf BallGoofball (Cocaine and also Heroin)GravelGreek (Cocaine and Marijuana)GritGroceriesHailHalf-TrackHamburger HelperHandlebars (Crack and Alprazolam)Happy DustHappy PowderHappy TrailsHardballHard CandyHard LineHard RockHard StuffHeavenHeaven Dust
HellHell DustHenry VIIIHerHitHooterHotcakesHow execute You favor Me Now?HubbaHubbasHunterI to be BackIceIce CubeIcingInca MessageIssuesJamJejoJellyJellybeansJohnsonJoy PowderJunkKangarooKingKing’s HabitKokomoKryptoniteLace (Cocaine and also Marijuana)LadyLady CaineLady SnowLeafLineLoveLove AffairMa’aMacaroni and also Cheese (Cocaine and also Marijuana)Mama CocaMarching DustMarching PowderMayoMerckMerkMexican Speedballs (Crack and also Methamphetamine)Mighty WhiteMissile Basing (Liquid Crack and PCP)Mixed JiveMoMojoMonkey (Cigarette made through Cocaine paste and Tobacco)Monos (Cigarette made through Cocaine paste and Tobacco)Moon rock (Crack and Heroin)MosquitosMujerNew EditionNieveNoseNose CandyNose PowderNose StuffNuggetsNumber 3151OnionOuter limits (Crack and LSD)Oyster StewOzone (Crack, Marijuana, and also PCP)P-Dogs (Cocaine and also Marijuana)P-Funk (Crack and PCP)Parachute (Smokable mixture the Crack and also either PCP or Heroin)ParadiseParadise WhiteParibaParlayPastePaticoPearlPearl FlakePeeblesPee-WeePericoPeruvianPeruvian LadyPeruvian Marching PowderPiecePiedraPilesPimpPolvo BlancoPonyPotato Chips (Crack reduced with Benzocaine)PowderPowder DiamondsPressPrime TimePrimoPrimo Turbo (Crack and Marijuana)Primos (Tobacco tobacco laced through Cocaine and also Heroin)ProductPseudocaine (Crack cut with phenylpropanolamine)Purple CapsQuillRacehorse CharlieRailsRaneRawReady RockReal TopsRed CapsRegular PRest in PeaceRichardRocaRockRock AttackRocks that HellRocky IIIRoosterRoxRoxanneRozRushSauceSchmeckSchoolboySchoolcraftScorpionScottieScottyScrabbleScramble (Crack and low purity Heroin)ScruplesSerpico 21Seven UpShardSheSheet Rocking (Crack and LSD)Sherman (Crack and also Marijuana)ShermsSightballSleetSleigh RideSmokeSmoochSneezeSniffSnowSnow CokeSnow WhiteSnowball (Cocaine and also Heroin)SnowconesSociety HighSodaSoftSoupSpaceSpace base (Crack dipped in PCP)Space Cadet (Crack dipped in PCP)Space Dust (Crack dipped in PCP)Spaceball (Cocaine and PCP)SpeedSpeedball (Cocaine and Heroin)Square Time BobStarStardustStonesStudio FuelSuffSugarSugar BlockSugar BoogersSwell UpTTalcoTar (Crack and also Heroin)TardustTeenagerTeethTensionThingTioTissueTootTop GunTopoTornadoToss-UpTragic Magic (Crack dipped in PCP)TrailsTroopTurbo (Crack and Marijuana)TurkeyTweaksTwenty RockTwinkieTwisters (Crack and also Methamphetamine)UltimateUptownUziWaveWhackWhiteWhite BallWhite BoyWhite DragonWhite GhostWhite GirlWhite HorseWhite MosquitoWhite PowderWhite SugarWhite TornadoWingsWitchWoolies (Cocaine/Crack sprinkled ~ above a Tobacco or Marijuana cigarette)Wrecking CrewYahooYaleYamYaoYayYeolo (Crack and Marijuana)YeyoYimyomYodaYolaYoloZip

Designer Drugs

Often marketed openly digital or in convenience stores and head shops and also mislabeled therefore innocuous problems as “incense”, “fish tank cleaner”, or “deodorize”, these products are marketed together being “safe and also legal” alternatives come drugs such as marijuana or methamphetamine. They room neither. In fact, these unregulated commodities contain hundreds of dangerous chemicals, and their use and also possession room prohibited by law. Because the formulation that these assets is constantly adjusted to circumvent existing drug laws, there space currently over 1000 “brand names” being sold. However, several of these brand names room so popular that castle have likewise become share nicknames for every similarly-acting designer drugs. Designer drugs frequently go through these drug street names:

Bath SaltsBlack MambaCapsCherry MethEverclearFake WeedFantasyFirewaterGG-rrificGamma OhGenieGeorgia house BoyGoopGreat hormone at BedtimeGrievous Bodily HarmIvoryIvory WaveJibK2
Liquid ELiquid EcstasyLiquid GLiquid XM-CatMeow MeowMoon RocksMonkey DustOrganic QuaaludeSalty WaterScoopSleepSleep 500SoapSpiceTweakerVanilla SkyWhite LightningWhite MagicYucatan Fire


Contained in over 70 medications, including Nyquil, Robitussin, Vick’s, and TheraFlu, dextromethorphan is misused at greater doses as a hallucinogen. In fact, heavy abusers might drink up to four bottles a day.



Although it has a legitimate clinical use together a painkiller because that end-stage cancer patients, this super-powerful artificial opioid is increasingly showing up among fatal overdoses. In fact, within the previous three years, fentanyl-involved deaths jumped by 540%. As of 2018, fentanyl replaced heroin together the single most dangerous drug in America. Fentanyl is up to 100 times stronger 보다 morphine, and some analogs are 10,000 times more powerful.

ApacheChina GirlChina TownChina White (Fentanyl and also Heroin)Dance FeverFriendGoodfellasGreat BearHe-ManJackpotKing IvoryMurder 8Perc-a-Pop (Fentanyl lozenge top top a stick)N.TTango and also Cash


Between 2001 and 2014, the number of overdose deaths involving heroin increased sixfold. In fact, because that young adults between the eras of 20 and 29, heroin is the many common reason of accidental overdose. Significantly, 80% the heroin addicts started out through misusing prescription painkillers.

