This is our overview compiling the Fortnite avoid sign locations, detailing just how to destroy stop signs with the Catalyst outfit.

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The brand-new seasonal event for Fortnite fight Royale is currently live, and also there"s a brand brand-new task to "destroy stop indications with the Catalyst oufit." In this Fortnite prevent signs guide, we"ll it is in detailing all the various Fortnite protect against sign locations, so you understand where come head top top the map to destroy all 10 indications as quickly as possible.

Fortnite stop Sign Locations

Just below, you can see our complete map of every the Fortnite stop sign locations. Girlfriend can discover multiple stop indications in pleasant Park, paradise Palms, and Salty Springs, and also you"ll need to ruin multiple indications at each place in bespeak to finish this challenge.

our map come the stop sign locations. | Hirun Cryer/USG, epos Games

Fortnite Catalyst Outfit

To start completing the Fortnite stop sign challenge, you"re firstly going to should equip the brand-new Catalyst skin. If you"re not acquainted with this skin, it was the very first one friend unlocked when you to buy the new Season 10 battle Pass, for this reason don"t worry about having to unlock it with grinding out fight Pass price tiers.

Note however that girlfriend don"t require to uncover all 10 avoid sign areas in the same Fortnite fight Royale match. Instead, you deserve to take yet many matches of fight Royale you need to track down one protect against sign after ~ the other.

How to ruin the Fortnite avoid Signs

When you"ve found any type of of the stop sign areas that we"ve comprehensive above, you"ll merely need to damage the sign. This deserve to be done really easily, by one of two people hammering far at it with your harvesting tool, or ruining it with weapons or explosives.

one of the many stop signs. | Hirun Cryer/USG, epic Games

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