Determine the size of the estimate of the moment cause bythe force around the aaaxis.

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OKAY, SO i DONT UNDERSTAND just how TO get "R" due to the fact that THE force ISMEASURED ON an AXIS and also NOT A point OR THE ORIGIN. SO, IF friend COULDPLEASE describe YOUR WORK, particularly THE "R" PART, THAT would certainly BEAPPRECIATED.

The depiction of the force in a Cartesian vector is the force with both magnitude and the direction the the force acting.


Vector is provided to represent a quantity in regards to magnitude and also direction.


Moment about a point is identified by the product of the force and also the perpendicular distance in between the allude at i m sorry the pressure is gift applied and the point around which the moment is to be calculated.

The moment about A due to the force used at point C is offered by


Here, the moment around point A is, position vector that AC is and the pressure vector follow me CD is .

Equation because that determining the unit vector is offered by

Here, the unit vector is

, the position vector is and the size of the position vector is .


Step 1 that 2

Write the place vector.

Write the unit vector.


The place vector and also unit vector is figured out by vector methods.

Find the cross product the and to acquire the worth of size of the moment around axis OP because of force F.

Step 2 of 2

Find the moment.

Here, unit vector is .


because that
, because that , and also because that .


The size of minute around axis OP is .

The overcome product the and also is taken and multiplied through unit vector to get the magnitude of moment around axis OP.


The size of minute around axis OP is .

Answer only

The size of minute about axis OP is .

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icos 45osin 45°j 2 2
M A(FxF)
2 2
(-21 +37 +2k
307 40j+10
M -2-(FxF) 0 2 2 -2 3 2 30 40 10 M 152N.m
15/2N m
15/2N m
We were unable come transcribe this image

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