8-Ball (Heroin and also Cocaine)Aip (Heroin from Afghanistan, Iran, or Pakistan)Al CaponeAntifreezeAriesAunt HazelBad Bundle (Poor top quality heroin)BallBallotBars (Heroin and Alprazolam)Bart SimpsonBatman (Heroin and also Cocaine)Beast (Heroin and LSD)Belushi (Heroin and also Cocaine)Big DoodigBig HBig HarryBin LadenBirdie PowderBlack EagleBlack GrandmaBlack PearlBlack StuffBlack TarBlue BagBlue MagicBlue StarBobby BrownBomb (High potency Heroin)BombidoBombita (Heroin and also Amphetamine)Bombs AwayBone (High purity Heroin)BoyBoy-Girl (Heroin and Cocaine)BozoBrain DamageBreaBrick GumBrojaBrownBrown CrystalBrown RhineBrown SugarBrown TapeBull DogBundleButuCaballoCacaCalboCapital HCapsCargaCarneChapopoteCharleyCharlie BrownChasing the Dragon (Heroin and also Crack)ChatarraCheese (Heroin and also Tylenol)ChibaChicleChievaChina Cat (High potential Heroin)China White (Heroin and Fentanyl)Chinese RedChipChievaChivaChoco-fanChocolate Chip cookies (Heroin and MDMA)ClimaxCocofanCoticsCotton brothers (Heroin, Morphine, and Cocaine)Courage PillsCrangbustin (Heroin combined with chewing tobacco)CrankCrap—(Poor high quality heroin)Crop—(Poor top quality heroin)Crown CrapCuraCut-Deck (Heroin mixed with powdered milk)Dead top top ArrivalDead PresidentDieselDeuceDOADog FoodDogieDoogieDooleyDoojeeDooseyDopeFeelgoodDreckDugieDujiDujraDujreDust (Heroin and Marijuana)Dynamite (Heroin and also Cocaine)DynoDyno-PureEggsEightball (Heroin and Crack)El Diablito (Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana, and also PCP)El Diablo (Heroin, Cocaine, and Marijuana)EstuffaFive-Way (Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Flunitrazepam, and Alcohol)Flamethrowers (Cocaine, Heroin, and Tobacco)Flea powder (Low purity Heroin)FoilFoo Foo StuffFoolish PowderFrisco unique (Heroin, Cocaine, and also LSD)Frisco Speedball (Heroin, Cocaine, and LSD)FurraGalloping HorseGallupGamotGarbage (Low top quality Heroin)GatoGeorgeGeorge SmackGirlGlacinesGlassGoatGoldGolden GirlGolpeGoma (Heroin and also Opium)GoodGood and also PlentyGood HGood HorseGoofball (Heroin and also Cocaine)GravyHH & C (Heroin and Cocaine)H-Bomb (Heroin and MDMA)H capsHacheHairyHard CandyHard StuffHarryHayronHazelHe-She (Heroin and also Cocaine)HeavenHeaven DustHelenHell DustHenryHeraHeriHeroHero of the UnderworldHeroinaHeroneHessleHimHoly TerrorHombreHomicide (Heroin that has been cut with strychnine or scopolamine)
Hong-yen (Heroin pressed into pill form)HorseHorsebiteHot DopeHot Heroin (Poisoned Heroin)HrnIsdaJee GeeJeenyJerry SpringerJiveJive Doo JeeJoy FlakesJoy PowderJuncoJunkKabayoKarachi (Heroin, Phenobarbital, and Methaqualone)La BuenaLa ChivaLadyLBJ (Heroin, LSD, and PCP)Little BombLittle BoyLove boat (Blunts made with Heroin and also Marijuana)MacMantecaMayoMexican MudMojoMoney TalksMonkeyMoonrock (Heroin and Crack)MorotgaraMortal Kombat (High potency Heroin)Mud (Heroin and also Opium)Murder One (Heroin and Cocaine)MurotugoraMustardMuzzleNanooNew Jack waver (Heroin and also Morphine)Nice and also EasyNickel DeckNoiseNoseNose autumn (Liquid Heroin)Number 3Number 4Number 8NurseOgoyOilOld GarbageOld NavyOld SteveOne WayOrange LineP-Dope (Heroin that is in between 20% and 30% pure)PackPangonadalotParachuteParachute under (Sequentially using Heroin and then MDMA)PegPerfect HighPlutoPoisonPolo (Heroin and motion sickness medication)PolvoPoppyPoro (Heroin and PCP)PowderPredatorPrimoPrimos (Tobacco tobacco laced with Heroin and Cocaine)PullbornPureQuillRacehorse CharlieRagweed (Low top quality Heroin)RamboRaneRaw FusionRawhideReady RockRed ChickenRed CrossRed DevilRed EagleRed RockRed rock OpiumRed RocksRed RumRed StuffReindeer DustRhineRonRush HourSackSaltSandwich (Heroin between two great of Cocaine)ScagScatScateScottSecond come NoneShitShmeckSilkSkagSkidSkunkSleeperSleeper and Red evil one (Heroin and a Depressant)SlimeSmackSmoking gun (Heroin and also Cocaine)SnottySnowSpeedball (Heroin and Cocaine or Ritalin)SpiderSpider BlueSpike (Heroin reduced with Scopolamine or Strychnine)SpoonStuffSweet DreamsSweet JesusSweet StuffN.T (Heroin and also Fentanyl)Tar (Heroin and Crack)TasteTecataThanieThe BeastThe BombThe NastyThe WitchThingThunderTigerTigreTigre BlancoTigre del NorteTitsTongsTootsie RollTop DroolTrainTwin TowersVidrioWhack (Heroin and PCP)WhiteWhite BoyWhite DragonWhite GirlWhite JunkWhite LadyWhite NurseWhite StuffWhiz band (Heroin and Cocaine)Wicked (Extremely potent Heroin)WingsWitch HazelWoolie (Heroin and also Marijuana)WTCZZoquete


Primarily provided by young people, inhalants that can be abused include many everyday household products, consisting of gasoline, cleaners, glues, paints, and also solvents. In fact, this easy access makes inhalants the fourth-most abused problem in America.

AimesAimiesAir BlastAmesAmysAroma of MenBoltBoppersBulletBullet BoltBuzz BombClimaxDiscoramaHardwareHeart OnHiagra in a BottleHighballsHippie CrackHoney OilKick
Liquid IncenseLocker RoomMedusaMoon GasNoxOzPoor Man’s PotPoppersQuicksilverRoom DeodorizerRushRush SnappersSanta’s SecretShoot the BreezeSnappersSprayToilet WaterTonchoWhippetsWhiteout


Ketamine is an anesthetic the is misused by civilization within the “rave culture” because that its hallucinatory and psychedelic effects. Current research argues that ketamine abuse may bring about permanent mind damage.

BumpCat KillerCat ValiumDonkeyGreenHoney OilJetPurpleSpecial KSpecial a la CokeSpeedball (Ketamine and also Ecstasy)Super AcidSuper CVitamin K


Lysergic acid diethylamide is a an effective hallucinogen through consciousness-altering impacts that can last up to 12 hours. That is approximated that 10% of civilization have used LSD at part point.

