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We don’t know anything around derivatives that permits us to compute the derivatives ofexponential features without getting our hands dirty. Let’s carry out a small work with thedefinition the the derivative:
There are two exciting things to note here: We room left through a limit that involves but not , which way that everything is, noted it exists, we recognize that that is anumber, or in other words, a constant. This means that has actually a remarkableproperty:

Unfortunately it is beyond the limit of this message to compute the limit However, wecan watch at part examples. Consider and :


While this tables don’t prove the we have actually a pattern, it transforms out the Moreover, ifyou do much more examples, choosing other values for the base , friend will discover that thelimit varies directly with the worth of : larger , enlarge limit; smaller , smaller sized limit.As us can currently see, few of these boundaries will be less than and also some bigger than .Somewhere between and also the limit will certainly be exactly . This happens as soon as We willdefine the number by this residential property in the following definition:

The number denoted by ,called Euler’s number, is characterized to it is in the number satisfying the complying with relation
The derivative of the organic exponential function The derivative ofthe organic exponential duty is the herbal exponential functionitself. In various other words,

Hence is its own derivative. In various other words, the steep of the plot the is the sameas its height, or the very same as its 2nd coordinate. Said an additional way, thefunction goes v the point and has slope at that point, no matter what is.

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