AcidAcid Cube (LSD ~ above a street cube)AcidoAeon FluxAnimalBackbreakers (LSD and also Strychnine)Banana break-up (LSD and also 2C-B)BarrelsBattery AcidBeast (LSD and also Heroin)Beavis and also ButtheadBig DBirdheadBlack acid (LSD and PCP)Black StarBlack SunshineBlack TabsBlotterBlotter AcidBlotter CubeBlue AcidBlue BarrelsBlue ChairsBlue CheersBlue HeavenBlue MicrodotBlue MistBlue MoonsBlue VialsBookBoomersBrown BombersBrown DotsCalifornia SunshineCandy Flipping on a String—LSD, MDMA and also CocaineCapChiefChocolate ChipsCidCoffeeComic BookConductorContact LensCrackersCrystal TeaCubesCupcakesDDeedaDomesDoseDosesDosureDotsDouble DomeElectric Kool-AidElvisEthan (LSD and Cocaine)Felix the CatFieldsFlashFlat BluesFrisco distinct (LSD, Cocaine, and also Heroin)
Frisco Speedball (LSD, Cocaine, and Heroin)God’s FleshGolden DragonGoofy’sGrape ParfaitGreen double DomesGreen single DomeGreen WedgeGrey ShieldsHatsHawaiian SunshineHawkHazeHeadlightHeavenly BlueInstant ZenLLason Sa DagaLBJ (LSD, Heroin, and PCP)LensLime AcidLittle SmokeLogorLoony ToonsLucyLucy in the skies with DiamondsMellow YellowMickeysMicrodotPink RobotsPink WedgesPink WitchesPotatoPure LovePurple BarrelsPurple FlatsPurple gel TabsPurple HazePurple HeartsPurple OzolineRainbowRecycleRed LipsRoyal BluesRussian SicklesTabsTail LightsTen PackThe GhostThe HawkTicketTimothy LearyTroll (LSD and MDMA)Twenty-FiveTyler Berry (LSD and also Gasoline)Vodka AcidWatercolorsYellowYellow DimplesYellow SunshineYing YangZenZig Zag Man



Although its legal condition in some says is changing, marijuana stays the most-used illicit drug in America. While supporters say the it is harmless, study has shown a connection between heavy marijuana use and also serious health and wellness problems, including bone disease, heart problems, stroke, impotence, brain damage, and fetal development. Marijuana likewise significantly affects mental health and can cause the worsening of ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, depression, and schizophrenia.

1338 (Marijuana and also Crack)420AAA (Marijuana native British Columbia)A-Bomb (Marijuana and also Heroin or Opium)Acapulco GoldAcapulco RedAceAfghani IndicaAfricanAfrican BlackAfrican BushAfrican WoodbineAirplaneAlice B. Toklas (Marijuana Brownie)Amp share (Marijuana and also Narcotics)AngolaAshesAssassin of YouthAstro TurfAtom Bomb (Marijuana and Heroin)AtshitshiAunt MaryB-40 (Marijuana cigar dipped in malt liquor)BabyBaby BhangBabysitterBad seeds (Marijuana with Peyote or Heroin)BaleBambaBambalachaBammies (Poor top quality marijuana)BammyBanano (Marijuana and also Cocaine)BarBarnyard Hay (Poor quality marijuana)BashBasuco (Marijuana v Cocaine paste)Bazooka (Marijuana v Cocaine paste)BC Bud (High top quality marijuana indigenous Canada)Belyando SpruceBhangBlackBlack BartBlack GangaBlack gold (High potency Marijuana)Black Gungi (Marijuana native India)Black GunionBlack Hash (Hashish and also Opium)Black Mo/Moat (High potential Marijuana)Black Mote (Marijuana and Honey)Black Russian (Hashish and Opium)BlanketBlockBlondeBlue de Hue (Marijuana native Vietnam)Blue SageBlue sky Blonde (High potential Marijuana native Columbia)Blunt (Marijuana in a cigar)BoBo-boBob HopeBobo BushBohdBomberBoneBooBoo Boo BamaBoomBroccoliBrownBubble Gum (Marijuana indigenous Tennessee)BudBuda (Marijuana and Crack)Buddha (Marijuana and also Opium)BulladineBullyonBurnieBushButterButter FlowerS.Cam pilgrimage (High potency Marijuana)Cambodian Red (Marijuana from Cambodia)CanCanade (Marijuana and also Heroin)Canadian BlackCanamoCanappaCancelled stickCandy blunt (Marijuana tobacco dipped in sneeze syrup)Candy pole (Marijuana and also Cocaine)Cannabis TeaCarmabisCartucho (Package the Marijuana cigarettes)CatnipCaviar (Marijuana and Cocaine)Cavite every StarCestChampagne (Marijuana and Cocaine)Charas (Marijuana native India)ChargeCheebaCheeoChemoChiba Chiba (High potency Marijuana from Columbia)Chicago BlackChicago GreenChiraChocolateChocolate ThaiChoofChristmas BudChristmas TreeChronChronic (Marijuana and also Crack)ChunkyChurusCitrol (High potency Marijuana from Nepal)Clicker (Marijuana dipped in formaldehyde)Clickums (Marijuana and PCP)ClimbCochornisCocktail (Marijuana and Crack)Cocoa Puffs (Marijuana and also Cocaine)ColasColiColiflor TostaoColumbianColorado CocktailColumbus BlackCornCosaCrack back (Marijuana and Crack)Crack Bash (Marijuana and also Crack)Crazy WeedCrescent role (Marijuana and also Cocaine)CrippleCronChronicCrying WeedCryppieCryptoniteCubesCulican (High potency Marijuana from Mexico)Dagga (Marijuana from southern Africa)DankDawameskDevil’s BushDewDiablito (Marijuana and also Crack)DiambistaDimba (Marijuana indigenous West Africa)DingDinkie DowDipped share (Marijuana and also PCP, dipped in formaldehyde)Dips (Marijuana and PCP)Dirt Grass (Poor quality Marijuana)Dirties (Marijuana and also Cocaine)DitchDitch Weed (Poor high quality Marijuana)DjambaDodoDodyDomestic (Marijuana the is locally-grown)Don JemDon JuanDona JuanaDona JuanitaDonk (Marijuana and PCP)DoobDoobeeDoobyDopeDoradillaDraf (Marijuana, Cocaine, and MDMA)Draf WeedDrag WeedDry HighDubbeDubyDurongDurosDust (Marijuana and also Cocaine, Heroin, or PCP)Dust dull (Marijuana and also PCP)EarthEl Diablito (Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, and also PCP)El Diablo (Marijuana, Cocaine, and also Heroin)El GalloElephantEndoEsraFallbrook Redhair (Marijuana indigenous Fallbrook, California)FattieFattyFeelingFernFine StuffFingerFinger LidFirFirewoodFlowerFlower TopsFrahoFrajoFrios (Marijuana and PCP)Fry (Marijuana dipped in embalming fluid)Fry daddy (Marijuana and also Crack)FuFuel (Marijuana and insecticides)Fuma D’AngolaGageGalloGangeGangsterGanjaGarbage (Poor quality Marijuana)GashGasperGasper StickGaugeGauge ButtGeek (Marijuana and Crack)Geek Joints (Marijuana and also Crack or Cocaine)GhanaGiggle SmokeGiggle WeedGimmie (Marijuana and also Crack)Goblet the JamGold StarGoldenGolden leaf (Marijuana of very high quality)GongGonjGood ButtGood GigglesGoody-GoodyGoof ButtGorgeGram (Hashish)GrassGrass browniesGrasshopperGrataGreen (Low top quality marijuana)Green BudsGreen GoddessGreeterGretaGriefoGriefsGrifaGriffGriffoGrizzyGungaGungeonGungunGunjaGyveHaircutHanhichHappy CigaretteHappy StickHarshHasHawaiian (Very high potential marijuana)Hawaiian BlackHawaiian Homegrown HayHayHay ButtHeadies (High quality marijuana)HenryHerbHerb and also Al (Marijuana and also Alcohol)HerbaHitHocusHomegrownHoney blunt (Cigars filled with Marijuana and sealed v Honey)HoochHoodieHooterHot StickHydro (Marijuana get an impressive in water)Jamaican GoldJamaican Red HairJane
JayJay SmokeJim JonesJiveJive StickJointJolly GreenJoy SmokeJoy stick (Marijuana and also PCP)Ju-JuJuan ValdezJuanitaJuice joint (Marijuana cigarette that has actually been sprinkled with Crack)JujaJumbos (Marijuana and also Crack)Kabak (Marijuana native Turkey)Kaff (Very potent Marijuana from the center East)KalakitKaliKansas GrassKate BushKawaii ElectricKayaKBKeeKentucky BlueKeyKGBKhayf (Very potent Marijuana indigenous the center East)KiKick StickKief (Very potent Marijuana native the middle East)Kiff (Very potent Marijuana indigenous the middle East)KillerKiller environment-friendly BudKiller Weed (Marijuana and PCP)KilterKindKind Bud (High quality Marijuana)King BudKona GoldKrippyKryptoniteKumbaKushL.Lace (Marijuana and also Cocaine)Lakbay DivaLaughing GrassLaughing WeedLeafLeak (Marijuana and also PCP)LenoLeft-Handed CigaretteLGLidLight StuffLimaLiprimo (Marijuana and Crack)Little SmokeLlescaLoafLoboLocoLoco WeedLocoweedLogLoose ShankLove watercraft (Marijuana that has been dipped in formaldehyde or mixed with Heroin or PCP)Love leaf (Marijuana and PCP)Love WeedLoveboat (Marijuana and PCP)Lovelies (Marijuana and also PCP)LubageMJ.O.U.MacaroniMacaroni and also Cheese (Marijuana and also Cocaine)MachineryMaconMaconhaMafuMagic SmokeManhattan SilverMariMarimbaMaryMary and JohnnyMary AnnMary JaneMary JonasMary WarnerMary WeaverMaryjaneMatchboxMaui Waui (Marijuana native Hawaii)Maui WowieMegMeggMeggieMessoroleMexican BrownMexican GreenMexican LocoweedMexican RedMighty MuzzMintMJMoModamsMohaskyMohastyMonte (Marijuana from southern America)MoocahMoosterMootahMootersMootieMootosMor a GrifaMotaMotherMotoMuMuggieMuggleMugglesMutaMutahMuthaNailNigraNorthern lights (Marijuana native Canada)NumberOatmealOolies (Marijuana and also Crack)Ozone (Marijuana, PCP, and also Crack)P-Dogs (Marijuana and also Cocaine)PackPack a BowlPack the RocksPakalocoPakaloloPakistani BlackPanama CutPanama GoldPanama RedPanatellaPaper BluntsParsley (Marijuana and also PCP)PastoPatPhilly BluntsPiffPinPocket RocketPodPokePotPotlikkerPotten BushPremos (Marijuana and also Crack)PrescriptionPretendicaPretendoPrimo (Marijuana, Cocaine, Crack, and also Heroin)Primo Square (Marijuana and also Crack)Purple HazeQueen Ann’s LaceRagweed (Low high quality Marijuana)Railroad WeedRainy day WomanRangood (Wild Marijuana)Rasta WeedRed BudRed CrossRed DirtReeferReggieRighteous BushRipRoachRoachaRocketsRompums (Marijuana and also horse tranquilizers)RootRopeRose MarieRough StuffRubiaRugsSand and PepperSanta MartaSchwaggScissorsScrubSeedsSenSessSezzShakeShnizzlefritzShrubsSiddiSinseSinsemilla (High potency range of Marijuana)SkunkSkunkweedSmokeSmoke a BowlSmoke CanadaSnopSpeedboat (Marijuana, PCP, and also Crack)SpliffSplimSquare MackerelSquirrel (Marijuana, PCP, and also Crack)StackStemsStickSticky IckyStink WeedStoney WeedStrawSugar WeedSuper Grass (Marijuana and PCP)Super PotSwagSweet LucySwishersSyrup (Marijuana and also cough syrup)TaimaTakkouriTeaTex-MexThai rod (Marijuana soaked in Hashish oil)Thrupence BagThumbTio (Marijuana and also Cocaine)TorchTorpedo (Marijuana and also Crack)TraumaTreesTriple A (Marijuana from British Columbia)Turbo (Marijuana and also Crack)TustinTwistTwistumUnotqueViper’s WeedWac (Marijuana and PCP)Wacky WeedWaterWater-Water (Marijuana cigarettes dipped in formaldehyde and sometimes PCP)WeedWeed TeaWet (Marijuana cigarettes wet in PCP and also then dried)Wet pole (Marijuana with PCP and also formaldehyde)Whack (Marijuana an insecticides)WhackatabackyWheatWhite RussianWhite-Haired LadyWicky (Marijuana, PCP, and Cocaine)Wicky pole (Marijuana, PCP, and Crack)Wollie (Marijuana and also Crack)Woo Blunts (Marijuana and also Cocaine)Woola dull (Marijuana and also Heroin)Woolah (Marijuana and Crack)Woolie (Marijuana and also Crack or PCP)Wootie (Marijuana and Crack)YehYellow SubmarineYen PopYeola (Marijuana and Crack)Yerba Mala (Marijuana and PCP)YerhiaYescaYescoZacatecas purple (Marijuana native Mexico)ZambiZayZig Zag ManZolZoom (Marijuana and PCP)


Methylenedioxymethamphetamine is the most famous of the so-called “club drugs” used by human being who frequent discos, nightclubs, and music festivals. In the 1970s, only about 10,000 doses of MDMA were spend in America, however today, there are over 29 million users about the world. What drug street names walk MDMA take it on?

10s19AdamB-BombsBatmansBeanBeaniesBensBermuda TrianglesBibsBickieBlue KissesBlue LipsBlue NileBump up (MDMA and Cocaine)Candy Flipping ~ above a wire (MDMA, LSD, and also Cocaine)Care BearsCat in the HatCharityChocolate Chip cookies (MDMA and Heroin or Methadone)Chrystal MethadrineClarityCloud 9CristalDead RoadDebsDecadenceDexDexedrineDexiesDiamondsDisco BiscuitsDoctorDollsDraf (MDMA, Cocaine, and Marijuana)DriversEE-BombsEccyEcstasyEgyptiansElephant Flipping (MDMA and PCP)ElephantsEsEssenceEveExExiticityFlippingFlower Flipping (MDMA and Mushrooms)Four-Leaf CloverGagglerGoGreen TrianglesGreeniesGumGwmHammerheading (MDMA and Viagra)IbogaIceIglooJerry GarciasKhatKitty Flipping (MDMA and Ketamine)KleenexLetter BiscuitsLove DrugLove Flipping (MDMA and also Mescaline)Love pilgrimage (MDMA and also Mescaline)Lover’s Speed
Lover’s SpecialMaoMDMMercedesMethedrineMini BeansMitsubishiMollyMonoamine OxidaseMoonstone (MDMA and also Heroin)Morning ShotNexus Flipping (MDMA and also 2C-B)Nox (MDMA and also Nitrous Oxide)On the sphere (MDMA and also Heroin)Orange BanditsP and P (MDMA and also Viagra)Parachute down (Using MDMA ~ Heroin)Party and also Play (MDMA and also Viagra)Party fill (MDMA and also 2C-B)PeacePiggybacking (Sequential usage of more than one MDMA tablet)Pink PanthersPlayboy BunniesPlayboysPollutantsRave EnergyRed DevilsRibRitual SpiritRocaRollingRolls RoyceRunningScooby SnacksShabuSlammin’SmurfsSnackies (MDMA and Mescaline)Speed because that LoversSpeediesSpiviasStacking (3 or much more MDMA tablets)Stacks (MDMA and Heroin or Crack)StarsStrawberry ShortcakeSuper X (MDMA and also Methamphetamine)SupermansSwansSwedgeSweetiesTabsThizzTom and also JerriesTriple CrownsTriple RolexesTriple StacksTroll (MDMA and LSD)TutusTweety BirdsS.P.Ultimate XphoriaWaffle Dust (MDMA and also Amphetamine)West coastline TurnaroundsWheelsWhiffle DustWhite DiamondsWigitsXX-ingX PillsXTC


The DEA ranks methamphetamine as the second-biggest drug threat in the unified States. Right now, purity, potency, and production are UP, if the price is DOWN. 14.5 million Americans have actually used methamphetamines at part point.

Bathtub Crank (Poor top quality methamphetamine)BatuBiker’s Coffee (Methamphetamine and also coffee)BlackBlack BeautyBladeBling BlingBlue DevilsBlue IceBlue MethBooBrownBumpChalkCheeseChicken FeedChristmas Tree Meth (Green-colored Methamphetamine made making use of Drano Crystals)ChromeCinnamonClearCousin TinaCrCrankCringeCrinkCrisCristinaCristyCroak (Methamphetamine and Cocaine)CrosslesCryptoCrystalCrystal GlassCrystal MethDesocsinsDesogtionsDopeElbowsFastFire (Methamphetamine and Crack)Five-Way (Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, Flunitrazepam, and also Alcohol)GeepGeeterGetgoGlassGo FastGranulated OrangeHalf ElbowsHanyaHiroponHoliday Meth (Methamphetamine the is green because it was manufactured using Drano crystals)Hot IceHugs and also Kisses (Methamphetamine and MDMA)Hydro (High high quality Methamphetamine)IceJet Fuel (Methamphetamine and PCP)KaksonjaeLA Glass
LA IceLemon drop (Yellow Methamphetamine)Lithium (Good high quality Methamphetamine)Load the LaundryMaui WowieMethMeth Speedball (Methamphetamine and Heroin)Methlies QuikMexican CrackMexican Speedball (Methamphetamine and also Crack)Motorcycle CrackNazimethOzsP and also P (Methamphetamine, MDMA, and also Viagra)Party and also Play (Methamphetamine, MDMA, and also Viagra)Peanut ButterPinkPink ElephantsPink HeartsPo CokePoor male CokePoppersQuartzQuillRedRedneck CocaineRockSchmizScootieShabu (Methamphetamine and also Cocaine)SketchSoapSoap Dope (Pink Methamphetamine)SpackleSparkle (Shiny Methamphetamine)Speckled BirdsSpeedSpooshStove TopSuper IceSuper X (Methamphetamine and MDMA)TicTick TickTina (Methamphetamine and Viagra)TrashTweakTweekTwisters (Methamphetamine and also Crack)WashWaterWetWhite CrossWorkWorking masculine CocaineYa Ba (Extremely an effective Methamphetamine from Thailand)Yellow BamYellow JacketsYellow PowderZip

Opioid Painkillers

Misrepresentation by huge Pharma companies and also over-prescription through unsuspecting or negligent doctors developed a nationwide epidemic that is quiet worsening. Significantly, while the joined States has just 5% of the world’s populace it consumes 80% of the worldwide supply of prescription opioids.

357s387s20s40s80sAC/DCAmidoneAuntieAuntie EmmaAh-Pen-YenBarrBig OBlack Hash (Opium and also Hashish)Black PillBlack Russian (Opium and also Hashish)Black StuffBlackBlueCaptain CodyChandooChanduChinese MolassesChinese TobaccoChocolateChocolate Chip cookies (Methadone and also MDMA)CotiesCottonCotton brothers (Morphine, Heroin, and Cocaine)Cruz (Opium indigenous Veracruz, Mexico)DoneDopiumDover’s DeckDover’s PowerDownDream GumDream StickDreamsEasing PowderEmselFi-Do-NieFireflowerFirst LineFizziesGod’s DrugGod’s Medicine
Goma (Opium and also Heroin)GondolaGoricHillbily HeroinHowsHydrosKaroKickersKillersLeanLorriesMMiss EmmaMister BlueMorfMSNew Jack swing (Morphine and also Heroin)NodsOsOCsOceansOcean CitiesOrange CountyOxOxyOxycoffinsPancakes and Syrup (Codeine and also Glutethimide)PercsPerksPurple DrankRushbosSchoolboySizzurpSyrupTabsTomaterToxyToysUnkieVicsVicosVikesWatsons


Phencyclidine is a dissociative medicine that triggers transform perceptions, serious hallucinations, and often violent behavior. One of the most distinct hazards the PCP use is “flashbacks” the may happen long after use has actually been discontinued. Approximately 3% of Americans end the age of 25 have used PCP.

AmoebaAngelAngel DustAngel HairAngel MistAngel PokeAngel PowderAnimal Trank/Tranq/TranquilizerAurora BorealisBeam Me increase Scottie (PCP and Cocaine)BelladonnaBlack acid (PCP and LSD)Black DustBlack WhackBlue MadmanBoatBohdBushBusy BeeButt NakedCadillacCanabinolCigarrode CristalCJClicker (PCP and Crack)Clickums (PCP and also Marijuana)CliffhangerColumboCozmo’sCrazy CokeCrazy EddieCrystalCrystal JointCrystal TCyclineCyclonesD
Detroit PinkDevil’s DustDipped Joints (PCP and Marijuana, dipped in formaldehyde)DipperDips (PCP-dipped Marijuana cigarettes)DMTDo the JackDOADomex (PCP and MDMA)Donk (PCP and also Marijuana)DrinkDummy DustDust (PCP and Marijuana)Dust blunt (PCP and Marijuana)Dust JointDust the AngelsDusted ParsleyEl Diablito (PCP, Marijuana, Cocaine, and Heroin)Elephant Flipping (PCP and also MDMA)Elephant TrankElephant TranquilizerEmbalming FluidEnergizerErthFake STPFlakesFreshFrios (PCP and also Marijuana)FuelGoodGoonGoon DustGorilla BiscuitsGorilla TabLBJ (PCP, LSD, and Heroin)


Psychedelic drugs change users’ perceptions and distort fact for approximately 12 hours. The 2 biggest threats of irreversible abuse are persistent psychosis and also Hallucinogen Persisting perception Disorder. HPPD is characterized by “flashbacks”—hallucinations that have the right to re-occur long after medicine use has stopped. Symptoms of HPPD have the right to be so severe as to mimic mind tumors or strokes.

Amt (Dimethyltryptamine)Banana break-up (2C-B and also LSD)Bdmpea (2C-B)Beans (Mescaline)Buttons (Mescaline)Blue caps (Mescaline)Boom (Mushrooms)Boomers (Mushrooms)Britton (Peyote)Bromo (2C-B)Businessman’s LSD/Special/Trip (Dimethyltryptamine)Cactus (Mescaline)Cactus Buttons (Mescaline)Cactus Head (Mescaline)Caps (Psilocybin)Chief (Mescaline)Det (Dimethyltryptamine)DMT (Dimethyltryptamine)
Et (Etryptamine)Fantasia (Dimethyltryptamine)God’s meat (Mushrooms)Hickori (Peyote)Hikuli (Peyote)Hyatari (Peyote)Love Flipping (Mescaline and also MDMA)Love pilgrimage (Mescaline and MDMA)Mesc (Mescaline)Mescal (Mescaline)Mese (Mescaline)Mezc (Mescaline)Moon (Mescaline)Nexus (2C-B)Nexus Flipping (2C-B and MDMA)Nubs (Peyote)Snackies (Mescaline and also MDMA)Topi


Unlike various other benzodiazepines, Rohypnol/flurazepam has actually no approved clinical uses in the unified States. Use is associated with sex-related assault, robbery, and also suicide.

CirclesDate Rape DrugFive-Way (Rohypnol, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, and also Alcohol)Forget-Me DrugForget-Me PillForget PillLa RochaLunch Money DrugMexican ValiumPingusR-2ReynoldsRibRoach 2Roaches
RoachiesRopiesRobutalRochas DosRocheRoofiesRopeRophiesRophyRopiesRoplesRow-ShayRuffiesRufflesWolfies

Salvia Divinorum

This genus of Salvia is native to southerly Mexico. It has long been supplied in shamanistic medicine, but in current years, it has actually been abused as a recreational drug. Chewed, smoked, or brewed in a tea, it produces hallucinogenic effects.

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Diviner’s SageMagic MintMaria PastoraSage that the DivinersSally-DShepardess’ SageSeer’s SageSka Maria PastoraYerba de la Pastora


Anabolic or “muscle-building” steroids are man-made versions that testosterone, the masculine sex hormone. Abusers inject or ingest steroids or use creams and gels in ~ dosages that are up to 100 times greater 보다 therapeutic levels. The psychological health threats of steroid abuse incorporate extreme paranoia and also jealousy, irritability, aggression, delusions, mania, and also impaired judgment. Physical results include organ and heart damage, high cholesterol, blood clots, stunted growth, impotence, infertility, and exaggerated an additional sex characteristics.

Abolic (Veterinary)Anadrol (Oral)Anatrofin (Injectable)Anavar (Oral)ArnoldsBolasterone (Injectable)Deca-Duabolin (Injectable)Delatestryl (Injectable)Dep-Testosterone (Injectable)DianabolDihydrolone (Injectable)Durabolin (Injectable)Dymethzine (Injectable)Enoltestovis (Injectable)Equipose (Veterinary)
Finajet (Veterinary)Gym CandyJuiceMaxibolin (Oral)Methatriol (Oral)Methyltestosterone (Oral)Parabolin (Oral)Primbolin (Injectable and also Oral)Proviron (Oral)PumpersRoidsStackersSustanon 250 (Injectable)Therobolin (Injectable)Weight Trainers

Glossary of assorted Drug Slang


A-Boot—Under the influenceAbandominiums—Row the abandoned residences where drugs space usedAbe—$5 worth of drugsAcid Freak/Acid Head—LSD userAd—Drug addictAgonies—Symptoms of withdrawalAirhead—Marijuana userAll Lit Up—Under the influenceAll Star—User of many drugsAmp Head—LSD userAmped—High on amphetamines or methamphetamineAmped-Out—Extreme fatigue after comes downAre you Anywhere?—Do girlfriend smoke marijuana?Around the Turn—Completed withdrawalArtillery—Paraphernalia for injecting drugsAuthor—A physician who will write illegal prescriptions


B—A matchbox-sized quantity of marijuanaBabe—Medications for detoxificationBaby Habit—Occasional drug useBabysit—To overview a brand-new user through their an initial drug experienceBack Door—Drug residue in a pipeBack Jack—To inject drugsBack-to-Back—Using heroin and crack, one after ~ the otherBacktrack—Blood flowing right into the needle while injecting drugsBackup—Prepping a veinBad Go—Bad drug reactionBag—Container of drugsBag Bride—A prostitute that smokes crackBag Man—DealerBagging—Inhalant useBaked—High top top marijuanaBaker—Marijuana userBalling—Vaginal usage of cocaineBalloon—Package of heroinBang—Injecting drugsBase Crazies—Searching for drugs on her hands and also kneesBatt—NeedleBeamer—Person who smokes crackBeat Artist—Person who sells fake drugsBed Bugs—AddictsBehind the Scale—Weighing and selling cocaineBeiging—Changing the color of cocaine to do it look much more pureBelted—Under the influenceBender—Drug partyBig 8—One-eighth the a kilogram the crackBig Man—DealerBindle—Small packet that powdered drugsBing—One injection of drugsBingers—Crack usersBingo—Injecting drugsBipping—Snorting cocaine and also heroinBiscuit—50 cracked rocksBite her Lips—To exhilaration marijuanaBiz—Quantity the drugsBlank—Non-narcotic powder sold as heroinBlanks—Poor top quality drugsBlast—To exhilaration marijuana or crackBlasted—Under the influenceBlaze—To acting marijuanaBlizzard—The white cloud of smoke when smoking cocaineBlow—To breathe cocaine, smoke marijuana, or inject heroinBlow a fix/shot—To miss out on the veinBlow her Mind—To acquire high top top hallucinogensBody-Packer—Someone that swallows packets the drugs because that transportBone—$50 of crackBong—Marijuana pipeBook—100 sheep of LSDBoost—To inject drugsBoost and Shoot—Stealing to assistance a drug habitBooster—Inhaling cocaineBoot—To inject drugsBoot the Gong—To exhilaration marijuanaBooted—Under the influenceBottles—Vials the amphetamines or crackBox Labs—Small, cell phone methamphetamine labsBoxed—In jailBreak Night—Binging on cocaine and staying up till sunriseBrewery—Location where drugs space madeBrick—One kilogram of marijuanaBridge/Bring Up—To prepare a veinBroker—Heavy medicine userBubbler—BongBuffer—Someone that trades oral sex because that crackBugged—Covered with sores from making use of dirty needlesBull—Police officer or DEA agentBummer Trip—Unpleasant medicine experienceBump—A struggle of drugsBurn One—To smoke marijuanaBurning the key Line—Injecting drugsBurned—Purchased fake drugsBurnout—Heavy drug userBuzzed—Under the Influence


C Joint—Place whereby cocaine is soldCabbage Head—An addict that will use any type of drugCad/Cadillac—One ounce of drugsCafeteria Use—Using number of drugs in ~ the very same time, particularly hypnotics and also sedativesCandyman—Drug dealerCap Up—To put mass drugs into capsulesCarburetor—Part that a cracked pipeCarpet Patrol—Addicts who search the floor looking for drugsCarry—To possess drugsChalked Up—High on cocaineChalking—Changing the shade of cocaine to make it look at whiterChannel—VeinChannel Swimmer—IV heroin userCharged Up—Under the influenceChase—To exhilaration cocaine or marijuanaChaser—Crack addictChasing the Tiger—Smoking heroinChicken Scratch—Searching for drugs on your hands and also kneesChiefing—Smoking marijuanaChillum—Any object supplied to exhilaration marijuana or opiumChipper—Occasional drug userChucks—Extreme hunger ~ heroin withdrawalCigarette paper—package the heroinClam Bake—Smoking marijuana in a small enclosed spaceClockers—Low-level certified dealer who sell drugs 24 hrs a dayClocking Paper—Drug profitsCloset Baser—Secretive crack userCluck—Crack userCluckers—Middlemen in between dealers and usersCoasting—Under the influenceCocaine Blues—The crash after a cocaine highCokehead—Cocaine userCold Turkey—Quitting medicine abruptlyCome Home—Returning after ~ an LSD tripCome Up—To market drugsConnect—To purchase drugsCook—Drug manufacturer OR to prepare heroin for injectionCook own—to liquify heroin because that inhalationCooker—Methamphetamine manufacturer OR come inject drugsCooking Up—Turning powdered cocaine right into crackCop—To purchase drugsCopping Zones—Places to purchase drugsCoriander seeds—Cash moneyCork the Air—Inhaling cocaineCotton Fever—Dangerously-high temperature after accidentally injecting cotton fibersCrack Gallery—Place whereby crack is oldCrack House—Place where crack is usedCrack kits—Paraphernalia to usage crackCrack-in-the-Box—Busy gas terminal with a heavy circulation of drug transactionsCracker Jack—Crack userCranking Up—Injecting drugsCrankster—A user or produce of methamphetamineCredit Card—Stem that a crackpipeCrisscrossing—Simultaneously snorting present of cocaine and also heroin in each nostril


Dabble—Occasionally use drugsDank—The exercise of soaking marijuana in formaldehydeDart—SyringeDeck—1 to 15 grams that heroinDemo—Stem that a crack pipeDevil’s Dick—Crack PipeDews—$10 precious of drugsDiamond Folds—Folded file containing drugsDime/Dime Bag—$10 worth of drugsDime’s Worth—Lethal dose of heroinDinosaurs—Heroin customers over the period of 40Disease—A user’s drug of choiceDo a line—To be breathing drugsDoctor Shopping—Going come multiple physicians to achieve prescriptionsDolla Boy—DealerDollar—$100 precious of drugsDominican Knot—The tied corner of a drug baggieDonnie Brasco—Undercover officerDope Fiend—AddictDoub–$20 precious of crackDouble Breasted Dealing—Dealing heroin and also cocaine togetherDouble Up—When a crack dealer provides an extra absent to attract an ext customersDouble Ups—A $20 crack rock the is large enough to be broken and also sold as two $20 rocksDove—$35 precious of crackDraw Up—To inject drugsDrop—To gulp down drugsDropper—To inject drugsDropping—Eating methamphetamine sheathe in breadDrought—When drugs space scarceDry Up—To inject drugsDub—$20 precious of drugsDue—Drug residue in a pipeDump—Vomiting after taking drugsDusting—Adding cocaine, heroin, or PCP to marijuana


E-Puddle—Sleeping due to exhaustion after MDMA useE-Tard—MDMA userEasy Score—Obtaining illegal drugs with no difficultyEating—Ingesting drugsEight-Ball—1/8th ounce that drugsElbows—One pound of methamphetamineEmergency Gun—Non-syringe method of injectionExplorer’s Club—Group the LSD users


Factory—Place where drugs space manufactured, processed, and/or packagedFag—CigaretteFall—To be arrestedFeed bag—Container because that drugsFeenin—Craving drugsFifteen Cents—$15 worth of drugsFingers—Drug packages do from the cut-off fingers of operation gloves.5 C Note—$5005 Cent Bag—$5 precious of drugsFive dollar Bag—$50 worth of drugsFix—To inject drugsFlame Cooking—Smoking crack over a cooktop burnerFlying—Under the influenceFollowing the Cloud—Searching for drugsFlying mexican Airlines—Under the influenceFreebasing—Smoking crackFrontloading—Transferring drugs in between syringesFuete—Syringe


G—One gram of drugs OR $1000G-Rock—One gram that crackG-Shot—A small dose of drugs required to ward turn off withdrawal symptomsGaffus—SyringeGear—Drugs OR ParaphernaliaGeeker—Crack userGeeze—To breathe cocaineGeezin a little of Dee Gee—Injecting drugsSet a Gage Up—To exhilaration marijuanaGet a Gift—To acquire drugsGet Down—To inject drugsGet Lifted—Under the influenceGet Off—To inject drugsGet-Off Houses—Places wherein heroin users pay a fee come buy and also use heroinGet the Wind—To acting marijuanaGet Through—To attain drugsGetting Glassed—Snorting methamphetamineGetting Roached—Using RohypnolGetting Snotty—Using heroinGick Monster—Crack userGimmick—Paraphernalia to inject drugsGiro House—A organization that launders drug moneyGive Wings—To inject/teach another person through heroinGlading—Using inhalantsGlasss Gun—SyringeGluey—Inhalant userGo into a sewer—To inject drugsGo Loco—To exhilaration marijuanaGo top top a Sleigh Ride—To snort cocaineGone—Lost every little thing to a cracked habitGopher—Person who is payment to pick up drugsGot it Going On—Fast sale of DrugsGraduate—To progression to more powerful drugsGravy—To inject drugsGround Control—The “caretaker” during a hallucinogenic tripGrows—Marijuana farming operationGun—To inject drugs that happenGutter—VeinGutter Junkie—An addict that cannot assistance their own habit, for this reason they depend on others


Half a soccer Field—50 rocks the crackHalf Elbows—1/2 pound of methamphetamineHalf Load—15 bags of heroinHalf Piece—Half an oz of heroin or cocaineHand-to-Hand—Direct shipment of and payment for drugsHawkers—Dealers who sell party medicine in nightclubsHead Shop—Store the sells drug paraphernaliaHeat—PoliceHenpecking—Searching because that drugs on her hands and also kneesHenry—1/8 ounce of marijuanaHighbeams—Eyes the are large open, due to drug useHit House—Place where users can shoot up, making use of drugs as a feeHit the Hay—To acting marijuanaHit the main Line—To inject drugsHit the Needle—To inject drugsHit the Pit—To inject drugsHitch increase the Reindeer—To breathe cocaineHitter—Some who accepts drugs as payment because that injecting others v hard-to-find veinsHit the Slopes—To breathe cocaineHolding—Possessing drugsHoney—MoneyHoneymoon—Drug use prior to addiction developsHopped Up—Under the InfluenceHorn—To breathe a drugHot Box—Smoking drugs within a vehicle with the home windows rolled upHot Shot—Lethal doseHouse Fee—Fee to go into a cracked houseHotrailing—Inhaling methamphetamine with a plastic tubeHubba Pigeons—Addicts that search because that leftover medicine after a police raidHuffing—Using inhalantsHulling—Using rather to obtain drugsHustle—To achieve drug customersHydro Grow—Indoor marijuana growing operationHype Stick—Syringe


Ice Cream Habit—Occasional medicine useIn—Connected to dealersINOD—In need of drugsInterplanetary Mission—Traveling indigenous one place to one more in search of drugs


Jack—To steal drugsJack Up—To inject drugsJag—To save a high goingJolly Pop—Occasional heroin userJolt—To inject drugsJonesing—Craving drugsJoy Pop—To inject drugsJuggle—To offer drugs in order to assistance one’s own habitJuggler—Teenage street dealerJum—Sealed plastic bag include crackJunkie—AddictJunkie Kit—Glass pipe and copper mesh


K-Hole—Ketamine highKabuki—Homemade crack pipeKeister Planting—Hiding medicine in the rectumKissing—Mouth-to-mouth transfer of small drug packetsKit—Drug-injecting equipment


Lamborghini—Homemade cracked pipeLaugh and also Scratch—To inject drugsLay-Out—Equipment for using drugsLazy Bitch—A lb of marijuanaLeaping—Under the influenceLEO—Law enforcement officerLipton Tea—Poor top quality drugsLit Up—Under the influenceLithium Scabs—Telltale sores the methamphetamine abuseLoused—Sores and also infections native the use of dirty needles


Mainline—To inject drugsMake Up—In need of drugsMaserati—Homemade crack pipeMeth Monster—Violent methamphetamine userMiss—To inject drugsMission—Search for drugsMist—Drug smokeMix—Drug environmentMonkey Dribble—Two ounces that cocaineMorning Blast—First drug use of the dayMouth Worker—Oral medicine userMow the Grass—To smoke marijuanaMule—Drug courier


Nailed—ArrestedNew one—Fresh syringeNickel Bag–$5 worth of drugsNickelodeons—AddictsNod—Under the results of heroinNipsy—Less 보다 an ounceNix—Stranger in a team of usersNon-Toucher—Someone that cannot was standing physical call after utilizing drugs


On a Mission—In search of drugsOne and One—To inhale cocaineOne Bomb—100 crack rocksOne-Stop Shop—Place where multiple drugs have the right to be purchasedOnion—One ounce of crack


Panic—No drugs are availablePaper—One-quarter gramPaperboy—DealerPerlas—Street dealerPharming—Taking a mixture the prescription medicationsPianoing—Using the hand to search for lost drugsPiggybacking—Injecting 2 drugs simultaneouslyPill Houses—Places whereby illicit prescription drugs are soldPill Ladies—Senior citizens who offer their medicationsPill Mills—Doctor’s offices and also clinics that overprescribe drugsPing-in-Wing—To inject drugsPipero—Crack userPo-Fiend—Marijuan addictPony-Packs— file drug packagesPop—To be breathing cocainePower Puller—Rubber item attached come the stem the a medicine pipePuff the Dragon—To smoke marijuanaPusher—Metal hanger or rod offered to scrape medicine residue indigenous a pipe


Quarter—$25 precious of drugs


Raspberry—Someone that trades sex because that drugsRecompress—Pressing flake cocaine together until the resembles cracked rocksRed—Under the influenceRes—Drug residue in a pipeRiding the Wave—Under the influenceRig—Drug-injecting equipmentRinger—A great hit that drugsRoach—The tiny butt that a marijuana cigaretteRoach Clip—Clamp to host marijuana roachesRock Climbing—Smoking crackRock House—Place come buy and use crackRock Star—Crack user OR someone that trades sex because that drugsRockette—Female cracked userRoid Rage—Aggressive or violent behavior resulting indigenous steroid abuseRoller—To inject drugsRunners—Low-level certified dealer who market drugs because that others it


62—2.5 ounces of negative quality crackSam—Federal medicine agentSancocho—To stealSatch—Items wet in a drug systems to it is in smuggledSatch Cotton—Fabric filter provided to prepare drugs for injectionScore—To purchase drugsScrape and also Snort—To break off tiny pieces of cocaine because that sharingSeconds—Second struggle from drugsSerial Speedballing—Sequentially utilizing heroin, cough syrup, and cocaine during a bingeSet—Place to buy drugsSewer—VeinSharp—SyringeShebang—To mix cocaine with water and also squirt it increase the noseShoot Up—To inject drugsShooting Gallery—Place to usage drugsShoppers—People who buy drugs because that others, maintaining a section as paymentShot Down—Under the influenceShot come the Curb—Lost everything to a drug habitShotgun—To be breathing the marijuana smoke that someone else is exhalingSketch—Coming under after making use of cocaineSkin Popping—To inject drugs without making use of a veinSkittling—Abuse of cold tabletsSlab—Piece of crack the dimension of a piece of chewing gumSlam—To inject drugsSling—To market drugsSmoked Out—High ~ above marijuanaSniff-To be breathing cocaineSniffer Bag–$5 worth of heroin for inhalationSnort—To breathe cocaineSnot—Amphetamine residue left after ~ smokingSpark that Up—To acting marijuanaSped Freak—Methamphetamine addictSplit—Drugs that have been adulteratedSpoon—1/16 oz of heroinSport—To inhale cocaineSprung—New drug userStacking—Using steroids there is no a prescription OR taking three or much more MDMA tablet computers at the same timeSteerer—Someone who directs customers to where they have the right to buy drugsStep On—To dilute drugsStoned—Under the influenceStrawberry—Someone who trades sex because that drugsStrung Out—Heavily addictedSwallower—Drug courier


Taste—Small sample that drugsTaxing—Charging more for drugs based on the gyeongju of the buyerTeardrops—Drugs sold in the cut-off corners the plastic bagsTea Party—To smoke marijuanaTen Pack—1000 sheep of LSDThirst Monster—AddictThoroughbred—Dealer that sells pure drugsTie—To inject drugsToke—To be breathing or exhilaration drugsTools—Equipment for using drugsTooter—Object supplied to inhale drugsTorch Cooking—Using a butane or propane torch come smoke drugsTorch Up—To smoke marijuanaToss Up—Someone who trades sex because that drugsTotally Spent—MDMA hangoverToucher—Someone who craves physical contact during and also after making use of drugsTout-Someone who renders the development between medicine buyers and sellersTracks—Needle marksTrambo—Pending drug purchase or deliveryTrap—Drug hiding placesTrapped Vehicle—Car with secret compartmentsTurned On—Newly-introduced come drugsTweaker—Addict


Uncle—Federal medicine agentsUp against the Stem—Addicted come marijuanaUzi—Crack pipe


Viper—Marijuana user


Wake and Bake—To usage drugs automatically after waking upWasted—Under the influenceWeightless—Under the influenceWigging—Strange actions resulting from medicine useWorking—Selling drugsWorks—Equipment to use drugs


Yen Sleep—Drowsiness after LSD use


Z—One ounce of heroinZip—One ounceZoomer—Person who flees after selling fake drugsZulu (Fake Crack)